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21.12.2018, 10:49

For 3 years, more than 20 million rubles have been raised at city fairs of good in Kazan

(KZN.RU, December 21). During the year, 8 million rubles was raised at dobro.mail.ru thanks to the project “Good Kazan”, and over 6 million rubles at charity fairs. Marat Ismagilov, the director of the ANO “Good Kazan”, spoke about the results of the project implementation in 2018 at a meeting of heads of charitable organizations. Rustem Gafarov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, held the meeting yesterday.

Over the year, the project “Good Kazan” has been able to provide assistance to thousands of people in need. Thus, during the time of the food truck operation (a special car for the distribution of food), more than 12 thousand portions of food were given to the needy.

“Since 2016, twice a year we hold city fairs of good in the parks and squares in each district of the city. This is a unique project, there is no similar format in other cities of Russia”, said M. Ismagilov. He added that more than 20 million rubles have been already collected at fairs, which are aimed at helping those in need. “It is a merit of schoolchildren and their parents, teachers and principals, district administration officials, entrepreneurs, and all concerned citizens”, said the speaker.

Since 2019, the project “Good Kazan” together with the Kazan Federal University has been organizing legal consultations. Students of the Faculty of Law will conduct them under the patronage of teachers.

Separately, philanthropists raised the issue of a social taxi. At present, the charitable foundations “Day of Good Deeds”, “Zakyat”, “Yardem”, and the organization “Zabota” have experience in organizing such a service. The initiators of the social taxi were asked to explore the possibility of at least partial payment of costs by the state.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the results of the III Open Forum “Good Kazan. Charity: the experience of the regions”. Philanthropists noted the high level of the event. In addition, activists made a number of proposals such as conducting an online broadcast, creating a route of good infrastructure for guests of Kazan, etc.

Rustem Gafarov supported the proposals and noted that it is necessary to begin work on transformations now.

Rustem Khasanov, the deputy of the State Council of the RT, Airat Faizov, the chairman of the Committee on Children and Youth Affairs, and others attended the meeting as well.

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