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11.07.2019, 14:46

Visit Tatarstan will meet WorldSkills participants with sticker packs, tea, and canvas bags

(KZN.RU, July 11, Alsou Safina). Sticker packs, souvenirs, cards, teas, and canvas bags with the logo of Visit Tatarstan will be available to participants and guests of the WorldSkills Championship in August. “We regularly update our product line; we understand that young people are coming, and we think over different options. For example, one of the new products is canvas bags. We expect them to buy them during WorldSkills, because people need such things on trips”, said Dilbar Sadykova, the director of the Center for the Development of Tourism of the RT. Now the tourists are offered about 100 items of branded products: from magnets, cards, trinkets to covers for suitcases, frames for license plates, ties, and carpets. All variety of souvenirs, as well as the latest innovations developed for the tourist season, were presented today in the hall of the State Council of the RT. Farid Mukhametshin, the chairman of the State Council of the RT, and deputies of the Tatarstan parliament assessed the exhibition.

The Center for Tourism Development of the RT is engaged in introducing the brand and promoting products in the style of Visit Tatarstan. It cooperates with more than 40 manufacturers, almost all of them are from Tatarstan. “The brand's ideology is to promote local producers. It is important for us to use the elements of the brand; we work together on the design and help to sell products”, said Dilbar Sadykova. The exception is the Finnish company “Lindstrom”, specializing in textiles. The company has a service center in Tatarstan. It has released a set of designer carpets with Visit Tatarstan patterns. Carpets appeared just a month ago. According to Dilbar Sadykova, such products will help promote the Tatarstan brand throughout Russia.

You can purchase products with the Visit Tatarstan brand at 15 points throughout the city. The range of souvenirs Visit Tatarstan is the most diverse; it reflects the bright and recognizable images of the republic and the national color. The most popular are socks, chak-chak, cards, wooden boards, tea, honey, and water. There are already over a thousand sales in certain positions for the year, said the director of the Center for Tourism Development of the RT. “We focus on demand. There was an experiment with a board (a cutting board with an image of the Kul Sharif Mosque – ed.). We made a couple of copies that were sold instantly. Now a batch of 100 boards with one pattern has been released”, she said.

According to Dilbar Sadykova, there is a demand for branded products among tourists and residents.

At the exhibition, clothes and accessories with national elements were presented among other things: dresses, ties, bags. According to Aigul Singatullina, the designer and founder of “Tatarcha casual”, they make clothes that can be used in everyday life. You can purchase a finished product or designer’s fabrics. Bags with national elements last year were recognized as the Tatarstan souvenir of the year. “We are trying to preserve traditional technologies, leather mosaic, and introduce new trends, for example, round bags”, said Aigul Singatullina.

The Visit Tatarstan brand is gradually entering the lifestyle of tourists. You can already try “Tatar Raf” in several coffee shops and catering establishments. 5 types of herbs grown in the republic are used when preparing coffee.

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