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20.02.2019, 15:45

Azat Nigmatzyanov to deceived shareholders: “We will do everything according to the standards”

(KZN.RU, February 20, Alsu Safina). The construction and finishing works are being completed in the problem house №4 in Chetaev Street in Kazan. In the near future, the contractor will prepare all the necessary documentation for the state examination. At the same time, the work is continuing on another object of the deceived shareholders on Chistopolskaya Street. The progress of the work was discussed today at the weekly meeting, which was held by Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

The construction and finishing works are almost completed in the 4th building on Chetaev Street. The problem object of the OOO “Firm Svei” for 130 apartments is bring finished by the OOO “Briz”.

By February 28, the installation of the elevators will be completed, and by the first days of March, the facade works will be completed by March 1, said Andrey Belyakov, the director of the contracting organization. The heat is launched throughout the whole house, including office space.

Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, noted that the schedule of upcoming work is stressful. In a short time, it is necessary to prepare all the documentation; then experts fr om the State Construction Inspection of the RT will be invited to the facility for the state examination.

“You can see what has been done, deeds speak louder than words. In March, when the active part of the construction is completed, you will be able to visit the facility”, A. Nigmatzyanov explained to shareholders. “We are now doing paperwork; in the near future, we must receive acts from all operating organizations and submit an application to the State Construction Supervision Service for the completion of work. After that, experts will come. If there are flaws, they will be worked out”.

The next stage is to obtain a conclusion on the compliance of the object with the project's expertise and technical regulations. Shareholders were also interested in the question of who will manage the house after it is done. “So far we have agreed with the management organization, which has experience in the operation of residential buildings. Then you will decide for yourself”, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee answered the question of shareholder Farid Abdulazyanov.

The meeting continued at the construction site of a residential building in Chistopolskaya Street in the 68th quarter, wh ere the OOO “Mag-Story” acted as the developer. In the first unit, electrical, heating and plumbing work was completed by 98%. “The first unit has a replaced facade by about 15%, plus another 30–35% is in operation. The old one is being dismantled and a new ventilation facade is being installed”, said Andrey Belyakov, the director of the OOO “Briz”.

As for the elevators, all the missing equipment has been delivered, now it is being commissioned. The components for the elevators on the second block will come in early March. “The ventilation system has been done by 80%, it remains to make the installation of air overpressure”, noted the contractor.

The work continues on the second unit: the plaster and floor screed are 70% completed, and electrical installation are completed by 80%. The work on the facade will begin in two weeks.

The director of the “Briz” also noted that the window structures were replaced by 75-80%. The windows that do not meet the standards will be replaced, he added. In addition, 50% of work was done on the ventilation system, 90% on heating and water supply.

It is planned to start work on the roof both on the first and on the second unit after the onset of heat. A. Belyakov noted that the roof has no leak, but it is impossible to fully examine it yet. When asked about the sewers, the director of the “Briz” said that they had conducted its inspection. In March, it is planned to begin laying the external water conduit.

A separate topic is the arrangement of the playground on the territory of the house. As it turned out, this question is not so simple. “The playground will be placed inside the territory that now exists. Now we need to make a project of the playground, which will be sent to the Office of Architecture and Urban Planning”, explained the first deputy head of the Executive Committee to the shareholder Diana Busheneva. “If it turns out that there are irregularities with the norms, we will seek a solution. For example, the designer proposed to place it on the roof of garages”. “We will do everything according to the standards and undergo state examination so that the residents have no problems later”, he added.

Assessing the progress of work in general, Azat Nigmatzyanov said: “The process is underway. I hope we will continue to work at the same pace. ”

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Department of Capital Construction and Reconstruction, Ivan Novikov, the executive director of the Fund for the Support of Shareholders, Airat Akhmetkhanov, the deputy head of the Department of Housing Policy, as well as representatives of network organizations and city services also participated in the meeting.

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The meeting with shareholders of problem houses on streets Chetaev and Chistopolskaya, 02/20/2019
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