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26.04.2019, 15:32

Weekend in Kazan: Easter, fire equipment exhibition and puzzle championship

(KZN.RU, April 26). Weekend approaching, which means it is time to plan the upcoming holidays. Many events will take place in Kazan in the next two days. There will be activities in parks and squares, “Labor Squad”, performances, and sports championships. The Orthodox Kazan citizens and the guests of the city will celebrate the big holiday of Bright Easter on Sunday. The KZN.RU poster will offer interesting ways to spend a weekend and regain strength for the whole week.

An Exhibition of Fire Equipment

April 27 at 9 am

The 370 anniversary of the formation of the fire brigade of Russia will be celebrated in the Pobedy Park. The park will open an exhibition of firefighting equipment and weapons that are in use of Kazan units.

The “Labor Squad” in parks and squares

April 27 at 10 am

Citizens are invited to join the “Labor Squad” and help clean up trash, wash monuments, children's and sports grounds, small architectural forms, paint fences and benches, plant trees and shrubs.

The subbotnik will be held in Gorky Park, Lyadskoy Garden, in the parks “Krylya Sovetov”, “Sosnovaya Roscha”, “Kontinent”, as well as on the boulevard on Fuchik street and on the embankment of the Kaban Lake.

On this day, a special charity assistance reception point for the center “Priyut” will work in Gorky Park. You can bring clothes in good condition, toys, food, small household appliances, and other things that will pass on to families in a difficult situation.

Everything you need: equipment, work aprons and hot tea will be available on site. Citizens can ask their questions regarding the upcoming event by phone: (843) 239-44-33.

Forest Planting Day

April 27 at 10 am

The action “Forest Planting Day” will take place in Tatarstan. On Saturday, 2.5 million young trees will be planted in the country: pines, spruces, Siberian larches, lindens, rowan trees, and others.

In the vicinity of Kazan, the action will take place near the settlement Dachnoe on the territory of the Vysokogorsky District Forestry Department of the GKU RT “Prigorodnoe Lesnichestvo” and near the settlement of Staroe Shigaleevo of the Pestrechinsky Municipal District. Gloves, shovels, and seedlings will be issued on site.

The Eco-Friendly Fashion Festival

April 27 at 1 pm

The festival “Week of Revolution in Fashion” will be held in the Gorkinsko-Ometievsky forest in the eco-center “Dom”. The lectures on modern eco-friendly fashion will take place there.

Holiday “Following Tukay”

April 27 at 1 pm

A holiday “Following Tukay”, will take place in the amusement park “Kyrlay”, timed to the celebration of the birthday of the great Tatar poet. On this day, the guests of the park will be greeted by the main characters of his fairy tales. The program includes an interactive theatrical performance, a concert program, a quest, master classes and roller-coaster rides.

Children’s play with audio description and sign translation

April 27 at 1 pm

A children's play with audio description and sign translation will be staged in the Kazan Theater Young Spectator. Children with disabilities will see the play “Wild” based on the tale of G. Andersen “The Ugly Duckling”. The project is implemented by the charity foundation “Day of Good Deeds”.

During the performance, audio descriptioner and sign language interpreter will be in the hall. They will help the visually and hearing impaired children to understand what is happening on the stage.

The premiere of the inclusive performance “What I Remember About Myself”

April 27 at 2 pm

The premiere of the inclusive play “What I Remember About Myself” will take place in the House of Culture “Yunost” (Khimikov Street, №11). The play involves non-professional actors, including people with disabilities. The authors of the production are the creative inclusive studio “E-Motsiya”.

“What I remember about myself” is a reflection play. Viewers will see the story of a young and successful man, who dreams of images from his childhood. The play has Tatar music, poems and songs in Tatar. Tatar classics sounds modern in the performance.

A Charity Race

April 27 at 2.30 pm

The third charity run will be held on the campus of KNRTU-KAI on Chetaev Street. All wishing Kazan citizens will be able to take part in the sports festival.

The program of the event includes a race of children for 200 meters (age from 5 to 7 years), 300 meters (age from 8 to 14 years) and a mass race for 2 km on the territory of the university. All participants will receive a commemorative medal.

Registration is required to participate in the race. The registration starts at the site at 1.30 pm, the start of the races at 2.30 pm.

As part of the race, anyone can contribute funds that will go to the opening of an interactive museum of technology based on the Tu-144.

The Field Hockey Supercup

April 27 at 3 pm and 5 pm

A hockey match among men and women in field hockey will take place on the field of the hockey center. The winner of the national championship and the winner of the Russian Cup will compete for the trophy. The winner of the first Super Cup will be determined in a single match both among men's and women's teams.

The fight for the Russian Super Cup among Dinamo-Kazan and Dinamo-Elektrostal men's clubs will begin at 3 pm, and among Dinamo-Giproniiaviaprom women's clubs (Kazan) and Dinamo-TsOP Moskomsport (Moscow) starts at 5 pm.

The Speed Puzzle Championship

April 28 at 11 am

Kazan will host the second speed puzzle championship” Kazan puzzle family Day 2019”. Parents with children can enjoy the performance of children's bands, take part in a puzzle championship or in free master classes and activities.

Competitions for assembling puzzles will be held in three age categories. According to the rules, each team gets the same puzzles to assemble, and the family collects the picture together in 90 minutes. The time for collecting the puzzle is recorded in the general results table. The winner will be the family who assembled the puzzle in the shortest time. Those who did not manage to assemble the puzzle will be able to finish the work at home, they will receive a puzzle from the organizers as a gift.

The competition will start in one of the city’s shopping centers at Zorge street, №11b, at 11 am, the registration will start at 10 am. Participation in the championship is free.

Happy Easter on the Kremlevskaya Embankment

April 28 at 1 pm

The program of the festival includes unusual master classes, quizzes, contests, and a fair. Classes on painting 1.5-meter Easter eggs, modeling and painting plaster figurines, drawing with 3D pens, making a stylish collage of various seeds from the Museum of the History of the Annunciation Cathedral, and much more will be conducted for guests.

Those who wish can watch the exhibition of art paintings and rare Easter cards, as well as take part in a charity fair prepared by Derbyshki orphanage and handmade craftsmen.

The Feast of Sobriety

April 28 at 2 pm

Kazan residents and city guests are invited to the Uritsky Park to celebrate the festival of sobriety. There will be a concert program on the street scene, interactivity, master classes, and quests.

The Eco-Fair “Meaningful Gifts”

April 27 and 28 from 9 am to 10 pm

The eco-fair “Meaningful Gifts” will be held in Kazan. Part of the proceeds from the organizers will be directed to the development of the charity project “Wonder Mothers”, which provides work for mothers of large families and mothers with disabled children.

Kazan citizens will be able to buy eco-friendly products and useful gifts at the fair: eco-bags, thermos mugs, shopping bags, reusable boot covers, safe eco-friendly dishes for children, organic cosmetics, food and much more. The fair will take place in one of the shopping centers of the city at Pobedy Prospect, №141.

Championship of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics

April 27 and 28 at 12 pm

Kazan will host the championship of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics in group exercises. More than 40 teams from 39 regions of the country will compete for the victory in the competitions, which will be held at the Gymnastics Center.

The opening of the championship is scheduled for April 27 at 12 pm, then the teams will demonstrate exercises in all-around with 5 balls, 3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs.

On April 28 at 12 pm, final competitions in individual events will be held, at 1 pm, all winners of the championship will be awarded.

Holiday Service

April 27 at 8.30 am and April 28 at 11.30 pm

On Saturday, Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Feofan will celebrate the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great in the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov on Holy Saturday. The beginning of the service is at 8.30 am. After the service, the blessing of Easter cakes and eggs will be held.

On the night of April 28, on the feast of the Easter of Christ, the head of the metropolis will perform a series of festive divine services in the Raifa Monastery. The beginning of the night is at 11.30 pm. At midnight, a procession will take place, after which the Easter matins and the Divine Liturgy will take place.

At the end of the Easter service in Kazan, special transport will be organized at the bus stop “Central Stadium” by 2 am.

Construction of a public garden

April 27 and 28

In the Gorkinsko-Ometievsky Forest, volunteers start to set a public garden. This weekend, anyone can join them: tinkering, bashing and painting. The organizers promise to provide everything needed, as well as treat volunteers with hot tea.

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