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19.04.2018, 21:57

I. Metshin: “10 years ago the lyceum №177 set a new standard for schools”

(KZN.RU, April 19, Ekaterina Vislavskaya). Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, visited the lyceum №177 today at Musin Street, №17 in Novo-Savinovsky district. The head of the city together with the parents of the students heard the director's report on the work of the educational institution in 2017. This year the lyceum celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Before the public report of the lyceum director, Ilsur Metshin met with students. The children told the Mayor of Kazan about their participation in the Russian movement of schoolchildren, city, republican and federal creative competitions, successes in chess, scientific work and animation films. Ilsur Metshin visited the school museum of information technologies and gave an interview to the studio of the school television “Kvartal”.

The Mayor remembered how the lyceum was erected. He noted that it was unique in its way. It was a real school of the future, which set a new standard for schools in equipping, subjects, recreation. “We planted a seed that sprouted, and the standard of our school №177 came to the federal level”, said the Mayor.

Teachers, parents, and students gathered in the assembly hall. “The lyceum №177 is the best educational organization of the RT by the results of 2017, which is confirmed by a diploma”, said Ildar Imamov, the director. “Our lyceum takes the 4th place in the city rating among all lyceums and gymnasiums of Kazan. There are 54 of them”. He talked about the main directions of work, including extracurricular activities. For example, the know-how of the lyceum is the republican network educational platform “School Academy of Sciences and Cooperation”.

Schoolchildren show high results not only in public life but also in studies. The average score of the lyceum in mathematics in 2017 was 64.2, in the Russian – 77.2. For comparison, the average score for mathematics in Kazan is 55.8 points, in Russian – 72.03. More than half of graduates gain more than 80 points in the USE. “Performance is good enough, and I'm am proud of our graduates”, said the director. However, as I. Imamov noted, 9-graders need to tighten their knowledge of biology.

Speaking about the problems that the lyceum has, Ildar Imamov also noted the overcrowding of the school. 1693 students study at the lyceum, although its designed capacity is only 864 pupils. Children learn in two shifts. “On the one hand, I am glad that the school is very much in demand. In addition to the micro-district, which is assigned to us, children come to us from other micro-districts of Kazan. They want to get to us, and we also take them to school with pleasure. But the problem of overcrowding exists”, he confirmed.

Only 8.3% out of the 105 teachers are young and 17% have already reached retirement age.

Ilsur Metshin said that this is not the first school he visits. “I am very glad that the tasks that we set were realized. And I am very glad that the director continues to set himself an inflated task. We know the points on which we would like to see improvements. But this is the rare case when all I want to say is words of gratitude”, he marked. “Everything says that you are in demand. And I want to thank the whole team of teachers for their work in the person of the director! And once again I want to emphasize, God grant us, that there were such collectives and conditions in all 162 schools of Kazan!”.

At the end of the speech, the director of the lyceum thanked the Mayor for the visit. Damir Fattakhov, the first deputy head of the Kazan Executive Committee, Timur Alibaev, the head of the Aviastroitelny and Novo-Savinovsky districts’ administration, Ilnar Khidiyatov, the head of Department of Education of Kazan, and others also took part in the event.

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The report of the director of the lyceum №177, 04/19/2018
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