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15.01.2019, 10:51

Kazan citizens can learn English, Chinese and Turkish for free

(KZN.RU, January 15). The intake of students in language courses is taking place in Kazan. Anyone can sign up for free classes in English, Chinese, and Turkish. Russian classes will be organized for foreign citizens.

The language courses are conducted by the Cultural and Educational Center of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco operating under the missionary department of the Kazan Diocese. According to Anna Bogdanova, the head of the Cultural and Educational Center, the intake of all language groups is still underway today; classes will start soon. Thus, 17 people have already signed up for Chinese class.

Classes will be held for each language once a week. Lessons in English will be held on Tuesdays (Elementary level), Wednesdays (Intermediate level) and Thursdays (Upper-Intermediate level). Kazan citizens who want to enroll need to first pass a language proficiency test.

Classes in Chinese can be attended on Thursday or Friday. The schedule of lessons in the Turkish language is being specified.

Currently, the project organizers looking for a team of students, volunteers, teachers of Russian and foreign languages.

In addition, bible club classes will be organized for adults and students. Where they will study and discuss sacred texts in English.

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