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23.07.2019, 11:57

In Tatarstan 600 people daily switch to digital TV

(KZN.RU, July 23, Ksenia Shvetsova). In the Republic of Tatarstan about 600 people daily switch to digital television broadcasting. However, there are still a lot of residents who have an analogue television – approximately 118 thousand households. In October the analog telecasting is being disabled in the republic and 22 regions of Russia – until then it is necessary to switch to digital telecasting and watch 20 Russia's federal channels in high quality free of charge, as Airat Khairullin, the Ministry of Construction of the RT, informed today at the briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers of the RT.

Tatarstan enters the fourth, last stage of digital broadcasting which is planned to finish in October. Today in the republic 87 radio and telecasting stations have been constructed which include 99,3% citizens. The TVs issued since 2012 support the digital broadcasting. And the citizens, who bought the TVs after 2012 and earlier, have an analogue television.

«According to our information, in Tatarstan about 118 thousand households have an analogue television. This number decreases daily by 600 ones, - А.Khairullin noted. - Upon the digital television transition, on October 14 the analog telecasting is being disabled for the federal channels. Therefore we want maximally to inform all residents of the republic about the digital transition».

There are about 1200 households in the RT where watch pay ТV channels - cable, satellite or IPTV. As a rule, in this case the users have an opportunity to watch plenty of telechannels. However, according to the opinion of specialists, this practice often does not justify itself. «According to statistics, people do not watch 150 telechannels, therefore it doesn't always make sense to overpay. We have enough channels in the federal multiplex, – А.Khairullin considers. – All citizens who watch pay ТV channels for high picture quality already have an opportunity to provide the free digital broadcasting».

For the digital broadcasting it is necessary to have an antenna – either individual in each apartment, or a single for multi-room house. At the present time in Tatarstan there is a single antenna on the roof only in 5360 houses from 19 thousand houses. «The installation of an antenna will be included in the overhaul social housing stock program. The amount spent on one 5-floor with the 4th entrance house accounts for about 90 thousand roubles – sometimes at relatively low costs. It is necessary that the municipalities together with the citizens will include the installation of a single antenna in working for the next year», - А.Khairullin said.

In the case if the TV does not receive a digital signal, it is necessary to purchase a special console, as the Ministry of Construction of the RT reminded. They are sold in shops, as well as in all post offices at average price of 950 roubles.

It is impossible to cover 100% of the territory of all country with digital signal because of the geographical features. So, according to words of А.Khairullin, there are 157 settlements in the RT where the strong signal of digital broadcasting is absent. Today 92% of the inhabitants of these regions use IPTV, however additionally 8% (it is about thousand households) have an analogue TV and in October they will be at risk of losing an opportunity to watch television. In the event of the analogue TV failure these users will have to switch to a satellite television which is paid. In this way, the Government of the RT has to make several important decisions.

«If the inhabitants have an analogue TV in these settlements and have to switch to a satellite television, they get an opportunity to watch 20 federal satellite channels for free. The special rate has been implemented by all the satellite television operators», - А.Khairullin explained.

However not only the maintenance, but also the satellite television transition is very expensive – at least, it is necessary to purchase and to install a satellite dish. Then the users could request for the grants.


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