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21.06.2019, 08:31

Sabantuy in Kazan: “Turetsky Choir”, Salavat, WorldSkills, a ram and a car for an champion-batyr

(KZN.RU, June 21). On June 23, Kazan will celebrate the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy. At 9.30 am, the celebration will begin at the same time in settlements Mirny and Derbyshki, at Lebyazhie Lake, and will continue at the Kazan Hippodrome. Guests of the holiday will try their hand at national games and watch the competitions of the best batyrs of Tatarstan in the national fight Koresh. Absolute champions of the tournament will receive the main prize: a ram and a car.

Aidar Suleymanov and Danir Sabirov, Popular Tatar pop artists, will perform on the central Maidan in the Berezovaya Roscha of Mirny. The main guest of the festival will be the Turetsky Choir with a unique concert program. Also, the best dance and vocal groups from all over the country will perform in the dramatized prolog.

According to numerous requests from Kazan citizens, the festivities will again be held on the Maidan of the Berezovaya Roscha in Derbyshki after a five-year break. A theatrical performance “Kazan Solgese” (Tat. “Kazan towel”) will be staged for Kazan citizens and guests of the capital. Original bands, soloists and choreographic ensembles of the city will take part in it. The headliner of the holiday in Derbyshki will be Salavat Fatkhutdinov, the People’s Artist of the RT and Honored Artist of Russia, and Tatar pop stars Salavat Minnekhanov and Guzelem.

On the main stage in the forest of the Lebyazhie Lake, well-known artists of the Tatar stage will perform for the guests of the festival: Zainab Farkhetdinova, Alsu Fazlyeva and Azat Fazlyev, Rayaz Fasikhov, and others. In addition to the concert program and traditional competitions at this site, a separate zone dedicated to the world championship WorldSkills Kazan 2019 is prepared. Young professionals will demonstrate their skills in various championship competencies.

Traditional equestrian competitions will take place at the Kazan Hippodrome with the participation of unique Akhal-Teke horses. The program includes 13 races and a concert.

Summer cafes and retail outlets will operate at each site in Sabantuy. Anyone can buy souvenirs, Tatar national culinary products, and handicrafts.

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