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23.01.2019, 16:41

The 4th house on Chetaev Street in Kazan is being prepared for the final inspection of the State Construction Control Service

(KZN.RU, January 23, Alsu Safina). The 4th house on Chetaev Street in Kazan is being prepared for the final inspection of the State Construction Control Service. Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, instructed Andrey Belyakov, the director of the contracting organization “Briz”, to draw up an appropriate schedule today at the weekly meeting on the problems of deceived shareholders. The participants of the working meeting also visited the building site of the residential complex “Molodyozhny”, and inspected the progress of work at home in the 68th quarter on Chistopolskaya Street.

The meeting began on the construction site of the first and second houses of the residential complex “Molodezhny” on Noksinsky Spusk. One of the two tower cranes was removed on the second house, so one of the contractors, OOO “SK Story”, completed their work in the first section of the house. “The tower crane is gone, which means that the next stage of work on the block has been completed”, said the first deputy head of the Executive Committee. At the same time, the second crane of the OOO “Ak Tash” continues to work, and it is impossible to finish the first house.

Because of the frosty weather, brickwork on the second house was suspended. “According to the norms, laying is not recommended at -15 degrees”, marked A. Nigmatzyanov. The work will continue when it gets warmer; the same situation with roofing works.

Discussing the work on the first house, the representative of the “Ak Tash” said that PVC structures on the balconies are supposed to be replaced by aluminum ones. A. Nigmatzyanov supported the proposal of the contractor.

Now the facility employs 40-50 people. As before, there is no individual heat supply station installed in the first house, respectively, and there is no heating. “The heating system will also be made in accordance with the individual heat supply”, Azat Nigmatzyanov explained to shareholders. “The contractor is ready, but the necessary drawings are not. The project must be coordinated with heat networks. After that, the “Ak Tash” will be able to start the acquisition of the individual heat supply. This is a complex device that incorporates weather control nodes”. Now the house is heated by electricity. Azat Nigmatzyanov marked, referring to the contractors, that without individual heat supply and the input-distribution device, the delivery of the house is impossible.

About 70-80 people work in a residential building №4 on Chetaev Street. By the end of January, the contractor OOO “Briz” intends to complete plastering work and floors.

A. Nigmatzyanov proposed to consider the possibility of finishing the house in a simplified version, which is relevant in the winter. According to the norms, it is possible to deliver a house without completing the improvement of the adjacent territory, in particular, without a second layer of asphalt. In this case, the improvement works will be completed after the weather gets warmer. The first deputy head of the Executive Committee instructed Andrey Belyakov, the director of the “Briz”, to present a schedule of preparations for the final inspection of the house by the State Construction Control Service until the next meeting.

In March, a day for a visit will be chosen, when shareholders will be able to visit the site.

The shareholders interested in the fate of the 3rd house on Chetaev Street came to the meeting as well. “There is an intention to approach the 3rd house, but no specific decisions have been made for now”, explained Azat Nigmatzyanov. “We have proposed a project organization that can prepare a project. Now we have to resolve the financing issue”.

The work continues in the 68th quarter in a house on Chistopolskaya Street. Andrey Belyakov said that the heating was fully launched in the first block, plastering and floor screed on the upper floors were completed. In addition, the window frames have been completely replaced, 95% of the work has been done on electrics. Now, according to the plan, contractors have to install and replace floor and apartment panels, said A. Belyakov. The facade work is underway at the same time.

The replacement of window constructions continues on the second block. The heating was started up to the 13th floor; this process will be fully completed by the end of the week.

A. Belyakov also drew attention to the fact that structural reinforcement is underway.

Among other things, participants discussed issues related to elevators. In the first block, they are in working condition, and the replacement of cables, ropes and other elements is necessary. The inspection of elevator equipment was carried out in the second block. “Until the end of February, elevators will be launched in the second block”, said the contract manager.

Diana Busheneva, one of the shareholders of the house, wondered if it was possible to let someone from the shareholders on the object. Azat Nigmatzyanov said that after completion of the main works, a schedule will be prepared according to which shareholders can get to the site. “The house is being prepared for showing to State Construction Control Service, and there are requirements that we must and will follow”, he assured. “This is the only legitimate body that confirms the house’s compliance with regulatory documents, technical regulations, and a project that has passed a state expert review”.

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Capital Construction and Reconstruction Office, Ivan Novikov, the executive director of the Fund for the Support of Shareholders, Airat Ahmetkhanov, the director of the Housing Policy Department, Diana Akhmetzyanova, the director of the OOO “Fon-Riviera”, Sergey Orlov, the technical director, and Andrey Urlukov, the manager of the OOO “Firma “Svei”, as well as representatives of network organizations and city services took part in the meeting as well.

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The meeting with shareholders of the RC “Molodyozhny”, houses in Chetaev Street and the 68th quarter, 01/23/2019
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