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27.08.2019, 16:13

The City Day: Kazan Autumn, Tat Cult Fest, Kazan City Racing, and a concert at the Chasha

(KZN.RU, August 27, Alena Miroshnichenko). To celebrate Republic Day and City Day, Kazan citizens and guests of the Tatarstan capital are invited to the Kazan Kremlin, to the square near the Kamal Theater, to the Palace of Culturologist, the Family Center “Kazan”, to the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda, and other public spaces. Lenar Khakimzyanov, the deputy minister of Culture of the RT, and Azat Abzalov, the head of the Department of Culture, told about the holiday program in more detail today at the press conference in the news agency “Tatar-inform”.

Among the main festive events that are planned in the city on August 30, the Deputy Minister of Culture of the RT separately mentioned “Tat Cult Fest” in the Kazan Kremlin, “Play, accordion” festivals in the square near the Kamal Theater and the “Kazan Autumn” at the Palace of Culturologist.

Thus, from 12 pm to midnight, representatives of modern Tatar culture will perform at the Tat Cult Fest. In the Cannon Courtyard, musicians including the famous singer Zulia Kamalova will perform works of various genres from ethno to funk and rock. A small stage will be located at the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, there you can listen to performers: Aigel, Albert Nurminsky and Gulnaz Batalova. Electronic music will be played at the site near the Kremlin’s Tainitskaya Tower. In addition, spectators will see installations on the Tower.

The traditional festival “Play, accordion” this year will be held in a new, expanded format, said Lenar Khakimzyanov. “At 12 pm, more than 300 accordionists will pass from the Tainitskaya Tower to the monument to Musa Jalil, near which they will give a small concert”, said the deputy minister of Culture of Tatarstan. “Then the harmonists will walk along Bauman Street, and at 3 pm they will start performing on the square in front of the Kamal Theater”. At the Kamal Theater from 1 pm, you could see the performances of the participants of the festival “Our Time – Bezenen Zaman”.

At 8 pm, the festival “Kazan Autumn” will begin at the Palace of Culturologist for fans of classical music, at which the artists of the State Symphony Orchestra of the RT under the direction of Alexander Sladkovsky. The masters of opera, soloists of the Mariinsky Theater troupe Vladislav Sulimsky and Ekaterina Semenchuk will perform there.

No less interesting events will be held at other holiday sites. Azat Abzalov, the head of the Department of Culture, said that a program for children “Treasures of the old park” with various thematic platforms will be organized in Gorky Park from 11 am on the City Day. The children will be able to try their hand at creativity and in technical areas. A. Abzalov urged the young guests to come to the festival in the costumes of their favorite cartoon characters and join the festival “Main Characters”. Also, this festival will be held in the Kazan Kremlin and on Boulevard “Belye Tsvety”.

The festive program in the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda will begin at 12.00 pm. Veteran choirs and artists of inclusive theater studios, in particular, “E-motsiya”, will perform there. A festival of folk art will be held in the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda, which will gather more than 800 Russian and foreign dancers and singers.

From noon, Millennium Square will become the site for the Kazan City Racing auto show. Spectators will see performances by racers, motorcyclists and the KAMAZ-Master. The head of the Department of Culture reminded that on this day, the motorcycle race “From the Red Kremlin to the White Kremlin” will finish on the Millennium Square.

At the Kazan Hippodrome, 16 races will take place that day, including for the prizes of the President of the RT and the Kazan City Hall. Fans of equestrian sports will enjoy a concert program and a prize draw.

One of the main events for Kazan Day will be a concert at the Family Center “Kazan” at 5 pm. Kazan and Tatarstan performers, finalists of the city contest “The Voice of Our Team. The Voice of Our Yard”, as well as Russian pop stars Leina, Feduk, “Kazan Egetlere”, Pompeya and “Rondo”.

The festive program will end at 10 pm with a salute. The best viewpoints will be the Kremlin Embankment and the territory near the Family Center “Kazan”.

Azat Abzalov also drew attention to the fact that on the day of the holiday, urban public transport will operate until midnight and on an enhanced schedule. In addition, the traffic will be limited on the Millennium Square and near the Family Center “Kazan”.

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