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26.06.2019, 21:50

School waltz, white pigeons, presentation of certificates: the first citywide graduation party took place in Kazan

(KZN.RU, June 26, Alina Berezhnaya). Today, the first citywide graduation party was held at the site in front of the stadium “Kazan Arena” for more than 5.7 thousand school graduates. A program was planned for the heroes of the occasion with the participation of famous performers, congratulations from teachers, principals, and rectors of universities of the city, the launch of white doves and a waltz.

Rafis Burganov, the minister of Education and Science of the RT, Damir Fattakhov, the minister of Youth Affairs of the RT, and Lyudmila Andreeva, the deputy head of the Kazan Municipality, congratulated the graduates on the entry into adulthood.

Lyudmila Andreeva noted that today is an essential day for all graduates. “You have lived unforgettable school years, and today, you are entering adulthood. Graduation is an essential day for every student. You all finished school successfully, but you have another exam ahead of you: enrollment at the educational institution that you have chosen”, said L. Andreeva. Rafis Burganov added that this year, school graduates showed decent results when they passed the Unified State Exam. “Many of you will become university students. Even today, you are the pride of our republic. This year the level and quality of graduates' knowledge exceeded the figures for previous years. I wish you good luck and do not forget those who prepared you for this adult life”, said the Minister of Education and Science of the RT. Damir Fattakhov also wished graduates to find their place in life. “You open the door to an interesting life. It depends only on you what it will be. I wish you were not afraid of anything, believe in yourself and your strength because everything depends on you”, the Minister of Youth Affairs of the RT addressed the graduates.

Then thirteen graduates who showed the best results on the exams came on the scene. They were Ralina Kunafina, a graduate of the school №39 of the Vakhitovsky district, Kamil Basarov from the school №19 of the Privolzhsky district, Anton Emekeev from the school №39 of the Vakhitovsky district, Ekaterina Mitrofanova from the school №11 of the Sovetsky district, Yan Spiridonov from the school №72 of the Sovetsky district, Valeria Kuznetsova, Anastasia Lapshina, Lyaysan Khatimova from the school №177 of the Novo-Savinovsky district, Rumiya Gibatova from the school №94 of the Mosckovsky district, Margarita Stepanova, Artur Khusainov, Milena Bulkina from the school №131 of the Vakhitovsky district, and Ramil Bagaviev from the school №2 of the Moskovsky district. They were handed certificates in a solemn ceremony.

Traditionally, the students made a response. Ramil Bagaviev, a graduate of the Tatar School named after Sh. Mardzhani collected 399 points by to the results of the USE, expressed gratitude on behalf of yesterday’s schoolchildren this year.

“Today, it is time for us to act, to try, we are full of energy and ready to send it to good deeds. I wish each of us to find ourselves in this world and become happy. Good luck!” noted the graduate and thanked the teachers for their work.

Then graduates launched white doves into the sky, symbolizing flight and entry into adult life.

A particularly touching and important moment of the evening was the school waltz performed by 150 dance couples with a choir of 600 ninth-grade students.

Many graduates came to the festival with their parents, who were worried no less than yesterday schoolchildren themselves on this day. “I am glad to see my son today so beautiful and grown-up. For any mother, it is happiness to see the smile of her child. The university is waiting for him ahead. I support him very much and will always be there”, said Aigul Khusnutdinova, a mother of one of the graduates,.

Despite the festive atmosphere, graduates could not hold back tears saying goodbye to school life. “For me, it is both a fun and a sad holiday. It is a pity to say goodbye to the school, but on the other hand, we have great opportunities”, said Maria Saltanaeva, a graduate of the school №122 of the Moskovsky district of Kazan. Her classmate Elina Saifutdinova added that a part of school life was the teachers who will always be remembered. “I am grateful to the school, teachers for the knowledge. Many teachers have become mentors in life. I will miss them a lot and be sure to visit”, said E. Saifutdinova.

All graduates could say words of gratitude to their school, teachers, classmates. The live broadcast was working on the site and their greetings were shown on the big screen.

The festive evening continued with a disco, where the students joined the All-Russian Dance Flashmob #ТВОЙХОД, performing several moves. The wave of positive, drive and the incendiary mood was given to the graduates by the band “Malbek and Suzanna” and Gulnaz Battalova, a Tatar pop star. And the headliner of the evening was Slava Slame, a rapper and the winner of the second season of the television show “Songs”.

The final part was a salute that lit up the night sky of Kazan with bright colors.

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The first citywide graduation party took place in Kazan, 06/26/2019
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26.06.2019 20:43
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