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20.12.2019, 15:10

Two new kindergartens opened in the residential district “Salavat Kupere”

Today, in the residential district “Salavat Kupere” opened two new kindergartens on Nail Yusupov street. The mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin congratulated kids, their parents and teachers on the opening.

“The opening of two kindergartens will help to solve the problem of shortage of the seats”

Each kindergarten has its own concept, which was developed with the participation of teachers. So, in kindergarten № 122 with the Tatar language of learning special attention will be paid to occupational guidance work with preschool children. “Our main goal is not only the education and learning of children, but also, early occupational guidance, – explained the head Nuria Khaliullina. – In the future, children will be able to choose a profession without problems. And since we have a kindergarten with the Tatar language of learning, another important task is a promotion of the Tatar culture.”

“The kindergarten is very beautiful, large and cozy”, - I.Metshin noted. – We are very glad that on the eve of New Year we have an opportunity to open two new kindergartens – the mayor addressed to teachers - The residential district “Salavat Kupere” is growing, developing, so preschools are in demand here. Today, there are about 1.5 thousand kids on the waiting list. But after the opening of two new kindergartens, this problem will be solved.

“We developed the design and concept of the kindergarten together”

Nearby the kindergarten “Salam” another kindergarten opened its doors – preschool №121 “Evrikum”. It also has peculiarities in approaches to the education of children-parents and teachers call the kindergarten “intellectual”. As explained by the head Yulia Shustova, children in the garden are taught on the basis of the theory of the famous psychologist Howard Gardner on multiple intelligences. “We developed the design and concept of the kindergarten together. We believe that every child has a talent, the main thing is to find and reveal it. But sometimes it is not so easy to do. Therefore, we approach this work from the point of view of the development of eight types of intelligence”, – said Yulia Shustova.

“For the residents of “Salavat Kupere”, the opening of two kindergartens is a real gift, for which we thank the President of our Republic Rustam Minnikhanov and the head of the country Vladimir Putin”, - the mayor said.

“The city provides everything for children to grow, develop and share their talents with us. And we will continue to develop a social infrastructure”, - I.Metshin added.


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Two new kindergartens opened in the residential district "Salavat Kupere", 20.12.2019
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20.12.2019 15:27
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