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16.08.2019, 10:39

Front Dog Day will be celebrated in the National Museum of the RT

(KZN.RU, August 16). On August 19, the National Museum of the RT will celebrate the Front Dog Day. Visitors will see photographs illustrating the feat of dogs during the Great Patriotic War. They depict dog-medics and communication dogs performing their duty. In total, more than 60 thousand dogs served on the fronts of World War II.

In the courtyard of the museum, shows will take place held by a group of trained dogs “Zubastik” led by professional dog handlers Pavel Leonov and Lilia Leonova. Spectators will see the work of dogs of various professions: tank destroyers, medics, and rescuers. Also, four-legged pets will demonstrate their search and protective skills.

The event will begin at 2 pm, reports the press service of the National Museum of the RT.

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