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30.01.2018, 14:35

Two more points of reception for the warehouse “Good Hands” will be opened in Kazan in February

(KZN.RU, January 30). The opening of two new points for the reception of things for the charitable warehouse “Good Hands” is planned in Kazan in February. Now the repair is being completed in the premises on Pushkin Street, №24, and Vosstaniya Street, №59, given to the charitable fund “Day of Good Deeds” on a gratuitous basis last year for these purposes by the City Executive Committee. Renat Galyautdinov, the chairman of the Land and Property Relations Committee, reported this during the annual report to Ilsur Metshin, the head of the Tatarstan’s capital.

In March 2017, the Mayor of Kazan visited the charitable warehouse “Good Hands”, located in Kazan on Dekabristov Street, №113, where anyone could bring used but clean and wearable clothes, shoes, household appliances, and interior items, and those who needed them received it. The Mayor instructed to study the issue of opening additional sites for the reception and distribution of things in other parts of the city in order to cover as many needed as possible.

Today, the charitable warehouse operates in one of the premises provided by the Executive Committee with an area of about 1000 sq. m. on Kalinin Street, №3.

According to Rustem Khasanov, the director of the fund “Day of Good Deeds”, new reception points are under repair. However, their opening is scheduled for February. Points of reception for charitable purposes will be opened in the premises on Pushkin Street, №24, and Vosstaniya Street, №59, with an area of 50 sq. m. each one.

For 4 years of work, more than 8 thousand Kazan citizens brought their own things to the warehouse, more than 12 thousand city residents received them. The help in a warehouse is also received by inhabitants of other cities, which suffered from acts of nature. The warehouse accepts clothes, shoes, furniture, household appliances, children's equipment, accessories for people with disabilities, household chemicals, food for long-term storage, construction and finishing materials (by prior agreement).

The Executive Committee transferred 19 premises to socially oriented non-profit organizations last year.

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