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16.02.2018, 09:33

Employees of the Kazan railway station are retrained to work during the World Cup-2018

(KZN.RU, February 16). The courses for the employees of the Kazan railway station started, the purpose is to upgrade the qualifications for work during the FIFA World Cup-2018.

Specialists of the station, working with passengers, have been trained since January in Moscow at the Russian Transport University (MIIT). WorkerS on duty at the station, duty on the hall, on duty on issuing certificates, and others (in total 14 people) will have to undergo additional training in working with passengers.

“A separate element in the railway station staff training program will be the training of the All-Russian Society of Disabled Persons, in which the staff will be taught the specifics of interaction with the less mobile groups of the population”, reports the press service of the Gorky Railway, a branch of Russian Railways.

Courses for the inspectors of the incoming control of the transport safety program, including the work with the inspection equipment, started this week. The training takes place in the format of lectures, practical classes, full-time and Internet-trainings in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. The organizers plan to prepare 50 people before May.

In total, it is planned to train over 3.3 thousand employees of 31 railway stations of the cities participating in the World Cup-2018 in the period fr om February to May. Experts will increase the level of knowledge in the field of security, compliance with the international protocol, and knowledge of a foreign language. In addition, the training of station managers in France and Spain began in November last year wh ere they learn the experience of colleagues in organizing the work during the European Football Championship in 2016 and other major tournaments.

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