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A new walking tour Necropolis of the Arsk cemetery was created in Kazan. The correspondent of the KZN.RU portal together with other Kazan citizens visited the historical cemetery on a tour.

Daria Sannikova, Director of the Committee for tourism development of the Executive Committee, noted that the new tourist route will be interesting to both visitors and local citizens. “Kazan is famous for outstanding people, and we wanted to show their burial places as well as tell about their lives during this tourist route”,- she said.

Aidar Sadykov, a guide, said that the Arsk cemetery appeared thanks to the decree of Catherine II. The first burials here appeared in July 1774.

Many monuments in the cemetery were destroyed in course of time, but to this day there are monuments and obelisks with epigraphs written in the pre-revolutionary style.

The Arsk cemetery is known for burials of famous people who lived and worked in Kazan. Among them are chemist Alexander Arbuzov, ethnologist Nikolai Katanov, merchants Yakov Shamov and Vasily Lozhkin, composer Nazib Zhiganov, and historian Dmitry Petrushevsky. The scientist Nikolai Lobachevsky is also buried here with his children.

The final point of the tour is the cenotaph (a tombstone in a place that does not contain the remains of the deceased, a kind of symbolic grave – ed.) of the son of Joseph Stalin – Vasily Dzhugashvili.

“The tour is on the one hand mysterious, on the other – informative, in my opinion, it is a good time during the coronavirus pandemic, when entertainment venues are not yet working, but you can spend an interesting time,” - said D.Sannikova.

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<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “We will support you and do everything to ensure development of your noble business”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-budem-podderzhivat-vas-i-delat-vse-chtoby-vash-blagorodnyy-biznes-razvivalsya/

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, visited the tailor shop for children with disabilities yesterday. The social project received a support on behalf of the Mayor– a few months ago, the organization was allocated a municipal facility for free.

The creator of the project, manufacturer of GT Dress brand, Daliya Gainanova told the Mayor about the idea of its creation. Dalia is a mother of a special child. 11-year-old Timur has been suffering from cerebral palsy since birth, and he has excessive salivation. Buying clothes for him has always been one of the main issues. So, Daliya came up with the idea for creation an NGO-Atelier for sewing special needs clothes. She started with a production of bibs – in the form of a bandanna with a raincoat cloth inside to ease washing.

During the years of its work, the tailor shop has been able to develop unique clothes – they are comfortable, made of cotton containing fabrics and correspond to the physical characteristics of special needs children.

In 2019, Daliya Gainanova asked the Kazan Mayor's Office to help the project find a permanent location, where it would be possible to sew clothes, as well as to try them on. According to the decision of the Mayor of Kazan, the organization was allocated a renovated municipal facility on Latushskikh Strelkov street, 27 under the Good Kazan project on a free of charge basis.

Among the models available to order, the Mayor was shown the bibs, functional bodysuits, hoodies and pants that are convenient for bedridden children or those who have just undergone surgery. For children with autism, suits with a zipper at the back have been developed so that children do not get distracted, for example, from the educational process. In general, the main know-how of GT Dress Atelier is functionality and disassembly of things, as well as convenient zippers, buttons and magnetic tapes.

Apparels are sold via social networks. In addition, many orders can be produced at the expense of benefactors. “We also won a grant from the Ministry of economy and Tatarstan President’s grant”,- D.Gainanova said.

The Mayor of Kazan noted the significance of the social project. “There are 5 thousand disabled children in Kazan, and you set such an example of the business solution. We will support and do everything to ensure development of your noble business. It is necessary for children with disabilities and their parents to feel more comfortable, stylish, fashionable and pretty”, - the head of the city emphasized.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “Yesterday this site was a huge waste dump. Today it is a green hill. And tomorrow there will be a beautiful grove!”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-vchera-zdes-byla-ogromnaya-svalka-segodnya-eto-zelenyy-kholm-a-zavtra-budet-krasivaya-/

Today Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin has started the final phase of reclamation of the Samosyrovo waste dump – landscaping of its territory. “This is a historic moment. I suggest no longer call this place Samosyrovo dump – now it's Samosyrovo hill. And tomorrow there will be a beautiful grove here”, - said I.Metshin

“There was a whole “Garbage Everest” that smelled awful, and now, that is just history”

The Samosyrovo waste dump, which covers an area of 32 hectares, has buried more than 45 million tons of waste since the 60’s of the last century. It has reached the height of 45 meters. Until recently, it was considered the largest waste dump in Tatarstan and a source of constant danger. In addition to the specific smell, the dump was constantly on fire that occurred due to spontaneous combustion of landfill gas.

Kazan became one of the first cities in Russia to reclaim waste dumps. Specialists developed a reclamation project, which took 4 years to implement. 367 million rubles were allocated for these purposes, the Mayor reminded. “It was done using the latest technologies and using world experience, - he said. - The waste is covered with special insulation, the soil is laid on top, a meter layer of ground and 15 cm -layer of black soil, which allows us to plant plants here”.

At the first stage of landscaping, 500 rowan trees will be planted at the foot of the hill. On the hill, three-year-old spirea shrubs are being planted – in total, it is planned to plant 1 thousand shrubs. The Mayor noted that this is only the beginning of landscaping: on his initiative, trees and shrubs will also be planted in the sanitary zone of the dump, which is five hundred meters around the hill.

“The project is quite expensive, but the environment, health of Kazan citizens and future generations are more precious, - I.Metshin added. – There was a whole “Garbage Everest”, people remember what it smelled like. Now, this is history”.

“In a few years, a real landscape area with trees and flowers will be created here”

The reclamation of the Samosyrovo waste dump started in 2016. Then its slopes were made low, the height of the dump was lowered by a third – up to 30 meters. The cut-off waste was moved to a 7-hectare site allocated at the base of the landfill.

During the work, the garbage was covered with a special film that protects it from rain and meltwater. Due to the lack of moisture, the rotting processes slowed down. And the gas that previously accumulated as a result of rotting is brought out using a special drainage system, explained Deputy head of the Executive Committee Iskander Giniyatullin.

“Previously, the forest around the hill looked like black charred pencils because of the gases. As soon as the waterproofing has been done, the greenhouse effect was removed, the forest changed – as if it had been so green and beautiful all its life, - the Mayor said. - In a few years, a real landscape area with trees and flowers will be created here. You will show the children and tell them that once there was a waste dump here and they will not believe it”.

“The next step is new technologies for waste separation and recycling”

Today, when the issue of the Samosyrovo waste dump is solved, it is necessary to prevent the emergence of new landfills, the Mayor said.

“The existing reserves will be enough for waste disposal for only three years, - the Mayor said. – It's important to think about it now. Therefore, the next step for us is new technologies for waste separation and recycling. Today, many citizens sort garbage. It is important that there are more such people in the city, so that the share of separate waste collection and recycling is constantly increasing”.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “We design and open new directions that are important for the transport development of Kazan”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-my-proektiruem-i-otkryvaem-novye-napravleniya-vazhnye-dlya-transportnogo-razvitiya-kaz/

This year is planned to design and build new road facilities in Kazan. 1 billion 300 million rubles will be allocated for this. “Thanks to the support of the Federal and republican government, we design and open new directions, implement large - scale projects that are important for the transport development of the city,”- said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, at a meeting of the headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus.

“We are starting to design the Voznesensky highway – it is a separate important arterial road for the city”

One of the most important facilities of road construction in 2020 will be the first stage of construction of the highway from Nesmelov street to the 32nd Military station in the Kirovsky district. Preparatory work has already begun on the site from the Nesmelov street to the Admiralteysky pond with a length of 1.5 km. As reported by Igor Kulyazhev, Deputy head of the Executive Committee, presently the utilities are being renovated at the site, as well as a purchase of land plots that are located within the borders of the road.

The design of a 6-lane highway is underway along the Voznesensky highway in the Sovetsky district on the first section from the Ametyevsk highway to Pobedy av. “In the future, the total length of the highway according to the new General Plan will be about 10 km, – said I. Kulyazhev. - There are no plans for mass resettlement here, because the space for the road has been kept for many years, there was no construction”.

“We are finally starting to design the Voznesensky highway this year. This is a separate important arterial road for the city, exit from Kazan through a saturated district, an industrial zone, through Azino-1 and Azino-2 to M-7 highway. I hope, in the nearest future we will start implementing this crucial project for our city, for our transport system”, - Ilsur Metshin commented.

“We have stopped only patching up roads and solving issues after each winter season”

Construction of the long-awaited bridge over the Noksa river has begun on the border of the Privolzhsky and Sovetsky districts, which is the only entrance to the village of Privolny. To date, the rerouting of utilities is underway.

In the Aviastroitelny district, reconstruction of the section on Maksimov street has begun from Petr Viter street to Dementyev street. Now a large number of utilities within the borders of the road are being reconstructed there, the Deputy head of the Executive Committee reported. In connection to the road works, it is planned to relocate the monument located at the entrance to the district to another location in the near future. The place for it is determined near the aircraft plant.

“The works on traffic reorganization with the renovation and construction of new adaptive traffic lights for ‘the green wave’ option are underway in the central part of the city for improving the transport situation and avoiding traffic jams at rush hours on the Universiade Av., Tikhomirnov str., Profsouznaya and Tashayak streets , – said I. Kulyazhev. – By the end of the year, it is planned to reconfigure the intersections of Butlerov and Tikhomirnov, Bauman and Pravo-Bulachnaya streets”.

In total, 7.5 billion rubles were allocated for the road works this year, of which 1 billion 300 million was allocated for the design, construction and reconstruction of new facilities. “Even six years ago, before the Universiade, we only dreamed of such figures. 7.5 billion rubles is a huge amount – Ilsur Metshin said. - Thanks to the Federal government and the leadership of our republic. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov traditionally pays great attention to this issue. Thanks to this, we have stopped only patching up roads and solving issues after each winter season”.

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<![CDATA[One of the oldest sports schools will open after overhaul prior to the start of the new school year in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/k-novomu-uchebnomu-godu-v-kazani-posle-kapremonta-otkroetsya-odna-iz-stareyshikh-sportshkol-goroda/

The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin inspected the overhaul of the Motor sports school in the Aviastroitelny district. This is one of the oldest sports schools in the city, which has brought up a large number of national and world champions in various sports and has made a great contribution to the city’s sports achievements, said I.Metshin.

“These walls witnessed the tears of the first defeats, and the joy of the first wins”

The history of the sports school began when a sports community was established at the engine-manufacturing plant during the Great Patriotic War. Since then, the sports club has trained 150 masters of sports in Russia and the USSR. “Motor sports club is a legendary club, one of the oldest in Kazan. It has made a great contribution to the city’s sports achievements, – said Ilsur Metshin. – These walls witnessed both the tears of the first defeats and the joy of the first wins.

Overhaul is carried out in the old building of the sports school, built in 1949 on the basis of the engine-manufacturing plant.

533 students train in 38 groups in such sports as boxing, football, breakdance and judo. In particular, 256 people in eight age categories joined football section.

The repair work is being carried out on schedule, it is planned to complete it at the end of August

The overhaul started in February. 8 million 322.93 thousand rubles were allocated from the budget of Tatarstan for the repair of the roof and front of the old building and 29 million 255.47 thousand rubles for the repair of the hall, locker rooms and the front of the new building.

After the renovation, the school will open new sections for volleyball and basketball. According to S. Kupriyanov, they will lead to the development of these sports in the Aviastroitelny district.

The Mayor got acquainted with the overhaul project and asked about the capacity after the completion of repair. “During the renovation, new locker rooms, shower rooms, offices, and coaching rooms will appear, - said Andrey Shishkin, chief engineer of the design company. - The capacity of almost all rooms will increase, including two new locker rooms – each of them will be designed for 15 people”.

The completion of work is planned in August.

“We did not have access to the halls of sports complexes before, but now we can increase the training base”

In order to meet the new federal standards, Kazan has developed a project for a large-scale reorganization of children's sports schools. Specialized sports schools for selected sports will be created on the basis of 29 existing municipal facilities.

According to S. Kupriyanov, it is planned to choose football as the main sport after the reorganization of the Motor sports school. “The judo and boxing sections will be merged with other schools, and football will remain, - said the Director of the sports school. – This has huge advantages, in fact. For example, we didn't have access to the halls of sports complexes before, and we couldn't train there. Now, when there will be one sports association, we can increase the training base”.

“Today half of the city's citizens regularly engage in sports”

The number of citizens who regularly play sports is growing in Kazan, Ilsur Metshin noted. This was largely promoted by the large number of sporting events that took place in the capital of Tatarstan – Universiade, World Cup and others.

“When we announced the five-year health plan before the Universiade, only 18% of our citizens were engaged in sports. Today, almost 50% of the citizens regularly engage in sports, including professional, - I.Metshin said. – Children, youth, and elderly choose sports and a healthy lifestyle. This is our main achievement, and we will do everything to ensure that sports and a healthy lifestyle become the norm for citizens”.


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<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “Along with a large number of activities in Kazan, our manufacturers have developed as well”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-vmeste-s-bolshim-kolichestvom-meropriyatiy-v-kazani-vyrosli-i-nashi-proizvoditeli/

Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin visited Stolyarny Arsenal LLC - a furniture manufacturing company. Among other things, the company produced interior elements for a number of cultural centers reconstructed in the city – Lenin cultural center, Said-Galiev cultural center and others. The head of the city got acquainted with the work of the enterprise in the situation of the coronavirus pandemic and discussed measures that will help the development of such small and medium-sized enterprises.

The company was established eleven years ago, and during this time its employees have participated in the reconstruction of a number of major urban venues. So, the company's masters were engaged in restoring unique oak doors at the Said-Galiev cultural center, which is a newly identified cultural heritage venue of the Stalinist era. The specialists had a task not only to repair the building, but to restore the interior elements. The company also manufactured items for the Lenin cultural center in Yudino, Galiev mosque and others.

Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with the working process at the enterprise – visited the painting, grinding shops, as well as the cutting shop. “Tatarstan masters have always been famous for their work and we see evidence of this”, - I.Metshin said.

The Mayor of Kazan noted that the quality of furniture doesn’t concede to the European manufacturers. “Together with a large number of activities held in Kazan, such as the Universiade, the World FINA Championship, and FIFA World Cup, our manufacturers have developed as well. They started with small orders, and now they are making real works of art”, - the Mayor noted.

I.Metshin asked whether the company experienced difficulties with deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Mikhail Kozlov, Director of Stolyarny Arsenal LLC, those companies that were able to create a stock of raw materials managed to cope. Though, it is difficult to predict the situation in the future, since manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world suspended their work, he said.

“Small and medium-sized business is the basis of any economy of a city, republic, or country. We have worked systematically to improve the business climate in Kazan. We simplified regulations and approvals, and our result is that today the contribution of small and medium-sized business to the city budget is almost 40%”, - I.Metshin said. Now we need to think about reducing the consequences of the pandemic on the city's economy and support small and medium-sized business”, - the Mayor said.

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<![CDATA[The Mayor of Kazan got acquainted with the modernization of the basic boiler house of the Sovetsky district]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/mer-kazani-oznakomilsya-s-khodom-modernizatsii-bazovoy-kotelnoy-sovetskogo-rayona-/

Three boiler houses of JSC Kazenergo will be renovated this year in Kazan. One of them is located in the Sovetsky district of Kazan at Sibirsky trakt, 27. Ilsur Metshin, Kazan Mayor, got acquainted with the progress of reconstruction works.

The boiler house was built in 1961. The building was reconstructed in 2003, boilers and pumping equipment were replaced. Today it is the basic boiler house of the Sovetsky district. It supplies more than 5.5 thousand citizens with heat energy.

Rustam Abdulkhakov, Director General of JSC Kazenergo, noted that the efficiency of boilers today is 91%, so today there is no need for their modernization. However, the automation needs to be replaced.

“During the modernization, we do not carry out all the large - scale work at once, we do it gradually,”- R.Abdulkhakov told the head of the city. So, in 2019, the foundation of the boiler house was fixed, the roof and blind areas were repaired. “Next year, it is planned to automate another boiler, as well as chemical water treatment, so that the devices operate without humans”, - he said. It is planned to repair the facade of the boiler house, replace part of the fence and entrance gates, and landscaping of the territory in 2020.

Rustam Abdulkhakov also informed the Mayor of Kazan that hydrotesting started later than planned, with a short-term hot water outage in some residential buildings and social facilities. For information, the schedules of network testing were changed as instructed by the Mayor of Kazan in connection with the self-isolation regime and weather conditions. “According to the regulations, we have 14 days to restore hot water supply. But, taking into account the epidemiological situation, we will try to complete the work as soon as possible, so that citizens feel less discomfort in their homes”, - Director General of JSC Kazenergo said.

“It is important to carry out the preparation for the heating season efficiently. It pleases that you commit to reduce the time of pressure testing. Citizens will appreciate it. Elderly people still stay at home – it is difficult for them without hot water - said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan. -Therefore, I ask you to strengthen work and increase shifts in order to reduce time”.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with the overhaul of kindergarten № 104 in the Sovetsky district of Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-oznakomilsya-s-khodom-kapremonta-detsada-104-v-sovetskom-rayone-goroda/

Eleven kindergartens will be overhauled in Kazan in 2020. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, got acquainted with the overhaul of kindergarten № 104, located in the Sovetsky district of Kazan.

The building was built in 1962. As part of the overhaul, the facade will be repaired, the roof and floors will be removed and updated, interior decoration and other works will be carried out. In addition, it is planned to improve the territory and purchase equipment and furniture.

The kindergarten is scheduled to open no later than September 1.

As the head of the city noted, the kindergarten is located in a densely populated area, where there is a great demand for places in kindergartens.

“The baby boom that we have been seeing for many years in Kazan certainly makes us happy. But it also imposes certain responsibilities on us. The number of places in kindergartens in all residential areas is constantly growing, as well as the demand for them, - said Ilsur Metshin during the visit. – This year we plan to repair 11 kindergartens”.

Tue, 19 May 2020 16:08:39 +0300
<![CDATA[International experts positively evaluate the project for thermal treatment of waste in Tatarstan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/mezhdunarodnye-eksperty-polozhitelno-otsenili-proekt-zavoda-po-termicheskomu-obezvrezhivaniyu-tko-v-/

The project on construction of a plant for thermal treatment of waste in Tatarstan has been additionally checked by the international independent experts. Alexander Shadrikov, Tatarstan Minister of ecology and natural resources, spoke about it today at a briefing at the Cabinet of Minister.

The plant for thermal treatment of waste, which is planned to build in the Zelenodolsky district of Tatarstan, will process up to 550 thousand tons of waste per year on a grate, while generating 55 MW of electricity.

After the instruction of Tatarstan President to conduct an additional independent expert examination of the project, the international experts were chosen.

The Ministers of the relevant departments in Bavaria and Saxony assisted in choosing the companies for the examination. The German Ministers provided a list of expert organizations and offered cooperation with the ATAB group, he added.

ATAB is research operator of a thermal waste treatment in Bavaria that works for the benefit of citizens. On the advice of ATAB, two companies – LGA and Müller-BBM-were taken for the examination.

According to the Minister, Müller-BBM is an international engineering firm that has experience in forecasting and evaluating emissions of pollutants from new production facilities and reconstructed facilities.

“The company conducted an examination according to Russian standards and requirements. The results indicated that the operation of the plant in Tatarstan does not exceed Russian environmental quality standards and cannot provoke harmful environmental impact or other hazards”, - A.Shadrikov said.

Another company that conducted the examination is LGA. This is an industrial company, which goal is protection against environmental exposure and safety hazards”.

“The expert examination is based on European standards and requirements, - the speaker said. – The issued expert examination declares that from the point of view of technical research at the selected plant technology and its proper construction and operation, the requirements under the EU directive are met. Thus, the independent experts issue a positive conclusion on the construction of the plant in the Zelenodolsky district of the republic”.

“We studied practices all over the world, scientific publications in different countries. Analysis, research findings prove that plants do not lead to an increase in the concentration of heavy metals and particulate matter within 10 km. An additional examination confirms this”, - Tatarstan Minister of ecology and natural resources said.

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<![CDATA[Kazan restaurateurs to place summer terraces near their cafes for free]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/kazanskie-restoratory-smogut-besplatno-razmeshchat-letnie-verandy-i-kafe-okolo-svoikh-zavedeniy/

Kazan representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, in addition to federal support measures, will also receive assistance from the municipality.

“We have simplified all types of regulations, related to the registration of documentation, stimulated the development of business activities. Special attention was paid to the development of tourism, which engages a large number of small and medium – sized enterprises, - said the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin at a meeting of the headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus. – We have achieved that today the contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to the city budget is 38%. Therefore, as soon as the self-isolation regime was imposed, our first activities were aimed at developing our own package of measures to support business”.

For the first time, there is an opportunity to place summer pavement terraces on a free basis.

A number of existing city programs have been amended and the city budget has been revised. In particular, on behalf of the mayor, SME entities that are recipients of financial support under the city's concessional loan program will continue to receive subsidies while restructuring of their existing loans.

Also, at the request of Kazan restaurateurs, the operating mode of municipal parking has been changed: now they will work without charging on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on weekdays from 18.00.

One more support measure is a moratorium on fines for entrepreneurs until the end of this year in case of violations of the rules not bearing risks to other citizens.

Deferred payments to the city budget for all contracts for the advertising construction installation were received by representatives of the advertising industry.

Besides, the Executive Committee adopted a resolution on deferral of lease payments for municipal property.

“We hope that these measures and programs developed by the Federal government will become a lifeline for entrepreneurs”, the Mayor said.

Mon, 18 May 2020 14:07:49 +0300
<![CDATA[845 people are being treated for COVID-19 in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazani-ot-covid-19-lechatsya-845-chelovek/

845 people are being treated for a new coronavirus infection in Kazan, 504 of them are in hospitals, and 341 citizens are being treated at home. This was reported by Vladimir Zhavoronkov, Deputy Minister of Health of Tatarstan, at the meeting on combating the spread of coronavirus infection.

Currently, the treatment of coronavirus patients is carried out in the Republican clinical hospital, Republican clinical infectious diseases hospital, Children's Republican clinical hospital, children's hospital № 1, hospital № 2, hospital of war veterans and Central hospital of the Vysokogorsky district. From today, the capacity of some medical facilities is increasing for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients, the Deputy Minister said.

Patients are assigned to different medical institutions based on the severity of their health condition, said V.Zhavoronkov.

In Russia and particularly in Tatarstan, there is no significant increase in newly detected cases of the disease, V.Zhavoronkov added. “According to statistics of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, we record that a stable number of people get sick every day, and there is no exponential growth, - he said. We hope, that we have reached a plateau, and in the near future we will be able to reduce the incidence.” Over the past day, 80 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Tatarstan, 61 of them in Kazan. Tatarstan ranks 13th in Russia in cases in absolute terms and 62nd in terms of cases per 100 000 population.

Mon, 18 May 2020 12:21:26 +0300
<![CDATA[I.Metshin on the Kazan budget execution for 2019: “We managed to perform all our obligations and maintain all social support measures”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-ob-ispolnenii-byudzheta-kazani-za-2019-god-nam-udalos-ispolnit-vse-vzyatye-na-sebya-obyaza/

The spending of the Kazan budget for 2019 compared to 2018 increased by 4% and amounted to 27 billion 425 million rubles. As the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin noted today at the meeting of the XXXIX session of the Kazan city Duma at the City Hall, the city budget was fully executed.

The report on the Kazan budget execution for 2019 was presented to the deputies by Irek Mukhametshin, head of the Financial Department.

“During the reporting period, 180 billion rubles of tax revenue was collected in the city,”- I.Mukhametshin said.

According to the speaker, the final performance indicators of the city's budget for 2019 significantly exceeded the approved parameters. Thus, with the approved budget of 23 billion 23 million rubles, the execution amounted to 27 billion 498 million rubles. Additional budget investments amounted four and a half billion rubles.

According to the results of the 2019 budget execution, the amount of tax and non-tax revenues amounted to 16 billion 354 million rubles.

Taxes are the main source of budget revenue, accounting for 82% of their own revenue.

The second significant component of the budget income is uncompensated receipts from budgets of other levels, which amounted to 11 billion 490 million rubles in 2019,”- said I. Mukhametshin.

Additional revenues amounted to 3.6 billion rubles.

The spending for 2019 amounted to 27 billion 425 million rubles. 72.4% of the total expenditure, or 19 billion 848 million rubles, was spent in the social sector, 4 billion 647 million rubles in the urban economy, 2 billion 590 million rubles in national issues, 293 million rubles in municipal debt, and 46 million rubles were spent for other expenses.

The city's budget execution in 2019 for revenues amounted to 27 billion 498.5 million rubles, for expenditures - 27 billion 424.7 million rubles and a surplus of 73.8 million rubles.

“The budget was fully implemented, a considerable amount of funds was attracted from the republican budget. First of all, they were spent for the development of urban economy and the solution of issues, the urgency of which was indicated by our voters. This includes road repairs, yard improvements, and overhaul of the social facilities. It should be noted that we managed to perform all our obligations and maintain all social support measures. None of the programs was cancelled”, - said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, summarizing the report.


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<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “We have entered a responsible period when the health of society depends on the consciousness of everyone”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-my-vstupili-v-otvetstvennyy-period-kogda-ot-soznatelnosti-kazhdogo-zavisit-zdorove-obshche/

The epidemiological situation in Kazan depends on the consciousness and responsibility of each citizen. This was stated by the Mayor of Tatarstan capital Ilsur Metshin at the XXXIX session of the Kazan city Duma, which was held today at the City Hall.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic all necessary measures are being taken to comply with security measures and prevent the spread of infection in Kazan, the Mayor noted. All issues are discussed at the daily meetings of the city headquarters on combating the spread of coronavirus infection.

Financial assistance and support are provided to the needy citizens, the head of the city added.

All citizens must comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and wear personal protective equipment, said I.Metshin. “The measures prescribed by the Government seem too strict to someone, but this is a case when it is better to be safe and preserve your health and the health of others - the Mayor said. - This is necessary not get problems in two or three weeks and prevent an increase in the incidence of diseases. This is how we should treat it. We should be an example of compliance with the current rules”.

Fri, 15 May 2020 13:24:28 +0300
<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin inspected the “green reconstruction” of the Ametyevsk highway hillsides]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-proinspektiroval-zelenuyu-rekonstruktsiyu-sklonov-ametevskoy-magistrali/

A large-scale “green reconstruction” is being carried out in Kazan at the hillsides of the Ametyevsk highway. On an area of 3 hectares, 2107 trees and 1800 ornamental shrubs have already been planted. The progress of work was checked by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin.

Landscaping works began in April, and about 70 workers are engaged in tree planting every day. Roza Zabbarova, director of the MUE Gorvodzelenkhoz told the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin that such large-scale landscaping work is carried out for the first time here. “There is a large highway that runs through the area, and the hillsides are visible from different sides. Green decoration will improve the area, as well as the tree roots to strengthen the slope”, - R.Zabbarova told the Mayor of Kazan. Various trees are planted on the hillside – rowan, maple, hawthorn, fir, pine, cedar, willow and spiraea.

The Mayor asked how the plants will be watered. Roza Zabbarova explained that the site has an automatic irrigation system with a length of 10 km.

To make the hillsides look even more colorful, perennials will be planted there, which will create flower patterns. The improvement of the Ametyevsk highway hillsides is planned to be completed by the end of May.

The green decoration will also be visible at night – now decorative lighting is being installed on the hillsides. Director of the MUE Kazgorsvet Rustam Abdulkhakov, who also took part in the inspection, said that all 122 lamps are anti-vandal, waterproof and energy-saving. “The lighting will be turned on automatically at night along with the main lighting on the highway,”- R. Abdulkhakov explained.

Ilsur Metshin emphasized that gardening of the Ametyevsk highway is a very important project aimed at creation a green ecological framework of the city. “Green reconstruction is of key importance in the improvement of Kazan and the creation of a comfortable urban environment. Not long ago, this site was unusable, and thousands of cars pass through it every day. We made the road, and now it's our turn to make improvements. Now this place will be bright, colorful, will cheer up Kazan citizens and improve the environment”, - I.Metshin said.


Thu, 14 May 2020 10:00:22 +0300
<![CDATA[Kazan stores are being checked for compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-magazinakh-kazani-provodyatsya-reydy-po-soblyudeniyu-sanitarno-epidemiologicheskikh-trebovaniy-/

Since today, special raids are being held at the stores and service enterprises of Kazan, during which employees and visitors are being checked for the protective masks. For this purpose, more than 40 groups of municipal employees are engaged in the capital of Tatarstan, together with law enforcement officers, they will check all retail stores in the city. One of the first raids took place at the Park House Mall – a mobile group led by the Deputy head of the Executive Committee, Ildar Shakirov, inspected the Auchan supermarket.

For information, according to a new decree of Tatarstan government, the regime of self-isolation has been changed. Since May 12, many enterprises have resumed their work, including stores and service enterprises, covering not more than 400 sq.m. However, all citizens must still comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and wear masks and gloves when visiting stores.

The Park House Mall opened the Auchan supermarket, which sells food and essential goods, as well as the Detsky Mir store. At the entrance to the shopping complex, employees of the supermarket meet visitors and check them for protective equipment. Most customers have masks, but only a few of them wear gloves. The new requirements are explained to all of them.

Most citizens comply with the requirements, but there are some violators, said Valentina Mikhailova, Director of the supermarket. “For those who for some reason came without protective equipment, we offer to buy them or take them for free – she said. - For older customers we have prepared free disposable masks”.

“During the raids, we see some violations. But in general, there are fewer of them – people try to follow the rules – said I. Shakirov. – In total, there are about 3,500 stores in Kazan, 3020 of them with an area of less than 400 sq.m. All of them can operate under the new rules. In two or three days, we plan to visit all of them and check for compliance with the requirements”.

The fine for individual violation is from 1 thousand to 30 thousand rubles, for legal entities, if repeated violations may exceed 1 million rubles. Liability is being established by the court - the Deputy head of the Executive Committee added.

Wed, 13 May 2020 16:31:46 +0300
<![CDATA[I.Metshin on the overhaul of the Molodezhny camp: “This is the level of Artek, but in the Volga region”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-o-kapremonte-lagerya-molodezhnyy-eto-uroven-arteka-tolko-v-povolzhe/

The overhaul works are 97% completed at the Molodezhny children's recreation camp. The works are carried out as part of the republican program of overhaul, construction and renovation of children's camps. Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with the progress of work.

The Molodezhny children's health camp is located in the village of Berezovka in the Vysokogorsky district of Tatarstan and was built in 1983. Previously, 230 children could rest here per shift, and about 1200 children per year. In 2015, the camp was closed in connection with emergency condition.

Airat Faizov, chair of the Committee on Affairs of children and youth, reported to the Mayor that all residential buildings were renovated, as well as dining hall and other buildings, two multipurpose sports grounds, dance floor and summer terrace were built. Access roads to the camp were also repaired last year.

Overhaul has been completed by 97% to date.

After completion of the works, by the beginning of the summer season, the capacity of the camp will increase up to 400 children per shift and up to 1,600 children for the entire summer period.

I.Metshin inspected one of the renovated buildings and rooms, visited the club, the dining room, terrace and sports grounds.

“Kazan is one of the few cities that have preserved a number of children's health camps. Today we sincerely want to thank Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, and the Government of Tatarstan for such an unprecedented program. Four camps out of 14 will be overhauled this year. This is the level of Artek, but in the Volga region. We are happy for our kids. Especially now, when there is no possibility to go to the sea or abroad”, - Ilsur Metshin said.

Wed, 13 May 2020 16:10:30 +0300
<![CDATA[This year, up to 2 million flower seedlings to plant in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-etom-godu-v-kazani-vysadyat-do-2-mln-tsvetochnykh-sazhentsev/

This year, it is planned to plant up to two million flower seedlings in Kazan to decorate all the main streets and public spaces of the city. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, visited today the greenhouses of the MUE Gorvodzelenkhoz, where varieties of flowers are grown for urban decoration. The Mayor called on business owners and all concerned citizens to join the decoration of the city and plant flowers in the yards and surrounding areas.

“Flower decoration of Kazan has become our hallmark, Kazan citizens and visitors of the capital of the republic got used to it, - I.Metshin said. – This year, despite all the difficulties, will be no exception. Due to the current situation, we will not be able to plant as many flowers as the year before, but we have found a reasonable balance between saving money and creating a good mood in the summer for citizens and visitors of the city”. For information, last year the number of planted flowers exceeded seven million.

In addition to flower beds, the city will be decorated with 14 flower sculptures. In total, about 25 varieties of plants are grown in greenhouses, among which are bright and unpretentious petunias. “We use modern certified seedlings, which are in great demand not only in our city. They are very bright, beautiful, long-blooming - said Rosa Zabbarova, Director of the MUE Gorvodzelenkhoz. - When growing seedlings, high-quality peat is used, there are no weeds in it.”

Now the seedlings are ready for planting in the city, but due to the weather conditions, it is planned to start planting on May 20-25.

The Mayor of the city called on business owners and concerned citizens to join in decorating the city with flower compositions. “We will make sure that the main streets, parks and squares are decorated with flowers, - the Mayor said. - I hope that this year we will make efforts together and do everything to ensure that we have a beautiful and flourishing city”.

Tue, 12 May 2020 14:21:42 +0300
<![CDATA[The names of 103 students and employees of the University will be immortalized on the Walk of Fame of the KFU ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/na-allee-slavy-kfu-uvekovechat-imena-103-studentov-i-sotrudnikov-vuza/

In the year of the 75th anniversary of Victory, additional memorial stones will be installed at the Walk of Fame in the rector's garden of Kazan Federal University.

“Now the names of 458 students, teachers and employees of Kazan University, who were participants of the war, are inscribed on the memorial stones of the Walk of Fame. This year, after 4 months of working in the archives, I was able to find 103 new names. These are mainly students who went off to war in 1941-1945, as well as employees of those universities consisting the Kazan Federal University who died or returned from the war,”- said Valery Telishev, Chairman of the Veterans Council of the KFU, candidate of Historical Sciences, member of the Academy of Military Historical Sciences.

New memorial stones are planned to be installed after the restrictive measures imposed due to the spread of coronavirus infection are revoked, KFU’s press office reports.

Tue, 12 May 2020 14:00:36 +0300
<![CDATA[The SMS permit regime to remove in Tatarstan from May, 12]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/s-12-maya-v-tatarstane-otmenyaetsya-rezhim-sms-propuskov/

Since May 12, the SMS permit system and the mandatory certificates from the place of work, allowing to leave the house, are canceled in Tatarstan. However, Tatarstan citizens will continue to comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. This was stated today by Leila Fazleeva, Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan, at a briefing on the gradually revoke restrictive measures caused by coronavirus pandemic.

In accordance with the tasks announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting on May 6, Tatarstan to take measures to gradually revoke restrictive measures. From May 12, Tatarstan citizens will not need a SMS permit to leave their homes. Also, there is no need to carry a certificate from the place of work to go outside the home. At the same time, citizens of the Republic must wear masks, gloves and observe a 1.5 meters distance.

From May 12, service organizations and non-food stores with an area of up to 400 square meters will open, if a separate entrance is available.

Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan emphasized that entertainment, cultural, sports and other activities are prohibited for citizens of the republic until the sanitary and epidemiological situation improves. The ban also applies to outdoor activities, including in parks. Catering companies continue their operation remotely – takeaway and delivery mode.

Leila Fazleeva drew attention to the fact that all organizations and businesses must strictly comply with sanitary standards.

Mon, 11 May 2020 13:51:33 +0300
<![CDATA[A virtual round is organized in Tatarstan temporary infectious diseases hospitals]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/vo-vremennykh-infektsionnykh-gospitalyakh-tatarstana-organizovan-virtualnyy-obkhod/

The war veterans’ hospital in Kazan is now serving for coronavirus infected people. To date, 31 patients have been admitted to the hospital. Vladimir Zhavoronkov, deputy Minister of health of Tatarstan, reported about it today at the headquarters meeting for combating the spread of coronavirus infection.

V.Zhavoronkov said that in Tatarstan as of May 11, the number of cases is 1761, including 817 people – citizens of Kazan. 475 Tatarstan citizens recovered, 207 of them live in the capital of the republic. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 6 deaths have been recorded, including one citizen of Kazan.

“Coronavirus infection tests are currently carried out in 14 laboratories, 10 of them are located in Kazan. Their combined capacity is 2 thousand tests per day. Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus infection 73 397 tests were made in Tatarstan, more than 35 thousand tests in the laboratories of medical facilities”, – V.Zhavoronkov reported.

V.Zhavoronkov said that since the opening of temporary infectious diseases hospitals in Tatarstan, the so-called virtual round has been organized. “Its goal is to make collective decisions and choose rational treatment tactics for the most severe patients with COVID-19. The virtual consultation is held with the participation of leading specialists of the Tatarstan Ministry of Health”, - he said.

Vladimir Zhavoronkov reminded that a new infectious diseases hospital is under construction in Kazan. It is planned to equip it with the most modern high-tech equipment.

“The Federal center has allocated 50 million rubles to the republic for additional payments to doctors. I hope that specialists will receive bonuses for their today's truly heroic work on the frontline”, - Ilsur Metshin, Kazan Mayor, summed up.

Mon, 11 May 2020 13:14:45 +0300
<![CDATA[The honoring the fallen soldiers and the unveiling of the monument to the Soviet soldier in Victory park]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-parke-pobedy-pochtili-pamyat-pogibshikh-voinov-i-otkryli-monument-sovetskomu-soldatu/

The ceremony of laying flowers at the Eternal flame, the Monument to mothers and widows of fallen soldiers was held today in Kazan Victory park. Also, in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory, a new monument to the Soviet soldier was unveiled in the park.

Due to the epidemiological situation caused by coronavirus pandemic, the event was held in a restricted format with a minimum of participants. The memory of heroes was honored by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Tatarstan Prime Minister Alexey Pesoshin, Chairman of State Council Farid Mukhametshin, Tatarstan State Counsellor, the Hero of Labor of Russia, Mintimer Shaimiev, Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and others. Citizens of the republic could watch the live broadcast of the event on the TNV TV-channel.

Upon arrival at the Victory park, Rustam Minnikhanov got acquainted with the equipment of the Great Patriotic War and rare armored cars. As part of a special campaign on May 8 and 9, military vehicles performed a festive run through the streets of Kazan. The convoy stops at the houses where veterans live, participants of the run congratulate them on the occasion of Victory Day.

Then the participants of the event laid flowers at the Eternal flame and at the monument to the Mothers and widows of fallen soldiers.

After that, a new monument to the Soviet soldier was unveiled. The collective image of the warrior depicted in the monument is based on the exploit of the son of the Tatar people, Gazi Zagitov, who on April 30, 1945, together with his fellow soldiers, raised up the Red Flag over the Reichstag.

“Today we are unveiling a monument to a Soviet soldier. This is a monument to all Tatarstan citizens who fought in the World War II“, -   Tatarstan President said in his speech. He reminded that during the war 700 thousand citizens of the republic left for the army, every second died in the battles for their Homeland. “The memory of our heroes will live forever in our hearts,”- R. Minnikhanov emphasized.

The opening ceremony was attended in video mode by Boris Kuznetsov, a veteran of the World War II, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, scientist-designer and Honorary Chairman of the charitable public organization “Heroes of Tatarstan” Ildus Mostyukov and Major General, Chairman of the Committee of the republican public organization of veterans “Union of veterans of the Republic of Tatarstan” Akhat Yulashev. Rustam Minnikhanov wished all veterans and home front workers good health, long and peaceful life.

“I congratulate all citizens on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people over the German-fascist invaders. I believe that the flame of war will never again scorch our land, and the Victory Flag will always proudly fly over our Motherland!” - said R.Minnikhanov.

The memory of the fallen soldiers was observed a minute of silence. After the ceremony, the national anthems of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, reports the Tatarstan President’s Press Office.

Sat, 09 May 2020 12:07:35 +0300
<![CDATA[A copy of the legendary Victory Flag raised on a 50-meter flagpole in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazani-na-50-metrovyy-flagshtok-podnyali-kopiyu-legendarnogo-znameni-pobedy/

The ceremony of raising a copy of the legendary Victory Flag on a 50-meter flagpole took place today, on the eve of May 9, in Kazan Victory park. The command to raise the Flag in video mode was given by Boris Kuznetsov, Hero of the Soviet Union. Citizens could watch TV broadcast of the ceremony.

On May 8, 1945, the act of unconditional surrender of Germany came into force. Natives of the Tatar Republic participated in all the decisive battles of the World War II, about 700 thousand citizens were drafted into the front, more than 350 thousand of them did not return. For the courage and heroism performed on the war fronts, more than 200 thousand citizens of TASSR were awarded orders and medals. It is symbolic to raise a copy of the Victory Flag that was raised 75 years ago over the Reichstag on this day.

The ceremony was opened by the best cadets of the Kazan Tank School -they solemnly displayed the flags of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan to the foot of the flagpole.

Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Kuznetsov participated in the ceremony via video link. He fought on the Volkhov, Stepnoy and Second Ukrainian fronts, participated in the battles of Leningrad, the battle of Kursk, the liberation of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the battle of Berlin. For courage and heroism in October 1943, Boris Kuznetsov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.

Boris Kuznetsov congratulated Kazan citizens on the holiday and gave the command to raise the flag.

“Today we raised a copy of the legendary Victory Flag that was hoisted over the Reichstag 75 years ago. As you know, our compatriot Gazi Zagitov was among the participants of that famous battle and thereby glorified our republic. We commemorate his feat”, - Azat Abzalov, head of the department of culture, told reporters after the ceremony. He also noted that it is important to remember the events of the war years and keep the memory of them to future generations.

Fri, 08 May 2020 12:22:49 +0300
<![CDATA[A T-34 tank leaded the festive run of military historical equipment in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/tank-t-34-vozglavil-prazdnichnyy-zaezd-voennoy-istoricheskoy-tekhniki-v-kazani/

A festive run of military historical equipment was held today in Kazan. The convoy of seven vehicles stopped along the way at the houses where veterans of the Great Patriotic War live, the participants of the run congratulated them on the occasion of Victory Day.

A T-34 tank, called Kolkhoznik of Tartary, leaded the convoy. The legendary tank was assembled during the war at the expense of home front workers and restored this year by cadets of the Kazan Tank School. The convoy also included a IS-3 tank, a famous Katyusha, a ZIS car with a gun model, a ZIS-5 truck, a BA-20 armored car and a GAZ-67 with a gun model.

Military equipment was run by cadets of the Kazan Tank School and members of the republican public organization Autoretroclub-21.

Along the way, the convoy stopped at the houses where veterans of the Great Patriotic War live. So, at one of the yards on Pavlyukhin street, participants of the run congratulated 93-year-old Illarion Fyodorovich Lyapustin. After graduating from school in 1943, he was drafted into the Soviet Army, where he served as an artilleryman in the defeat of German troops in Romania.

“Illarion Fyodorovich, we bow our heads in respect to your resistance and courage, for your immortal exploit and the will to live”, - cadets addressed the veteran. Then the combined choir of the school held a small concert with the wartime songs in front of his home.

Fri, 08 May 2020 11:35:47 +0300
<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “A decision was taken to name a new street in honor of General Makhmut Gareyev”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-prinyato-reshenie-nazvat-novuyu-ulitsu-v-chest-generala-makhmuta-gareeva/

A street named after Makhmut Gareyev, the Soviet and Russian military commander, Army General, a WWII participant, will appear in Kazan.

“General Makhmut Gareyev – a patriot, intellectual, soldier of his Homeland -belongs to the generation that snatched victory from fascism with its own hands. Makhmut Akhmetovich is a man of legend. He survived few wars, but all his efforts were aimed at preserving peace. Therefore, it was decided to name a new street in his honor. It’s the least we can do in memory of the legendary General”, - said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan.

Makhmut Gareyev participated in six wars and armed conflicts. Over the course of quarter century, until his death, he held the position of head of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation. He was actively engaged in military scientific work. He is the author of more than 100 scientific theses, more than 300 articles and publications in collections of research papers, magazines and newspapers.

The General was an active participant in events organized under the auspices of the Tatarstan plenipotentiary in Moscow, including meetings of the Officers ' Club. Makhmut Gareyev has repeatedly visited Kazan, participated in the sessions of the World Congress of Tatars, and spoke at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. He was the oldest General in the history of the USSR.


Thu, 07 May 2020 15:04:26 +0300
<![CDATA[105 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in Tatarstan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-tatarstane-zaregistrirovano-105-novykh-sluchaev-zabolevaniya-koronavirusom/

105 new coronavirus infected people were detected in Tatarstan. 31 of them were hospitalized, and 74 people with asymptomatic or mild health condition are treated at home.

According to the republican operational headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus infection, 8 people arrived from another regions, 97 people fell ill after contact with infected people.

There are 41 infected people in Kazan.

As of May 7, 1415 cases of COVID-19 were registered in Tatarstan, 252 people recovered, including 68 people yesterday. 35 of them are citizens of Kazan.

375 people with a confirmed diagnosis are in hospitals, 6 of them are on the ventilators. Over the entire period, four people died in Tatarstan.

11 231 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed yesterday in Russia. Thus, in total, 177160 people got sick in the country, 23 thousand 803 people recovered, 1625 people died.

Thu, 07 May 2020 11:49:32 +0300
<![CDATA[9635 Kazan needy families received food packages, weighing 12 kilograms, as part of the “Help is near” campaign]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/9635-kazanskikh-nuzhdayushchikhsya-semey-poluchili-produktovye-nabory-vesom-12-kilogramm-v-ramkakh-a/

The Kazan districts administrations and some structural subdivisions of the Executive Committee, despite the holidays and weekends, switched to a high working mode. The load has increased due to the organization of food supply to needy Kazan citizens being in self-isolation regime. Food packages are delivered directly to the apartments of Kazan citizens. This was reported today at a meeting of the headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus infection, which was held by Denis Kalinkin, head of the Executive Committee of Kazan.

Thus, food packages, weighing 12 kilograms each, were distributed to 9635 families as part of the “Help is near” republican campaign. In particular, 515 food packages were delivered to children whose parents are self-employed or sole proprietors engaged in the most affected sectors by the crisis. In total, 14438 needy people will receive assistance, the distribution of the remaining packages will be completed in the next few days – reported Rustem Gafarov, first deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan.

A decision to allocate food packages to needy citizens was made by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov. The first food packages formed by the Bakhetle company include buckwheat, pasta, condensed milk, apple nectar, tea, vegetable oil, canned meat, waffles, sugar, wheat flour, candy and green peas. The cost of one package is approximately 1200 rubles. Families will receive these packages every two weeks during two months.

In addition, in the coming days, the Magnit stores will launch a charity campaign and will distribute food packages to 2,000 needy families with four children. Lists of needy people are developed by social protection departments.

Meanwhile, awarding of jubilee medals to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, food packages, greeting cards from the city and republic leaders, as well as CDs with war time songs to Kazan veterans is being completed these days. 8655 war veterans and home front workers will receive medals along with gifts.

Rustem Gafarov noted a decrease in the number of applications from elderly Kazan citizens to the city volunteers’ headquarters during the May holidays. Yesterday, 56 people asked for assistance with the delivery of food and medicine.

In total, 7088 visits to the elderly and needy Kazan citizens were made by volunteers who also took part in the distribution of food packages from Bakhetle and KazanExpress.

Wed, 06 May 2020 13:25:22 +0300
<![CDATA[Rustam Minnikhanov and Ilsur Metshin joined the Garden of Remembrance campaign]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/rustam-minnikhanov-i-ilsur-metshin-prisoedinilis-k-aktsii-sad-pamyati/

Today, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin joined the international Garden of Remembrance campaign dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The territory of Victory park was decorated with 75 willows.

Viktor Demidov, chief Federal inspector for the Republic of Tatarstan, Ravil Kuzyurov, Minister of forestry of Tatarstan, and activists of the Victory Volunteers movement also took part in tree planting.

As part of the campaign, it is planned to plant 27 million trees in Russia until June 22 in memory of citizens who gave their lives during the Great Patriotic War. More than 350 thousand trees will be planted on the territory of the republic – in memory of 350 thousand Tatarstan citizens who did not return from the front, to their relatives and friends.

During the coronavirus pandemic, tree planting is carried out mainly by the Ministry of forestry of Tatarstan and its departments. Part of the work was undertaken by an active public movement Victory Volunteers and republican patriotic organizations. To date, the project has covered 23 forest districts, a number of cities and settlements in the republic. The planting of 75 willows in Victory park was carried out gradually, in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological standards.

“This is a very good campaign. This is a tribute to those who fought for victory, for our Motherland, for all of us. Many of them did not return. It is very important to keep the memories of their heroic feat”, - Tatarstan President’s Press office quotes Rustam Minnikhanov.

In addition, today Rustam Minnikhanov got acquainted with the park improvement concept. Tatarstan President visited the new monument to the Soviet soldier, which will be opened on May 9.

Sat, 02 May 2020 13:54:17 +0300
<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin visited the construction site of the new football arena on Mavlyutov street]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-pobyval-na-stroyploshchadke-novogo-futbolnogo-manezha-po-ul-mavlyutova/

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, got acquainted with the construction of a new football arena on Mavlyutov street. This is one of two sports facilities to build in the capital of Tatarstan on the initiative of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Tatarstan. As of today, 38% of the planned works have been completed here. The builders are planning to start roofing works next week.

The construction of the new arena is being carried out on the territory bounded by Tankovaya, Mavlyutov and Bratiyev Kasimovykh streets. Dinar Badrutdinov, Director General of the contractor organization SK Altyn group, said that the area of the one-story training football arena is 6 thousand sq.m. The size of a football pitch with artificial turf is 90x45 m. If necessary, it can be divided into two parts, which will allow two teams to train at the same time. In addition to the football pitch, the arena has 8 dressing rooms for 20 people, medical premises, storage rooms for equipment, a lobby and a cafe for guests and staff. Up to 160 athletes can train here at the same time.

Construction began in December, 2019. According to D.Badrutdinov, presently, the work has been completed by 38%. It is planned to open new arena for young athletes and football fans by August 30.

During the visit, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin instructed contractors to provide the site with warm-up areas, work-out zones with a rubber coating, as well as a platform for training football exercises. He noted it will allow to increase the capacity of the sports venue from 160 to 250 people.

“Over the past 10 years, Kazan has held a large number of international sport events that presented the new Russia, the new Tatarstan, and the new Kazan to the whole world, - said I.Metshin. – At the same time, they have changed our city remarkably. It is very important that after each event there is a sports infrastructure legacy for a large number of sports fans”.

The Mayor of Kazan noted that this also promotes regular physical activity to citizens. So, if 10 years ago, on the eve of the Universiade, only 19% of the Kazan citizens were engaged in physical culture and sports on a daily basis, today this figure reaches almost 50%. “We are happy about this, we are for a healthy lifestyle, we want our children to follow the lead of professional athletes. During the World Cup at the Kazan Arena, we had an opportunity to see the national teams of Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Germany. Outstanding players played here. All this promoted a great love for sports and particular for football. Today, 2700 children and young men play football on a regular basis in Kazan. Not all of them will become professionals, but they will keep love for sports and a healthy lifestyle forever”, - the Mayor said.

“It is important that this venue is located in a densely populated residential area, near Gorki-1, Gorki-2, Azino-1, Azino-2, a lot of secondary schools, a metro station. We are confident that in August we will be able to complete the construction of this sport facility and present it to our children and football fans”, - I.Metshin concluded.

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<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “Self-isolation is a tough time for all creative people, but it should not affect inspiration”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-dlya-tvorcheskikh-lyudey-samoizolyatsiya-neprostoe-vremya-no-na-vdokhnovenie-eto-ne-dolzhn/

The Tatar State Theater of Young Spectators named after Gabdulla Kariyev is preparing to present an online show “Colorado passions” to the audience, the premiere was scheduled for May, 2020. The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with the work of the theater during the self-isolation period.

Guzel Sagitova, director of the theater, gave the Mayor of Kazan a tour of the Kariyev theater. According to her, performances on the stage of the theater were stopped from March 19 due to the spread of coronavirus infection. However, the theater did not stop its work and switched to the online platform.

The Tatar Theatre of Young Spectators adapted quickly to the new conditions – theater fans can now watch their favorite performances online. Video shows of the ongoing repertoire are available for public access. Among them are Extraordinary shoes, Smart Guy and one of the last premieres, winner of the Tantana award in the category Best performance for children – Tales of Khikmet. The Mayor of Kazan asked about the cost of viewing these performances. “Recordings of performances are available by a subscription, and their cost is proportional to the cost of a ticket to the theater,”- G. Sagitova replied. According to her, in the near future there will be an online broadcast of play “Colorado passions” by Fanavil Galiyev, the premiere of which was scheduled for May, 2020. Besides, archived videos of performances can be viewed for free.

Ilsur Metshin took a look at the hall where the main stage is located. “Usually, there are activities in every corner of the theater, such as rehearsals, dance and vocal classes, readings”, - said G.Sagitova. During the self-isolation period, there are online meetings of the Kaleb creative team, consisting of young theater fans, poets, musicians, artists and directors of Tatarstan. On October 1, the creative team plans to stage a big concert “Our song”, so rehearsals and discussions of the program are held regularly.

Ilsur Metshin joined the discussion of the concert and asked the artists how they manage to work in self-isolation. Elmir Nizamov, composer, said that he is currently working on the musical “Altyn Kazan”. “There is a lot of free time that can be used for creativity, but I still want to meet my colleagues as soon as possible and go on stage”, - said E.Nizamov.

“Self-isolation is a tough time for creative people, but it should not affect inspiration”, - said I.Metshin.

The theater actors also showed the head of the city an excerpt from their own film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the TASSR. It tells the story of the formation of the republic. The Mayor of the city highly appreciated the work, and also expressed hope that premieres will soon be staged at the theater. “Nothing can replace live communication with the audience, the energy and aura of any theater is when the audience and artists are face to face. I want the artists to come on stage as soon as possible, and find an appreciative audience there”, - said I.Metshin.


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<![CDATA[The Mayor of Kazan instructed to postpone the hot water outage until the end of the self-isolation regime]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/mer-kazani-poruchil-otlozhit-otklyucheniya-goryachey-vody-do-zaversheniya-rezhima-samoizolyatsii/

The heating season in Kazan, which started on September 24, ran fail safe due to quality preparatory work. In residential buildings, heating will be turned off depending on weather conditions, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin said today at a meeting of the heating command center, which was held at the Executive Committee of the city.

“There were no complaints from Kazan citizens during the heating season”

Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin headed the command center at the Executive Committee of the city for preparation to the next heating season.

In total, 5770 apartment buildings and 805 municipal facilities will be prepared, Iskander Giniyatullin, deputy head of the Executive Committee, reported. The works will cover 1900 km of heating networks, 3 district boiler stations, 135 boiler stations of JSC Kazenergo and 50 departmental boiler stations.

According to the capital repairs program and modernization of equipment, this year it is planned to replace and reconstruct more than 45 km of heating and hot water networks. In addition, according to I.Giniyatullin, 3 boiler stations of JSC Kazenergo will be renovated.

This year, it is also planned to repair heating systems in 91 houses, hot water networks in 28 apartment buildings, and install 52 weather control units, repair and insulate the fronts of 91 houses, repair entrances and stairwells in 49 houses.

Speaking about the end of the heating season, I.Giniyatullin noted that it was fail safe and stable. “The fact that the heating season ran fail safe and without any accidents indicates a quality work that was carried out during the preparation period. There were no serious complaints from Kazan citizens – this means a lot for us. This means that a lot of preparatory work has been done. We managed to solve all the issues in advance. It is necessary to carry out the upcoming work at least at the same level”, - I.Metshin said.

“The heating system cannot be turned off overnight, the switching to the new mode will be gradual”

Previously, it was decided to end the heating season from April 27. However, due to adverse weather conditions and appeals from citizens, it was revised, I.Metshin noted.

The end of the heating season in a large housing stock takes time, the head of the city emphasized. Today, heating is being turned off at social facilities that are empty due to self – isolation regime – such as schools and kindergartens. “We have 5700 apartment buildings, it is obvious that the heating system cannot be switched off overnight – it is not a button or a switch, - said I.Metshin. – We will carry out this work gradually in a dialogue with citizens, guided by their appeals”.

The pressuring should be postponed until the completion of the self-isolation regime”

Due to the imposed self-isolation regime, it is necessary to review the schedules of preparatory work, which were approved at the beginning of the year, the Mayor noted.

“Preparation for the heating season begins with pressure testing and entails the hot water outage. We understand that the utility enterprises are short of time, and we are used to carrying out this work since the end of April, - he said – But I urge all services to postpone the outage. Hot water supply should not be turned off anywhere until all restrictions are lifted”.

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