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09.09.2018, 18:43

Kazan won the right to hold the XVII World Conference of the League of Historic Cities

(KZN.RU, September 9). Kazan won the right to hold the XVII World Conference of the League of Historic Cities. This decision was made by the Board of Directors of the League. It was held within the framework of the XVI World Conference of Historic Cities in Bursa (the Republic of Turkey). Kazan has been a full member of the League since 2001. It was represented by Evgenia Lodvigova, the first deputy head of the Kazan Municipality.

The current conference was held from 7 to 9 of September. Its theme was “The Impact of Globalization on Culture and Way of Life”. Representatives of 40 cities from 29 countries attended the event.

The members of the League of Historic Cities are cities with a unique culture and traditions, historical heritage. The organization includes more than 100 cities of various countries with a large number of outstanding buildings, architectural monuments, attractions and historical sites (such as Vienna, Rome, Paris, Prague, Boston , Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Krakow, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Geneva, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Lisbon, St. Petersburg, Prague, Montreal, etc.). The organization develops and implements programs in the field of culture, history, art, science, and ecology. The organization's activities contribute to the development of various cultures, creative processes, innovation, preservation and reconstruction of historical and cultural heritage.

Today E.Lodvigova told the audience about the experience of Kazan in the field of preservation of cultural heritage, large-scale international events. She invited the conference participants to visit the hospitable capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

8 cities, including Shiraz (Iran), Ballarat (Australia), Tainan (Taiwan), Chengdu (China), Yazd (Iran), Alba Iulia (Romania), Hebron (Palestine), and Kazan fought for the right to hold the XVII conference.

Each city has prepared a presentation. After watching, the Board of Directors of the League of Historic Cities adopted a decision on the conduction of the next conference in 2020 in Kazan.

In addition, the participants of the international children's drawing competition “Color Touch to History” were awarded within the framework of the conference. Drawing were prepared by young talents from 9 to 13 years old from 15 cities-members of the League of Historical Cities. About 100 works from Budapest, Istanbul, Kyoto, Shiraz, Kazan, and other major cities of the world were submitted to the professional jury.

6 out of 10 prizes went to Kazan. Pupils of the Kazan art schools Polina Shalkina, Kristina Svetikova, Kamila Kabirova, Marina Lopatina, Alina Nuretdinova, and Elmira Khaliullina will receive Letters of Gratitude and valuable prizes from the City Hall in Bursa. At the awarding ceremony, the Mayor of Bursa highly appreciated the presented works and proposed to establish cooperation between the art schools of Bursa and Kazan.

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