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14.06.2019, 10:40

Volunteers will tell guests of Kazan about the sights of Tatarstan and its capital

(KZN.RU, June 14). On June 15, the project “Hospitable Kazan” starts in the capital of Tatarstan. All guests will be able to get a free city map, booklets about the main sights of Kazan and Tatarstan and find out any other needed information from the volunteers in special tents.

The information tents have already been installed in the center of Kazan on St. Petersburg (hotel “Tatarstan”), at the intersection of Bauman and Kavi Nadzhmi streets, 1 May Square, square at the Kamal Theater and at the square of Kazan Train Station 1. 180 volunteers will be involved in the project “Hospitable Kazan”: students of specialized universities of the first and second years who have taken preliminary training.

Also, volunteers will conduct a survey among tourists who visited Kazan. This will help to make a portrait of a tourist, to learn about their visiting purposes, preferences in choosing means of accommodation, average costs, and impressions.

For the first time, information tents appeared in Kazan in 2017 before the FIFA Confederations Cup. They were also installed during the FIFA World Cup in 2018, reminds the press service of the State Committee on Tourism of the RT.

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