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23.05.2018, 09:50

Flights of unmanned aerial vessels are limited in Kazan during the World Cup-2018

(KZN.RU, May 23). For the period of the FIFA World Cup-2018, bans and limitations will be imposed in Kazan on the flights of aircraft, unmanned aerial vessels: quadcopters, drones, aerostats, etc.

The restricted area for flights of unmanned aerial vessels such as drones is established with a radius of 10 km with the stadium “Kazan Arena” in the center up to an altitude of 3050 meters.

Also, a limitation is imposed on flights by civil aircraft, including unmanned vessels not equipped with radio communication facilities and secondary radar responders, as well as other activities related to the use of airspace that are not related to aircraft operations. The restricted area of such vessels’ flights is established with a radius of 110 km with the stadium “Kazan Arena” in the center up to an altitude of 8100 meters.

Activities on the use of airspace not specified in these cases will be carried out with the permission of the regional inter-agency operational security headquarters during the FIFA World Cup-2018 in the Russian Federation.

Limitations are introduced from June 1 to July 17 around the clock, reports the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of the RT.

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