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19.02.2018, 10:09

Ilsur Metshin instructed to ensure the cleaning of yards from snow

(KZN.RU, February 19, Alsu Safina). Ilsur Metshin instructed to complete work on cleaning yards from snow this week on the Business Monday today. The Mayor of Kazan urged the heads of district administrations to solve problems from comments received, including through the system “Open Kazan” and the Housing and Communal Services Committee to take control of the work of management companies.

“Last two weeks were urgent for all those who were engaged in cleaning the territories”, noted the head of the city. “A lot of additional equipment was involved, snow melting points and temporary snow storage sites were overloaded. The task was severe. But road workers and enterprises of improvement worked all night long”.

“Today is the turn of the yards”, marked Ilsur Metshin. “I ask the heads of administrations to carefully look at the statistics of appeals and respond to them in a timely manner. The work of the management companies should be taken on tight control together with the Housing and Communal Services Committee and this work should be completed in the coming week”.

Iskander Giniyatullin, the chairman of the Committee for Housing and Communal Services, said that the possibility of unimpeded access to houses and garbage container sites is secured at the moment. But potholes and pits were formed in the yards, which need to be leveled, processed, cleaned and cleared of the houses. “It is necessary to bring the yards into the normative state in the coming warming”, marked the chairman of the Housing and Communal Services Committee.

Housing organizations have switched to a strengthened mode of operation since February 4. Within the framework of the plan “Buran”, which was announced on February 5, all available means and forces were involved in cleaning yards, including 46 additional units of machinery under leases. Nevertheless, for a week from February 5 to 12, 2.5 thousand complaints about the unsatisfactory cleaning of yards were received in the system “Open Kazan”. The greatest number of calls was recorded in the first two days of snowfall (more than 1.5 thousand), further their number started to decline, and by the beginning of the next week, 50-60 calls had been received per day.

The Chairman of the Housing and Communal Services Committee reminded that every winter there is a problem of storing snow, especially during the snowfalls. The rules for the improvement of Kazan allowed the placement of snow on lawns as long as it is not contaminated with chemicals and sand-salt mixture. “However, this year there were so many snow that all space on lawns were occupied”, said I. Giniyatullin. “Residents were forced to spend money from other income items for its export. In the future, it is necessary to restore abstract funds through savings in order to avoid underfunding of works on the maintenance of common property in houses”.

The speaker also noted that the snowfalls knocked down the workflow on the removal of domestic waste. According to the Chairman of the Housing and Communal Services Committee, the machinery could not leave the territory of the OOO “PZhKK” in time on February 5, and only 700 tons of waste were removed during this and the next day, whereas it is 1.5 thousand tons In normal conditions. The situation was normalized by February 10, reported I. Giniyatullin.

Almost 80% of pitched roofs were cleaned in a week. “There were no recorded cases of injuries by to falling snow or icicles due to timely taken measures. At present, the work is being done in the regular mode”, marked I. Giniyatullin.

Employees of the Committee for Housing and Communal Services and district administrations monitored the condition of the yards with a visit to the site, as well as in the video surveillance system “Safe City”. The greatest number of comments was recorded in the Aviastroitelny, Vakhitovsky, and Kirovsky districts of the city, which were under control until the causes of the complaints were eliminated.

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The Business Monday, 02/19/2018
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