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11.07.2019, 11:47

Warning signs “Vozmi Rebenka za Ruku” appeared in front of pedestrian crossings in Kazan

(KZN.RU, July 11). The Kazan Traffic Police, together with the young traffic inspectors, put warning signs at pedestrian crossings. Graffiti was applied on roads with the highest concentration of accidents.

Thus, the inscriptions appeared before the pedestrian crossings: “Vozmi Rebenka za Ruku” (Rus. “Take a child’s hand”), “Ubedis v Bezopasnosti Perekhoda” (Rus. “Make sure of the safety of the crossing”). Also, memos on road safety were distributed to adults and children during the event.

Such preventive work to reduce accidents on the roads is carried out regularly, reported the Kazan Traffic Police. Traffic police officers and their young assistants believe that such inscriptions will attract the attention of pedestrians and make them think about the correct and safe crossing of the road, and most importantly will help save lives.

In total, 70 road accidents happened in Kazan this year due to the fault of pedestrians, 6 pedestrians died in them, 64 people were injured. For half a year, 33 incursions were made on pedestrians who crossed the road in the wrong place; 31 people were injured in accidents, 2 were killed.

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