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24.07.2019, 13:46

Preparation to WorldSkills Kazan 2019: 12 hours of daily trainings and will to win

(KZN.RU, July 24, Alina Berezhnaya). It is just less than a month until the WorldSkills Championship in Kazan. 14 representatives of the Tatarstan team, which were selected to the main Russia's national team. are in the final stretch of the preparation. Every day the participants of the competition spend about 12 hours for the trainings. Each of them wants to win. The members of the Russia's national team told the readers of the KZN.RU portal about the participation in the championship, rest days and plans for the future.

Ivan Zhukov, 19 years old, Kazan Technical School of Information Technologies and Communications, «web-technology» competence:

Before entering the technical school, I was engaged in development of websites. In 2016, I knew that the students were being recruited to the technical school who would participate in the WorldSkills championships. But I could then imagine that in the future I would be able to participate in the World Championship. At first it was difficult – I didn’t have any practical skills and experience. Then, I start working much above myself. So I joined the Russia's national team. Now I have great responsibilities. For six months I've been training hard, every day I spend 12 hours for the daily tasks. Of course, there are breaks in my schedule. When I have free time, I sleep much, because it is necessary to restore my powers. In future I want to get to the WorldSkills European Championship which will be held in Graz, Austria. In the World Championship I want to take the first place – it is my purpose. To me the WorldSkills is a great opportunity to be engaged in what I like to do, develop as a profi, become better every day.

Timur Kayumov, 19 years old, Kazan Trade and Economic Technical School, «restaurant service» competence:

I was in the WorlldSkills Championship two years ago. That time I had the chance to try my powers in three competences – «business», «virtual merchandising» and «restaurant service». The each competence was interesting in own way, but the last one was closer to me because my dream is to become a barman. I have already tried my powers in this profession, but the WorldSkills gives more knowledge and skills. Who knows, maybe in future I will be able to set up my bar. At first sight this competence seems to be easy.

In fact, in the restaurant business it is necessary to get the «ins and outs» of the barman, the sommelier and even the cook work. I go mad for what I do. Maybe, therefore I have managed to be a part of the Russia's national team. I ask frequently myself: why I am involved in the WorldSkills, why I like this movement, because each championship gives big stress and we have to train hard. In my opinion, the WorldSkills is a school of the life, a step into adulthood.

Ilnur Davletshin, 20 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny Polytechnical College, «metal structure production» competence:

I have been already taking part in the WorldSkills movement for three years. When I knew that I had got to the Russia's national team, I wasn’t surprised, because I had been working much for it. In spite of the fact that I have already had plenty of the prize-winning places, I’m nervous before the championship. To feel surely, I work much six times a week from the morning till the late evening. On a day off, I go to the countryside to enjoy nature. I have a big intention to win, because the WorldSkills gives different prospects for further employment and opportunity to be required by the labour market.

Danil Pronin, 19 years old, Technical College named after V.D.Potashov (Naberezhnye Chelny), «heavy equipment service» competence:

I'm preparing to the World Championship in Moscow – my training base is located here. The training schedule is very busy – three weeks for the preparation and one week for rest. The physical fatigue leaves me for one day, and the mental fatigue can remain for a long time, therefore at leisure time I try to get distacted: I spend time with my friends and walk a lot. Of course, I’m nervous before the championship, nevertheless it is the world competition, so the WorldSkills will gather only the strongest. I'll do whatever I can. It will be not the last my competitions, I want to get to the European Championship in 2020, and then to become an expert.

Stanislav Dzhumanyazov, 19 years old, Technical College named after V.D.Potashov (Naberezhnye Chelny), «engineering design CAD» competence:

I'm preparing to the World Championship in South Korea, I've managed to win the traineeship selection which held the Samsung Skills Training Centre. For 13 months I've been abroad, my schedule is very busy – 6 days a week for 12-14 hours I spend for the training. But it's worth it, because getting to the World Championship was one of the main purposes. After the championship I'm going to enter the high school and I'd like to become an expert in my competence - it seems to me, I already can share my skills with the beginners of the competition.

Aidar Mineev, 18 years old, Technical College named after V.D.Potashov (Naberezhnye Chelny), «prototype model production» competence:

My brother influenced my decision to join the WorldSkills movement – he won the medal for the high-qualification in the WorldSkills in Abu Dhabi and took the first place in the EuroSkills Championship last year. I wanted to participate in competitions like he did and to be a specialist in my profession. So when I was 14 years old, I got to the WorldSkills Junior and at once chose the «prototype model production» competence. Having entered the college, I continued to participate in the championships.

In 2018, I joined the extended national team, and later - to the main Russia's national team. I've been training to participate in the championship since October of the last year. It was really difficult to combine my study and training, but it was impossible to back down. I have a very strong support of my parents, teachers and instructors. I cannot fail them. I think, I'll get my own chance to present country at the World Championship.

Yaroslav Velikanov, 19 years old, Naberezhnye chelny Pedagogical College, «graphic design» competence:

My acquaintance with WorldSkills has started four years ago. I will admit, at first I didn't like this idea, but when I felt that I was getting better results, I enjoyed it. My first championship was in 2016 in Chuvashia, there I took the third place. I consider it is not a bad result. Now I am the member of the main Russia's national team, then, in 2016, I really didn't think that I would join this team. I was lucky very much with my instructors and coaches. There are the moments when I want to leave all the things down because you're stressed, but as soon as I imagine that I'll have 40 people from other countries as my competitors and the victory only will depend on me, all the worst thoughts are leaving me. I want to take part in the competition properly and, of course, to win.

We will remind the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 will be held in the capital city of Tatarstan from August 22 to August 27. About 1500 participants from 69 countries will take part in it. They will compete in 56 competences. The championship will become the most international global event in Russia in 2019.


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