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22.10.2018, 12:11

The Employment Center organized monitoring of working citizens of pre-retirement age

(KZN.RU, October 22, Alena Miroshnichenko). Staying in demand in the constantly changing conditions of the labor market is an important task for the Kazan Employment Center. To this end, the city organizes vocational training and additional education programs. Marat Khairullin, the director of the GKU “Employment Center of the Population of the City of Kazan”, told today at the regular staff meeting about the interim results of work in 2018, as well as how the Employment Center helps the employment of persons with disabilities and people of pre-retirement age,.

Marat Khairullin noted that today the city’s economy requires working engineering professions. “This is a good sign. Companies are modernizing production. The main trends have become the automation of processes and the development of the IT sphere, which, of course, affects the labor market. It is important that the Employment Center takes into account these fluctuations and conducts appropriate professional retraining of workers. We need to help people stay in demand”, said Evgenia Lodvigova, the vice-mayor of Kazan. To date, 1313 unemployed have been trained, as well as people with disabilities and citizens of pre-retirement age. The total amount of funds allocated fr om the budget of the republic in 2018 is 24 million rubles.

“Unemployment is becoming increasingly qualitative. Its cause is not a shortage of jobs, but a serious imbalance between supply and demand. Vacancies and qualifications of applicants in most cases do not coincide, or there are difficulties with the employment of citizens with disabilities due to health reasons”, said M. Khairullin. Moreover, the number of vacancies is increasing.

“The employment service is actively working to popularize working and engineering professions, improving the system of personnel training and retraining, and working with educational institutions to strengthen the early vocational guidance of the younger generation”, he said.

The Republic has adopted a roadmap to ensure the employment of persons with disabilities, according to which 35% of disabled people of working age should be employed this year. Now, this share in Kazan is 32.1%. Marat Khairullin reminded that the state is faced with the task of ensuring the employment of 50% of people of working age with a disability by 2020. “Today, employers have created 6 equipped places for people with disabilities. Compensation amounted to 436 thousand rubles. More than 2 million rubles were allocated from the budget of the RT for the creation of 30 jobs for disabled people”, he said. M. Khairullin also marked that enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership should take part in the solution of this issue. He requested assistance in the implementation of the program by creating places for the category of citizens with disabilities and especially in need of social protection.

Another priority task facing the Employment Center is the preservation and development of citizens of pre-retirement age, noted M. Khairullin. Counseling points and hotlines have been created, monitoring of pre-retirement age people engaged in labor activity has been organized. The work is being carried out with employers on the observance of the prohibition stipulated by labor legislation to restrict the labor rights and freedoms of citizens depending on age. In addition, in October of this year, the employment service held a job fair dedicated to the Decade of Elder Persons.

“We are obliged to further increase attention to this category of workers by the upcoming pension reform. I want to believe that our employers do not need to be reminded of this, and yet, together with the prosecutor's office, we are monitoring compliance with the law”, said E. Lodvigova.

There is a telephone hotline on employment and protection of labor rights in the Center for Employment of the Population of Kazan: 8 (843) 562-48-29.

The situation on the labor market in the city still remains fairly stable, noted M. Khairullin in his report. “The work continues to attract new organizations that have not previously applied to the employment service. Thus, since the beginning of the year, 368 organizations have applied to the city’s employment service, 324 of which submitted more than 4 thousand vacancies”, he said. The director of the Employment Center also reminded about the portal “Work in Russia”, wh ere employers can post information about vacancies, and applicants can submit their resumes.

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