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10.06.2019, 11:43

Kazan citizens can attend the five municipal beaches of the city

(KZN.RU, June 10, Ksenia Shvetsova). Five municipal beaches are organized for citizens in Kazan: Lokomotiv, Nizhnee Zarechie, Glubokoe Lake, Bolshoe Lebyazhie, and Komsomolsky. Also, there are three organized recreation sites on the shores of lakes Lebyazhie, Izumrudnoe and in the Pobedy Park. All of them have been tested for compliance with safety standards, rescuers and medical workers are on duty at each one, said Ferdinant Timurkhanov, the head of the Department of Civil Protection, at the Business Monday today.

Traditionally, the swimming season starts on June 1. This year, it was shifted on some municipal beaches due to the low water level in the Volga. To date, the water level has returned to a normal state, said F. Timurkhanov. 5 municipal beaches are prepared for residents and guests of the city. However, the Komsomolsky beach is only used as a natural solarium. The beach area is included in the presidential program of improvement of public spaces and is subject to the reconstruction. Therefore filling the pool with water will occur after the work.

Today, all necessary beach preparation activities have been completed: repairing rescue and medical posts, sand works, restoring the fences of the children's swimming area, repairing and painting tents, benches, urns, changing rooms and other small architectural forms. In addition, they conducted a diving survey and bottom cleaning on all the beaches, installed information boards on the prevention of accidents on the water and the rules of behavior and swimming. The readiness of beaches and places of mass recreation near the water has been checked by the Executive Committee Commission.

“Four rescuers and one health worker will be on duty on every municipal beach and in places of rest near the water every day until August 30 from 9 am to 8 pm”, said F. Timurkhanov. “In total, 60 lifeguards ensure safety on the beaches”. All rescue posts are provided with boats, equipment and medicines, he added. Last year, 8 people were rescued on the city beaches, including 1 child. The first pre-medical assistance has been provided for 149 guests.

Since 2011, not a single person died on the municipal city beaches during the swimming season. All accidents happened at unauthorized swimming sites, noted F. Timurkhanov.

During the swimming season, the staff of the OSVOD (“Society for Water Rescue”) and the GIMS EMERCOM of Russia in the RT will patrol the waters of the Volga and Kazanka rivers, as well as coastal areas. It is also planned to hold actions to promote safe behavior on the water and to distribute 10 thousand instructions to the visitors of city beaches on the water behavior, said the speaker.

“Rising of water level in the Volga is good news for lovers of water recreation. For my part, I urge everyone to spend their holidays only in specially equipped places and listen to the recommendations of the Civil Protection Directorate”, said Evgenia Lodvigova, the deputy head of the Kazan Municipality.

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The Business Monday, 06/10/2019
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10.06.2019 09:43
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