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27.10.2018, 15:07

The festival “Delicious Kazan” won the Grand Prix of the National Prize “Russian Event Awards-2018”

(KZN.RU, October 27). The gastronomic festival “Delicious Kazan” is recognized as the best event in the field of gastronomic tourism within the framework of the National Prize “Russian Event Awards-2018”.

The final of the National Prize in Event Tourism “Russian Event Awards-2018” was held in Nizhny Novgorod from 24 to 27 of October. In total, 578 projects from 60 regions of the country were submitted for participation in the award this year. Regional competitions were held for all federal districts of the country, the finals of which took place in Irkutsk, Cheboksary, and Tambov. The winners of regional competitions were allowed to compete in the national final. 193 projects from 43 regions of the country took part in it, and 22 ones from Tatarstan reached the final.

Organizers of regional and federal events were invited to participate in the competition.

Public presentations of projects were held as part of the competition. Daria Sannikova, the director of the Kazan Tourism Promotion Committee, said after the presentation that participation in awards and holding such festivals as “Delicious Kazan” is a necessary way of development. It is important not only to attract tourist flow, but also to keep it. “The priority task of the city now is to fill the entire calendar year with various events, in order to allow Kazan tourists to enjoy not only the sights of the city, but also give the opportunity to attend a mass event”, she said.

According to the results of the final of the award, the gastronomic festival “Delicious Kazan” was recognized as the best event in the field of gastronomic tourism. In total, 38 projects were heard in this nomination at the regional stages. Only 20 ones reached the finals. The gastronomic festival “Delicious Kazan” won the Grand Prix. In 2016, the festival was also submitted for participation in the award and then won the 1st place.

In addition, the Kazan hotel “Relita” won the 3rd place in the nomination “The best accommodation facility for touring events”, and the GRK with the water park “Kazan Riviera” was awarded the Grand Prix. The “Grand Hotel Kazan” was also awarded a special certificate.

The International Festival of Brass Bands “Fanfares of Kazan” received an honorable 2nd place in the nomination “The best city festive event (population over 100 thousand people)”. The project “HORECA by Kazan. Hospitality & Gastro EXPO” won the Grand Prix in the nomination “The best tourist MICE event in the field of tourism”.

All events that have taken winners’ places will be included in the National Calendar of Events of Russia for 2019.

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