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11.09.2018, 15:26

A lecturer in the Kazan Kremlin will tell about Leo Tolstoy understanding of freedom based on his diaries and works

(KZN.RU, September 11). The Museum of the History of the Annunciation Cathedral continues the celebration of the 190th birth anniversary of writer Leo Tolstoy in Kazan. On September 22, Kazan citizens are invited to an open lecture on “Freedom as a gift of God in the life and works of Leo Tolstoy”.

Natalia Komar, an associate professor of the Department of Russian and Foreign Philology of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of the KFU and the Department of Philology of the Kazan Orthodox Theological Seminary, will talk about what enlighteners the writer addressed once, why he had been excommunicated and what his own views were. The speaker will look for answers to these questions in the works War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Kreutzer Sonata, and Confession, as well as his diaries.

The beginning of the event is at 3 pm. The admission is free, reports the reserve-museum “Kazan Kremlin”.

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