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05.07.2019, 12:15

A family weekend in Kazan: festivals, dance evenings and open-air film screenings

(KZN.RU, July 5). The upcoming weekend in Kazan will be held under the sign of the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty that is celebrated on July 8. Activities and contests are planned in the public spaces of the city to draw attention once again to family values and diversify leisure with the closest people.

The family festival “MamaPati”

July 6 from 11 am

The Gorky Park will host the family festival “MamaPati”, dedicated to the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty. Lectures, seminars, consultations on health, pregnancy, childbirth and baby food, a fair of children's goods are waiting for future and young parents at the site.

The festival will include a race in sliders for the smallest ones and a parade of strollers, where the most creative parents and children will present their extraordinary “transport” hand-decorated. Play areas, master classes and animation are provided for children at the festival.

The entrance to the festival is free; you must first register on the website to participate. Those who fill out an application will be able to take a quest with exciting tasks and receive prizes from partners of the event. The festival will last until 7 pm.

Ethnographic film screenings

July 6 at 7 pm and at 8.45 pm

A series of film screenings at the XIII Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia is coming to an end at the cinema “Mir” in Kazan. Documentary films from Russia, Estonia, Germany and Tajikistan devoted to the ethnic traditions of the Buryat Buddhists, Siberian shamans, Tatars, Mari, Tajik and Bashkir are presented to the citizens and participants of the Congress.

On the final day of the Congress on July 6, the Estonian film “Mor Vos” will be shown at 7 pm, and the Russian film “Spiritual Springs of Tatarstan” at 8.45 pm. The entrance to the film is free.

Cartoons in the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda

July 6 at 8.30 pm

An open-air cinema continues to operate in the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda. This Saturday, the cartoon “Plushevy Monster” will be shown on the stage, located on Sh. Mardzhani Street, next to the restaurant “Pech”.

The 3x3 Basketball Championship of the RT

July 7 at 9 am

Kazan will host the 3x3 basketball championship of the RT. Competition sites will be organized around the Basket-Hall.

Men and women will compete for the victory, as well as boys and girls born in 2001 and younger. Any Tatarstan resident can take part in the championship. Applications must be submitted on the website, as well as in the group of basketball movement “KazBas” on the social network “VKontakte”.

Hatha Yoga open class

July 7 at 10 am

An open lesson on hatha yoga will be held in the space “Osnova Osnov” of the center “Cube” in Gorkinsko-Ometievsky Forest.

During the lesson, guests will learn how to breathe correctly in asanas, receive important information about key postures and their beneficial effects on the body.

The organizers are asked to come wearing comfortable clothes and have a yoga mat. The lesson will be held on the system of voluntary donations.

A dance festival

July 7 at 4 pm

A dance festival will be held in Gorky Park. Professional coaches and choreographers will acquaint the citizens with Latin, Reggaeton, Oriental dance, Contemporary, and many others.

Master classes in Lady Dance, Afro-Brazilian capoeira will be held Outdoors. Also, a demonstration performance of the cheerleading team of KSUAE, musicians of Kazan's leading music label “Baumana Riot”, and rock band “Black Rabbits” is planned. Citizens will be able to participate in the drawing of gifts at the festival of dance.

An online master class on self-organized travel to Japan

July 7 at 4 pm

A free online master-class “Undiscovered Japan. Why is it better to go to Japan today?” will take place in the container center “Cube” in the Gorkinsky-Ometievsky forest. Listeners will learn not to be afraid to travel on their own. Using the example of a trip to Japan, they will receive 5 tips on organizing such trips.

The celebration in honor of the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty in the park “Chernoe Ozero”

July 7 from 5 pm

On July 7, the Youth Department of the Kazan Diocese will hold several festive events in the capital of Tatarstan on the eve of the day of commemoration of the holy Peter and Fevronia.

At 6 pm, a festive concert prepared by Orthodox youth will begin in the amphitheater of the park “Chernoe Ozero”. The program includes songs, dances, theatrical sketches, and other creative performances.

At 7 pm, Archpriest Sergiy Mikhailov, the chairman of the Diocesan Commission for Family, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood, and Anastasia Shishova, a teacher on traditional women's culture, will hold a conversation “Family. Tradition and reality”.

Children's film screenings

July 7 at 9 pm

In July, a free screening of movies and cartoons takes place on the summer site of one of the Kazan shopping centers. On Sundays, there will be films for children. The cycle will be implemented in conjunction with the festival “Nol Plus”.

On July 7, the children will watch the short cartoon films “The Flying Boy” and “The Bug That Has No Name”, as well as “Falling Up”.

The screenings will be held on Thursdays and Sundays at 9 pm on the summer site near the shopping center at Pobedy Prospect, №141. The entrance to the street cinema is free.

Weekend on the Kremlin Embankment

July 6 from 8 am and July 7 from 12 pm

Saturday on the Kremlin Embankment will begin at 8 am with yoga on the pier. Then at 11 am, a CrossFit training session will be held at the workout site. At 2 pm, a race on the heels will be organized on the central alley.

At 5 pm, young citizens and tourists are invited at the children's alley at the literary evening “Tales of Papa Carlo”. The evening will traditionally be devoted to dancing. At 6 pm, West Coast Swing classes will take place on the site next to the workout zone, and hip hop class will be in the gazebo at the Alley of Art. At 7 pm, Adelinash & Remedy will present the concert program at the pier. At 8 pm, Kazan citizens will continue to dance, and this time, it will be classes on salsa and bachata.

On Sunday at 12 pm, citizens are invited to join the free painting classes in the open-air class “Draw, Kazan” at the Alley of Art. At 6 pm, hustle dancing will begin next to the workout ground, and at 7 pm, Lindy Hop will be at the Alley of Art. At the same time, musician Sergey Chernov will play an electric violin in an arbor on the Alley of Art. At 8 pm, citizens will learn the basics of tango near the workout ground.

The competition “Kazan is the city of happy families”

July 6 at 6 pm and July 7 at 11 am

The contest “Kazan is the city of happy families” will be held in the capital of Tatarstan for the third time.

On July 6 at 6 pm, the finalists in the category “Intellectual Family” will be determined in Kazan Youth Center of A. Gaidar" Participants will receive a quiz on knowledge of family traditions of the world, as well as facts from the life of historical dynasties of Tatarstan and Russia.

On July 7 at 11 am, finalists will be determined in the nomination “Sports Family” in the park “Sosnovaya Roscha” near the HoC “Khimikov” according to the results of the competition “Veselye Starty”.

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