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30.01.2018, 14:00

Kazan is in the lead among the cities with a million population on land taxes in the budget

(KZN.RU, January 30, Mikhail Chentsov). Reports of structural units and subordinate institutions of the Executive Committee started in the Kazan City Hall, during which the results for 2017 were summarized and plans for the current year were analyzed. Irek Mukhametshin, the head of the Financial Department, in the course of his report told Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, that Kazan is the first among the cities with a million population (except Moscow and St. Petersburg) by the volume of land tax in 2017. The city has been keeping this level for the fourth year in a row.


I. Mukhametshin said that the decrease in the volume of land tax revenues can be traced in a number of cities with population over 1 million. The decrease in 2017 in comparison with 2016 is observed in 7 cities out of 13, the preservation at the level of the last year – in 2 cities, and the growth – in 4 cities. The capital of Tatarstan with an indicator of 3 billion 522 million and growth rate of 101% is in the first place, followed by Yekaterinburg (3 billion 48 million rubles) and Novosibirsk (2 billion 999 million rubles).


Irek Mukhametshin also drew the attention to the growth of the city's own revenues. In 2017, Kazan took the 4th place among 13 cities with a million population with an indicator of 14 billion 184.2 million rubles and a growth rate of 105.8%. Only Novosibirsk (21 billion 585.7 million) and Yekaterinburg (19 billion 338 million) are ahead of the capital of Tatarstan. In 2016, Kazan took the 7th position in terms of its own revenues.

“Kazan is one of the few cities that not only preserved but also increased its revenue base. The figures show the stability of the tax base of our city”, said the head of the Financial Department.

However, Kazan is only the 10th among 13 cities with a population of 1 million by the total income with a budget of 22.4 billion rubles.

I. Mukhametshin also said that the city managed to finance expenses for 1 billion 827 million rubles, not included in the approved budget, at the expense of additional revenues received in the process of budget execution, balances at the beginning of the year and savings in expenditures in 2017. There was the acquisition of anti-ice reagent (99 million), subsidized meals for schoolchildren (88 million), increased salaries for social and cultural workers (86 million), the maintenance of subordinated institutions and facilities (410 million and 147 million), and other expenses.

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The report of the units on land, property and financial issues, 01/30/2018
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