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17.10.2018, 10:44

The preparation of new parking lots in carried out in Kazan

(KZN.RU, October 17). The work is underway to prepare new municipal parking lots in Kazan, which will be organized at 41 stations along the road network. The number of parking spaces on the streets of Kazan will increase by 1185. New parking will open on November 1, and now signs and parking meters are being installed at designated areas as well as road markings.

In addition, cars with complexes of photo and video recordings have already been purchased. They will control the payment of new municipal parking lots. The cost of 1-hour parking at these sites will be 50 rubles, the penalty for non-payment is 2500 rubles.

From November 1, changes to the rules for the use of municipal parking will take effect. Thus, the tariff will be differentiated. For example, the rate for placing a car in parking lots on Teatralnaya Street, Svobody Square, Professor Nuzhin Street will be 100 rubles per hour; 70 rubles for the hour on streets Profsoyuznaya, Zhukovsky, Gogol, Yapeev, Shchapov, Lieutenant Schmidt, Kavi Najmi, Musa Jalil, 30 rubles on streets Shakhidi and Kurashov.

You can pay for municipal parking by SMS message to the short number 3116, through a mobile application, through a parking meter installed in the parking area, reminds the Committee on Transport. Also currently available are additional methods of payment through the bot of the “Kazan Parking” group of Vkontakte, the Yandex Money and Sberbank online parking account. The payment for parking must be made in advance before parking.

The changes will also affect places for people with disabilities. Now, 10% of the space on all municipal parking lots allocated and provided free of charge for disabled people of groups I and II. From November 1, persons belonging to the III group will be able to park under the sign “disabled”. In addition, new rules for issuing car signs come into force. Now they contain information about a person with disabilities. You can get them in the office of medical and social expertise on the application. Places for the disabled will be excluded from the control zone. However, if cars of this category of the population will be parked in paid places, the rules of payment will apply to them. Other cars are not allowed to occupy these parking spaces. The penalty for this violation is 5000 rubles.

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