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20.08.2019, 12:40
The exposition will be presented in the museum of A. Gorky and F. Chaliapin.
20.08.2019, 08:59
On August 22, the Soviet film “Intergirl” will be shown on the summer stage.
19.08.2019, 13:08
The cultural program on August 30 will take place at ten sites in Kazan.
19.08.2019, 11:03
Over 70 restaurants and cafes from different cities of Russia will take part in it.
16.08.2019, 10:39
Visitors will see demonstrations of trained dogs, learn about the feat of animals during the Great Patriotic War.
16.08.2019, 09:40
On Sunday, artists, design workshops, a lecture hall, a food court, a free space will work there and artists and musicians will perform.
14.08.2019, 16:54
Visitors to the airport could see the art exhibition until August 31.
14.08.2019, 10:41
Citizens will be able to hand in materials for recycling and help children in difficult life situations.
14.08.2019, 09:53
The program includes a concert, photo zones, and many surprises.
13.08.2019, 16:10
The opening ceremony will take place in Aksenov Square on August 23.