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11.07.2019, 13:00

A “digital” intersection near the Chasha in Kazan will operate in test mode until the end of the year

(KZN.RU, July 11). The “digital” intersection at the intersection of Dekabristov, Sibgata Khakim, and Komsomolskaya streets will operate in test mode until the end of the year.

The “digital” intersection consists of a traffic light under your feet; it is a LED strip that duplicates traffic signals, an intelligent pedestrian audible warning system, a laser stop line, LED traffic indicators, an electronic speed meter, and other. All this is aimed at attracting the attention of road users to the traffic situation.

Artur Abdulzyanov, the general director of the Production Association “Zarnitsa”, a producer of digital intersections, explained the process. The company plans to resolve issues of regulatory use of digital intersections on city streets on an industrial scale, reports the press service of the Ministry of Informatization and Communications of the RT.

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