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05.07.2018, 14:38

I. Metshin: "Where else an eco-district would be if not between the Volga and Lebyazhie”

(KZN.RU, July 5, Alsu Safina). Today the launch of an international competition to develop a concept and general plan for the first eco-district in Kazan was announced at the press conference in the House of Government of the RT. This is a territory of 759 hectares in the Kirovsky district on the site of the former artillery base. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, believes that the project will lead the construction in the capital of the RT to a whole new level, and even Neimar, the captain of the Brazil national football team, could help with this.

Opening the press conference, Alexey Pesoshin, the prime minister of the RT, said that the land was transferred to the Republican Support Fund. The artillery base was disbanded in 2011, and the land was not used after that. Before the announcement of the competition, experts of the Strategic Development Agency Center, the project consultant, conducted an analytical study. The results of that formed the basis for the terms of reference for the participants of the competition. The study provides a comprehensive assessment of the development potential of the territory, an optimal model for its development, an analysis of the trend of environmentally-oriented construction. In addition, a social study was conducted with the participation of city residents that showed their interest in the suburban lifestyle. “As a result of the research, the idea of transforming the territory of the former artillery base into the first experimental eco-district in Kazan was proposed. The idea assumes maximum integration of development into the existing natural landscape”, noted A. Pesoshin. The results of the study can be found at www.researchkzn.ru.

The Head of the Government of the RT drew attention to the fact that the practice of holding such open international competitions is not particularly common in Russia yet. This trend is only gaining momentum. A. Pesoshin called an open international competition to develop the concept of a residential micro-district an unprecedented one in its scope for a professional architectural community since it allows applying the best world practices of urban planning. “This is a unique case that will serve as a stimulus for the development of a significant site for Kazan, larger than the Derbyshki residential area, for example, or Konstantinovka”, said Alexey Pesoshin.

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, thanked Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT, who headed the jury of the contest, and the Government of the RT for the creation of the Republican Support Fund. “This is absolutely an uncommon move and a solution that has no analogs in Russia. This is another confirmation that, the republic does not leave residents in a difficult situation no matter how difficult it is”, believes Ilsur Metshin.

Speaking about the contest, the head of the city marked that the Kirovsky district is a growth point. Difficult one, though, because there are a lot of questions concerning engineering infrastructure, water disposal, and sewerage. Thanks to the support of the republic, it became possible to implement such an important infrastructure project as SPS “Zarechnaya that also gives impetus to the development of this part of the city. According to I. Metshin, Kazan should grow as the population of the city increases. Already now, Kazan is leading among the capitals of the Volga Federal Districts by the volume of housing built. In the past year, 958 thousand square meters of housing were built in the city.

“As the Mayor, I appreciate the complex approach to the decision of a problem”, noted Ilsur Metshin. “We already have experience in holding international competitions, the Admiralteiskaya Sloboda, for example. We saw the first part of the project for the improvement of the embankment of Lake Kaban. We use the best international experience”.

The eco-district will be located on an area of 759.9 hectares. It is expected that 250-300 hectares will be occupied by a residential area, 200-300 hectares – by a natural and recreational zone, 100-200 hectares – by a public and business zone, and 30 hectares – by a communal zone. The building in the eco-district will be mixed. The estimated population is 20-25 thousand people.

The territory of the future eco-district is planned to provide networks and infrastructure. In particular, it is assumed that in the future three highways will lead to the new district. The chief architect of Kazan, Tatyana Prokofieva, explained that the development of the General Plan of the city took it into account.

According to Ilsur Metshin, the name “eco-district” was chosen on purpose, because it is important for residents to buy not just an apartment, but a way of life. “We put environmental issues in the technical task along with landscaping and gardening”, said I. Metshin. “Where else the housing of the XXI century with the most stringent requirements and requests of residents would be if not between the Volga and Lebyazhie. I believe that the new district of Kazan will make a new resident. This is a completely different level, an entirely different ecology of life”.

Ilsur Metshin even suggested that the Fund consider the issue of attracting a sponsor who would give the first land or apartment to the captain of the Brazil national football team, Neimar. “Can you imagine what kind of attraction it will be? Everyone would want to live next door to Neimar in one territory of the eco-district!”, believes the Mayor.

The Mayor especially marked that the participants of the competition will not only need to take into account the diversity of the terrain and the presence near the eco-district of the forest park Lebyazhie. They will need to preserve the landscape and environment as much as possible.

It is planned to start the implementation of the project by the end of the year.

The jury was headed by Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT. The jury included Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, Tatiana Prokofieva, the chief architect of Kazan, Natalia Fishman, an assistant to the President of the RT, Irek Faizullin, the Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the RT, Russian and international experts, including partner “Turenscape” Stanley Lang Wai, the director of the international design center Turenscape International limited Cham.

Both Russian and foreign consortiums can participate in the competition. They have to include experts in the field of architecture and strategic consulting, have experience in environmentally oriented construction and capable of offering a comprehensive solution for the development of the territory. Competitive works have to include a strategy of functional programming, an architectural and urban-planning concept and a framework financial and economic model.

Sergey Georgievsky,  the general director of the Agency for Strategic Development “Center”, said that the contest will be held in two stages.

The total prize fund of the contest will be up to 5 million rubles. A contract for the development of the concept will be concluded with all the finalists of the second stage of the competition. The winner of the contest will receive up to 3 million rubles. Finalist in the second place - up to 2 million rubles, the third place - up to 1 million rubles. The results of the competition will be announced on November 7.

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The press conference on the contest for the development of the general plan concept of the first eco-district in Kazan, 07/05/2018
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05.07.2018 12:10
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