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Today, representatives of the Executive Committee of Kazan met with a delegation from the Chinese city of Hangzhou at the Kazan City Hall. The parties discussed the issues of cooperation in IT and tourism.

Evgenia Lodvigova, vice-mayor of Kazan, addressed the guests from China with a welcoming speech. She recalled that agreement on twin towns relations between Kazan and Hangzhou was signed in 2003. Similar agreements have also been signed with the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an.

In turn, vice-mayor of Hangzhou municipal government Khe Jixin noted that Kazan can be proud not only of a rich history, but also of its economy. “The economy of your city is developing progressively, we will be happy to work with you in this field,” Khe Jixin said, adding that Hangzhou, as well as Kazan, is developing information technology.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to develop a program of events for the next year aimed at strengthening of friendly ties.

The meeting was attended by Director of the Committee for tourism development Daria Sannikova, acting Chairman of the Committee for economic development Guzel Mingazova, head of the ITC Department Rifat Khannanov.

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<![CDATA[In 2020, 351 Kazan yards will be equipped with new trash enclosures for separate waste collection]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-2020-godu-po-programme-nash-dvor-v-kazani-oboruduyut-219-konteynernykh-ploshchadok-dlya-razdelnogo/

In 2020, 351 Kazan yards will be equipped with new trash enclosures for separate waste collection – 219 by the Republican program “Our yard”, 132 - by the property management companies of the city. This was announced today at a meeting of the city command center on the implementation of separate waste collection at the Executive Committee, which was chaired by the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin.

1243 sites were designated for separate trash enclosures in Kazan

In Kazan, there are 1640 trash enclosure sites, including 342 municipal, and 438 hopper sites. 7953 enclosures are used for waste storage, among them1526 are municipal. Iskander Giniyatullin, deputy head of the Executive Committee, said that 1243 sites have been designated for separate trash enclosures in the city – this is 76% of the total number, for large property management companies it reaches 98%. The regional operator purchased and installed 500 Euro-bins for the municipality.

“As a result of the implementation of separate waste storage, the amount of waste sent to processing at the sorting facilities increased from 7 to 15%," I. Giniyatullin said.

In 2010, 300 kg of waste per person, by 2018-500 kg

The environment project on separate waste collection and eco-education of young Kazan citizens continues in the schools, where more than 200 thousand children are studying. Though, with the parents, grandparents, the coverage is more than half of the population of the city, said Rustem Gafarov - the first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

All schools are provided with sets for dual collection, outdoor Euro-bins, R. Gafarov noted. “The disposition is carried out at the request of the educational facility. The separate waste disposition is fulfilled partially, weekly disposition is carried out at 68 institutions, - the first deputy head of Executive Committee noted.

The next stage will become the implementation of separate waste collection at preschool facilities.

“We will not be able to find a solution to this global issue without systemic measures”

Summing up, the mayor of Kazan noted the need for timely waste disposition from the trash enclosure sites of the residential complexes and settlements. He stressed that there should be no situations when separated waste is taken out by a single garbage truck, especially from the educational facilities. In addition, there should be an appropriate maintenance of trash enclosures.

“Kazan should be a model throughout Russia. The main prize is the city in which we live and the next generations will continue to live,” I. Metshin stressed. According to him, the issues of separate waste collection should be a priority. “We will not be able to find a solution to this global issue without systemic measures,” the mayor added.

Denis Kalinkin, head of the Executive Committee, Dmitry Anisimov, chair of the Housing and communal services Committee, Almir Kurbanov, deputy General Director of OOO “UK PJKH” and heads of property management companies of the city took part in the work of the command center.

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<![CDATA[A survey on the installation of observation wheel at the park named after Uritsky started on the portal KZN.RU ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/na-portale-kzn-ru-startoval-opros-po-ustanovke-kolesa-obozreniya-v-parke-im-uritskogo/

A survey started on the portal KZN.RU on the installation of the observation wheel at the park named after Uritsky in Kazan. A private investor OOO “Panorama” issued a proposal to install a 36 meter-height wheel. The project is under consideration now. Representatives of the investing company and the Directorate of parks squares discussed the concept with citizens of Kazan at the public meeting on November 14.

It is planned that the observation wheel will have 14 covered heated cabins for 4-6 people, the time of full rotation will be apprpox.7-12 minutes. The investor notes that it will match the park’s culture and will bring diversity to entertainment options. It is proposed to locate the observation wheel at the territory close to the end of the lake channel.

The voting will run until November 25, the results will be released on social networking sites of the Directorate of parks and squares.

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<![CDATA[On December 2, Kazan will host a gala concert of the festival “the Good Wave”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/2-dekabrya-v-kazani-proydet-gala-kontsert-festivalya-dobraya-volna/

More than a thousand children from all over Russia took part in the qualifying stages of the all-Russian cultural and charity festival of children creativity “the Good Wave” this year. On December 2, the winners of the contest will perform together with Russian pop stars at a gala concert in Kazan, said today Rustem Gafarov, first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

Qualifying stages of the festival were held in 11 cities of Russia this year: Kazan, Yaroslavl, Sevastopol, Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Kursk, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad and Moscow.

At the gala concert, which will be held on December 2 at the International information center (Universiade Village, 35), Russian pop stars will perform together with the guys, whose names are still kept secret.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “It's time to involve republican organizations into a dialogue on charity”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-prishlo-vremya-privlech-respublikanskie-organizatsii-k-dialogu-o-blagotvoritelnosti/

The forum “Good Kazan”, which will be held in the capital of Tatarstan on December 2 - 3, 2019, for the first time entered the international level. Rustem Gafarov , first deputy head of the Executive Committee, said at the Business Monday, that forum will be attended by the head of the Association service of the Paris mayor's office Marie Laurent Graveaux, President of the International charity fund “Together for life” Clara Arnal (Spain), Director General of the Russian House in Barcelona Anna Silunas and other experts. Presently, more than 40 cities are registered to participate in the forum, said Marat Ismagilov, director of ANO “Good Kazan”.

“The forum is an annual pinnacle event that marks our great work on the city project “Good Kazan”, – said Ilsur Metshin. – At the forum, we sum up the results, talk about new trends and issues in promotion of charity. In the course of discussions with experts, we have found the ways to solve certain issues. We see the effectiveness of this format of communication, the benefits that appeared due to our joint dialogue with representatives of business and charitable organizations.”

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<![CDATA[Russia chairs the UN Advisory Committee of Local Authorities for the first time]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/rossiya-vpervye-vozglavila-vsemirnuyu-assotsiatsiyu-merov-gorodov-pri-oon/

Ilsur Metshin, mayor of Kazan, was elected as Chairperson of the United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA). This decision was made at the VI UCLG World Congress, which was held on November 11-15 in Durban, South Africa.

For the first time such a high position is held by a representative of the Russian Federation. Among the candidates were the mayor of Lisbon Fernando Medina, mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau and Mohamed Boudra, Chairman of the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Municipal Councils.

“In a global world, cities face similar challenges, no matter where they are located. We need to improve cooperation between municipalities, increase their role in solving global challenges, share best practices in order to make life more comfortable for our citizens,” Ilsur Metshin said.

A Chairperson of the UN Advisory Committee of local authorities is elected for 3 years. The Committee consists of 20 representatives of the UN-Habitat (the UN Human Settlements Programme) and UCLG.

The UN Advisory Committee of local authorities represents the interests of 323 thousand municipalities, metropolises and regions around the world.

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<![CDATA[Projects of innovative social and economic development of Kazan were presented in Durban]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-durbane-prezentovali-proekty-innovatsionnogo-sotsialno-ekonomicheskogo-razvitiya-kazani/

Projects of innovative social and economic development of Kazan were presented during the VI UCLG World Congress, which was held in Durban (South Africa) on November 11-15. At the round-table, participants of the contest for the 2018 Guangzhou International Award for urban innovation shared their experience of urban initiatives contribution to the implementation of sustainable development goals.

Ruslan Galiakhmetov, head of the investment and innovation department of the economic development committee, spoke at the round-table on the innovative social and economic development of Kazan. He noted that Kazan had faced a number of challenges- protection of the cultural monuments and the environment, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Such projects as “Healthy Kazan”, “Ecological development”, “Intercultural understanding” helped to solve these challenges. The World summer Universiade 2013 helped to promote a social and economic development of Kazan, as well as the improvement of public spaces and other projects that unite a large number of Kazan citizens and involve them in the life of the city.

The mayor of Utrecht (Netherlands) Jan van Zanen, the vice-mayor of Santa Ana, Laura Carmiol and others also shared their experience.

For information, in December 2018, Kazan came through to the final of the IV Guangzhou International Award for urban innovation for the first time.

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<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “There is no mayor of the city who could do everything. We must learn from each other”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-net-ni-odnogo-mera-goroda-kotoryy-by-umel-vse-my-dolzhny-uchitsya-drug-u-druga/

The platform of the World organization United cities and local governments (UCLG) should be used actively for inter-municipal cooperation. “There is no mayor of the city who, regardless of how much he holds position, could do everything. We must learn from each other”, - Ilsur Metshin, President of UCLG-Eurasia, the mayor of Kazan, said at the plenary session on localizing sustainable development at the VI UCLG World Congress in Durban, South Africa.

The participants exchanged opinions on the localizing sustainable development.

Mayor of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, president of Barcelona Provincial Council Nuria Marin Martinez focused on the achievement of the global sustainable development goals by means of the collaborative effect. In her opinion, cities should cooperate with each other and solve issues at the local level, less involving the national government.

Berry Vrbanovic – mayor of Kitchener (Canada), Treasurer of UCLG, on the opposite, is confident in the effectiveness of the dialogue with the national governance center.

The President of UCLG -Eurasia, mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin supported this opinion. “We pay special attention to the implementation of sustainable development goals, and I agree with Mr. Berry Vrbanovic that this work should unite the government, regional authorities and citizens. We enter into dialogue by means of the press services, the media, meetings with the population. Working with citizens, we focus on dialogue with children and youth. Only children can affect our habits. We, the older generation, regardless of the profession, can hardly get rid of them”, - he noted.

In addition, I.Metshin noted that it is necessary to share experience using the UCLG platform. “We must learn from each other. There is no mayor who, no matter how long he holds position, could do everything. Someone succeeded in improving the transport system, someone-in solving the issues of dilapidated housing, others - in the development of small business. And this platform provides for the exchange valuable and effective practices”, - the speaker assured.

For information, the UCLG-Eurasia is involved in the preparation of a voluntary national report of the sustainable development goals for the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in 2020. The President of UCLG-Eurasia I.Metshin takes part in the Government Commission on the preparation of the report, as well as in the work of related groups.


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<![CDATA[Mayor of Surabaya, Indonesia: “Differences do not prevent us from searching the ways to solve current problems”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/mer-indoneziyskoy-surabai-otlichiya-ne-meshayut-nam-cherpat-idei-dlya-resheniya-aktualnykh-problem/

Kazan delegation headed by the mayor of the city Ilsur Metshin takes part in the VI UCLG World Congress, which is held these days in Durban, South Africa. The summit is held every three years, it brings together more than three thousand representatives of small and large cities, metropolises and regions, civil society, the business and science organizations from around the world.

The platform helps to establish interaction with colleagues from different parts of the world. As told to the special correspondent of the portal KZN.RU the President of the UCLG -ASPAC, the mayor of the Indonesian city of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini, the Congress, as well as the membership in the organization itself are valuable opportunities to exchange experiences with representatives of other cities. “Despite the fact that the Asia-Pacific region has both territorial and cultural differences from Eurasia, this does not prevent us from searching the ways to solve urgent problems – waste recycling, education, economic crises. The exchange of experience with other cities is valuable for us”, - she explained.

It’s interesting to note that, participation in the events of the world organization is an opportunity to enter the world stage and come into the spotlight. “Turkestan (a city in Kazakhstan- ed. note) has deep roots and history, but we could not show it at the proper level. The UCLG -Eurasia is helping us to come into spotlight and to hold various events. Moreover, we are sure that the venues of cultural and historical heritage, which are located on the territory of Turkestan – are the property of all the people. Here we learn about the global risks and methods of achieving the sustainable development goals of the city. Now we also have the opportunity to share our own experience in solving a number of issues”, - said the Governor of Kazakhstan's Turkestan Rashid Ayupov.

For information, the mayor of Kazan I.Metshin holds the presidency of the UCLG -Eurasia.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin participated in the UCLG Executive Bureau meeting in Durban]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-prinyal-uchastie-v-zasedanii-ispolnitelnogo-byuro-ogmv-v-durbane/

President of the UCLG - Eurasia, mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin took part in the meeting of the UCLG Executive Bureau with participation of the presidents and representatives of all seven branches of the UCLG. The Executive Bureau members met for the last time prior the 2019-2022 elections of the governing bodies of the world organization, which will be held next Friday in Durban at the meeting of the UCLG World Council.

The meeting, where the statutory issues of the world organization were discussed, was held by the President of UCLG, ex-mayor of Johannesburg (South Africa), member of the Johannesburg city Council - Mpho Parks Tau.

The participants of the meeting exchanged opinions on the work done over the past three years and proposals for the implementation of key tasks of the world organization in the future. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the UCLG Eurasian office from Yakutsk, Astrakhan, Kyzyl, Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), Rostov-on-Don, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Moscow.

United cities and local governments is a voluntary international organization for the unions and individual municipalities, founded in 2004 in order to effectively implement the rights of citizens to local self-government. UCLG is the most powerful and influential organization in the field of strengthening the interaction of local governments, their representation on the world stage, including the UN, and the implementation of democratic principles.

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<![CDATA[I. Metshin: “Cities with a high standard of living, comfortable housing, convenient infrastructure and good ecology are what we committed to”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-goroda-s-vysokim-urovnem-zhizni-komfortnym-zhilem-udobnoy-infrastrukturoy-i-khoroshey-ekol/

UCLG can play an important role in attracting financial resources to the cities. For example, from the largest world unions, including BRICS, SCO, EurAsEC and many others. This was stated today by the President of UCLG - Eurasia, mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin at the Assembly on Resilience, Urbanization and Heritage, which was held in the framework of the VI UCLG Congress in Durban, South Africa. More than 70 participants represent the Eurasian branch of UCLG at the Congress. Among them are representatives of the Russian cities-Moscow, Kazan, Kaliningrad and others, as well as cities of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Moldova, Abkhazia.

For 63 years – from 1926 to 1989 – the population of the capitals grew 10 times

As Ilsur Metshin noted in his report, today more than half of humanity lives in cities. “It is expected that by 2050 two thirds of the world's population will live in the cities. In total, the Eurasian region consists of 2182 cities, half of them are in Russia. The urban population of Eurasia is approximately 192 million 650 thousand people. According to the 2018 urban population index of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, high level of urbanization is observed in Russia and Belarus. An average level of urbanization is in Armenia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. And only one country – Tajikistan shows a low level of urbanization,” I. Metshin said.

Highlighting the change in the population of the capitals of the Eurasian region over the last century, he noted the growth that occurred in the period from 1926 to 1989. Thus, in Dushanbe during these 63 years, the population has grown 105 times, and in other capitals – on average of 10 times. Later, the pace of urbanization decreased, and the population of the capitals grew by an average of one and a half times. At the same time, the lowest rate of population growth is in Baku and Tbilisi, and the highest – in Ulaanbaatar and Ashgabat. The same situation has been observed in Kazan – from 1926 to 1989 the population grew 6 times, and over the past 30 years-only 14%.

However, as the speaker stressed, despite the individual peculiarities of the countries, it is possible to identify common problems of urbanization. Thus, the main reason for it in Eurasia is the job shortage and low wages in rural areas. This leads to the problem of poor quality of services in rural areas, and even to the point that residents have to cover a long distance for the medical care.

The development of small towns will improve the quality of life and create jobs

“Another problem of urbanization is uneven population growth in different cities. If in the whole country the urban population is growing, then, as a rule, this indicates the growth of the population in large cities. For example, in Kazakhstan the population moves from Karaganda to the capital city– Nur-Sultan. In this situation, he considers to develop small towns, improve their quality of life and create jobs. Ilsur Metshin used as an example Budyonnovsk, a city of the Stavropol territory of Russia. To solve the problem of population flow to the cities, a large gas chemical complex for processing gas from the fields of the Northern Caspian Sea was established. “There is a solution to the problem, and it is individual for each city – one city needs to develop tourism, the other can become an important transport hub or industrial center,” the speaker said.

Ilsur Metshin stressed that all these problems can be solved with a serious attitude to the sustainable development goal № 11 – “Sustainable cities and settlements”. “Cities with a high standard of living, comfortable housing, convenient infrastructure and good ecology are what we committed to. The cities of Eurasia are implementing many projects on the way to sustainable development,” he said.

“We preserve and create a legacy for the future generations”

To improve the environmental situation, we make a landscaping of cities, develop parks, cities buy a new eco-system transport with a low level of emission, a separate waste collection is implemented. Special economic zones are being created to promote small business and the development of small towns. This makes possible to redistribute urbanization towards small towns and increase their economic importance.

“We preserve and create a legacy for the future generations. We save our cities from the threat of climate canary. We bring peace and security to people. We are cities and we work for the well-being of people!”- said the mayor of Kazan.

“UCLG can play an important role in attracting financial resources to the cities”

Urbanization causes many problems, all of them are different in Eurasia and the Asia-Pacific region, Ilsur Metshin noted. However, in both regions, new challenges require new investments. “UCLG can play an important role in attracting financial resources to the cities. For example, from the largest world unions, which include BRICS, SCO, EurAsEC and many others,” I. Metshin said.

The Eurasian and Asia-Pacific regions have good-neighborly relations with a centuries-old history, cooperation is growing today, including municipal cooperation, noted the President of the Eurasian branch. He recalled that a cooperation agreement was signed between the offices, joint activities are carried out in its framework. “Our regions are part of a single Great Eurasia and support each other in the international arena. And our friendship and solidarity should continue for many years and bring prosperity to people,” the speaker concluded.

The VI UCLG Congress takes place in Durban, South Africa, on November 11-15.

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<![CDATA[Evgenia Lodvigova took part in the discussion of gender equality in the political sphere]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/evgeniya-lodvigova-prinyala-uchastie-v-obsuzhdenii-voprosov-gendernogo-ravenstva-v-politicheskoy-sfe/

Vice-mayor of Kazan Evgenia Lodvigova took part in the discussion of the involvement of women in the urban governance in Eurasia. In the framework of the VI World Congress of the United Cities and Local Governments, which is taking place these days in Durban, South Africa, a special session on the Future of gender equality was held, where an analytical review of the relevant sustainable development goal was presented (Gender equality-ed.), prepared by the Eurasian department of UCLG.

Evgenia Lodvigova spoke about the participation and involvement of women in the political sphere of Kazan and Tatarstan.

In March 2020, at the 64th session of the Commission on the status of women (CSW64), which will be held in New York, the United Nations will mark the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. The special session held the day before recalls the important role of cities, local and regional governments in the effective inclusion of gender equality at all levels.

The discussion was attended by the mayor of Rosario (Argentina) Monica Fein, mayor of Foumbolo (Cote d’Ivoire) Makura Сoulibaly Dao, mayor of Banjul (Gambia) Rohey Malick Lowe, mayor of Subang Jaya (Malaysia) Noraini Roslan and others.

The VI UCLG World Congress is being held in Durban, South Africa, from November 11 to 15 to mark the 15th anniversary of the organization. The world Congress of local and regional governments is held every three years, it brings together more than three thousand representatives of small and large cities, metropolises and regions, civil society, the business and scientific organizations from around the world.

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<![CDATA[The kyokushin karate tournament will be held at the boxing and table tennis center in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazanskom-tsentre-boksa-i-nastolnogo-tennisa-proydet-turnir-po-kiokusinkay/

On November 17, the Kazan boxing and table tennis center will host the all-Russian Kyokushin tournament Kazan Open, as well as the Kazan championships. The athletes from Russia and Kazakhstan will participate in the championships.

Participants will compete in several age categories-there will be fights of boys and girls under 13 years, boys and girls under 15 years, juniors and juniors under 17 years, men and women from 18 years and older in various weight categories.

All winners of the competition will receive diplomas and medals, and the winners will be awarded with the cups.

The beginning of competitions is scheduled at 10.00, the opening ceremony will take place on November 17 at 13.00.

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<![CDATA[The parade of Fathers Frost will be held on Bauman street in Kazan ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/na-ulitse-baumana-v-kazani-proydet-shestvie-dedov-morozov/

On November 23 and 24, the 10th anniversary of the residence of Kysh Babai and Kar Kyzy will be celebrated in Kazan and in the village Novy Kyrlay (Arsky district of Tatarstan). The festival will open with a parade of winter wizards on Bauman street.

The main guests of the parade on November 23 will be Russian Father Frost from Veliky Ustyug, the Snow Maiden, Father Frost from Baikal, Santa Claus from Finland, Tol Babai from Udmurtia, Mother Winter, Maiden Metelitsa and Kikimora Vyatskaya. The beginning is scheduled at 12.00.

The celebration will continue with the performance “Fairy-tale commotion” at the Volga Academy of physical culture, sports and tourism. The performance will start at 19.00.

On November 24, Kysh Babai, Kar Kyzy and all the other fairy-tale guests will gather at the residence in the village New Kyrlay at the opening of the Magic Forest. Everyone will be able to take part in the holiday; the entrance is free.

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<![CDATA[I.Metshin on the zoo opening: “We have faced a huge number of requirements, which we carried out step by step”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-ob-otkrytii-zooparka-my-stolknulis-s-ogromnym-kolichestvom-trebovaniy-kotorye-vypolnili-sh/

A new zoo “The Zambezi River. Africa” will open in Kazan at the end of December. Presently, the relocation of animals to new enclosures has already begun, where they adapt. Many inhabitants will appear in the zoo by the aid of sponsors. The mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin thanked them and noted that the opening of the zoo will be a wonderful gift for residents and guests of the city for the New year.

“We have built a lot of technically complicated facilities, but the zoo is quite a different construction site”

Construction of “The Zambezi River” began in 2015, Director of MBIC “Kazan zoo” Fanis Nurmukhametov reminded. “The work was difficult, because this experience was new for the management of the zoo, as well as for the designers and builders” - he said. “The deadline had to be postponed, because the main thing was not to open an exclusive recreation area, but to create conditions for animals as close as possible to their habitat”.

During the construction, the work plans were regularly coordinated with the animal supervisors, and zoo staff visited the assigned areas daily and made their own adjustments.

The exterior of the expositions of the new zoo, as well as all its facilities, is designed in the African style. There are recreation areas, children's playgrounds, a sports complex and a climbing wall. It’s possible to rest and dine in the restaurant with an outdoor observation area, said the Director of the zoo. Ramps and Braille type signs have been installed for people with disabilities.

Today, the landscaping of the new territory has been completed: 300 trees, 4 thousand 800 shrubs and 14 thousand perennial plants have been planted, which occupy half of the territory of the zoo.

“We have built many technically complicated facilities for the international events. Among them are the stadium “Kazan arena”, the Water sports Palace, exhibition center “Kazan Expo”. But the zoo is quite a different construction site, - commented the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. – We have faced a large number of requirements of the international animal protection organizations which we carried out step by step. Yes, we had to wait a long time, but given the scale of the project, this is understandable. The new zoo will be a real gift for residents and guests of the city".

22 out of 34 planned animal species have been delivered to the zoo: hamadryas, ostriches, lions and blue wildebeest

Some animal species that planned to be imported are not represented in any of the Russian zoos, F.Nurmukhametov noted.

Today, according to him, work is still underway to eliminate the remarks of international coordinators of the programs for the rare animal species preservation.

At the moment, 22 out of 34 planned animal species have been delivered to the zoo: hamadryas, ostriches, leopard tortoise, Brazza’s monkeys, meerkats, damans, dik-diks, lions, blue wildebeest and others. Another 8 species will be delivered at the end of the month - flamingos, griffon vultures, crowned cranes, ground hornbill, elephant bird, zebras, cheetahs and chimpanzees. The zoo will become fully inhabited in 2020-2021, the speaker reminded.

The relocation of the animals to the new enclosures, where they undergo adaptation, began on October 30. Meerkats, damans, crocodiles and griffon vultures have already moved into spacious comfortable enclosures, and on November 7 the largest animal of the zoo – hippo Zacharia was relocated.

The loyalty program “A friend of the zoo”, which was used to raise funds for the purchase of animals, helped to create a unique collection of animals. As F.Nurmukhametov told, 33 enterprises became sponsors of purchasing 232 animals. “This is the unique example of creation a collection with the help of sponsors in Russia", – F.Nurmukhametov noted.

There are sources of funding for all animals, except for the family of African elephants, the speaker noted. In total, the zoo plans to purchase four elephants.

“We thank everyone who participated in the creation of the zoo. First of all, the President Rustam Minnikhanov, colleagues from the government and all concerned representatives of the business community – I.Metshin said. Honestly, when Rustam Minnikhanov instructed me to take the lead in raising funds for animals, I have felt concerned. But here we are - 232 rare African animals are in the zoo, so a journey of thousands miles begins with a single step. Together with our President, we are able to perform such tasks".

It is important to observe all rules of animals’ transportation to minimize stress for them, the head of the city added. “We need to approach carefully the period of adaptation – he noted. - I am sure that after the opening of the zoo, residents of Kazan, regardless of the age, will take an opportunity to visit the zoo”.

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 12:49:40 +0300
<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “Working together with the citizens, we will completely improve the yards in Kazan in three years”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-esli-my-budem-rabotat-sovmestno-s-gorozhanami-to-za-tri-goda-polnostyu-blagoustroim-dvory11/ ]]> Fri, 08 Nov 2019 13:02:07 +0300 <![CDATA[The Kazan budget estimate for 2020-2022 was presented at the public hearings in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazani-na-publichnykh-slushaniyakh-predstavili-proekt-byudzheta-goroda-na-2020-2022-gody/

The budget estimate of Kazan for 2020 and the planning period 2021-2022 was presented yesterday at the public hearings in the House of educators. The event was attended by the citizens, deputies of the Kazan city Duma, heads of the public internal governance of the city. According to the estimate, the city budget for 2020 in terms of revenues and expenditures will consist 24 billion 964 million rubles. The city budget for 2021 is planned for 25 billion 59 million rubles, for 2022- 25 billion 309 million rubles.

Now the draft budget will be submitted for discussion in the standing committees of the Kazan city Duma. After the consideration of all proposals it will be completed and submitted for the session of Kazan city Duma in December.

Fri, 08 Nov 2019 11:51:59 +0300
<![CDATA[The Kazan project of reforming the school meal system became the winner of the prestigious international award]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/kazanskiy-proekt-reformirovaniya-sistemy-shkolnogo-pitaniya-stal-pobeditelem-prestizhnoy-mezhdunarod/

The Kazan project “Reforming the school meal system” won the prestigious international Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award 2019 in the category “Promoting local governance, planning and management”. The awards ceremony was held on November 2 in Tehran (Iran).

The event was held at the Milad tower convention center and brought together the leaders and representatives of the cities, the diplomatic corps and international organizations from around the world. The award is aimed at drawing attention to the issues of improving the life quality of urban citizens, expanding international relations and interaction, improving opportunities in the field of urban infrastructure, as well as the introduction and use of experience in the implementation of the most successful global urban practices.

The main issue of the award is “Smart and creative human oriented cities” this year. 519 projects from 28 countries participated in the competition. The international commission evaluated the projects in seven categories of urban management and development.

Among the finalists and winners of the award in 2019 were projects from Amsterdam (Netherlands), Mexico City (Mexico), Tehran (Iran) and other cities.

The award was established in 2013.

Thu, 07 Nov 2019 10:06:00 +0300
<![CDATA[The mayor of Kazan congratulated the law enforcement officers on their professional holiday]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/mer-kazani-pozdravil-sotrudnikov-organov-vnutrennikh-del-s-professionalnym-prazdnikom/

A celebration dedicated to the day of the law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation was held at the cultural center “Moskovsky” in Kazan. The mayor of the capital Ilsur Metshin congratulated Kazan police officers on their professional holiday. The head of the city presented awards to the distinguished officers and supported the proposal of holding of the professional skills contest “the best in the profession” among the police officers.

Alexander Mishchikhin - the head of the Kazan department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, police colonel, came forward with the initiative to revive the tradition of professional skills contest among the policemen. "We will be happy to support this initiative and hold a competition. We will award the winners according to the results of the year", - I.Metshin said.

The high professionalism of the police officers has been proved in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan during the different events, including major international events, the mayor said. “In recent years, our city has hosted such events as the Universiade, the FINA aquatics championships, the Confederations Cup, the World Cup 2018 and the WorldSkills championships. The safety of participants and guests is a crucial factor for us, - he told. – On behalf of all citizens, I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the Kazan police garrison, to all your colleagues from the Republican departments, to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan for the great work you have done”.

But not only the work during the major events, but also the daily work of police officers to ensure the law and order deserves appreciation, said I.Metshin. “Thanks to you, Kazan is one of the safest cities in Russia”, - he mentioned.

Apart, the head of the city thanked the police veterans. “Our deepest gratitude to you. We wish the younger generation of police officers to keep this level with dignity", - the mayor said.

Alexander Mishchikhin - the head of the Kazan department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, police colonel and Nurgayan Akbarov – police colonel in retirement congratulated the officers.

The event was accompanied by the performances of dance and vocal groups and performers. Distinguished officers were awarded with medals and letters of appreciation.


Thu, 07 Nov 2019 09:11:06 +0300
<![CDATA[Tourist potential of Kazan will be presented at the International exhibition in London]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/turisticheskiy-potentsial-kazani-prezentuyut-na-mezhdunarodnoy-vystavke-v-londone/

The Committee for tourism development of the capital city of Tatarstan signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of economy of Rostov-on-Don. The agreement was reached at the International tourist exhibition WTM 2019, which takes place on November 4 - 6 in London.

On the first day of the exhibition, the delegation of Kazan headed by Daria Sannikova -chair of the committee, presented the tourist potential of Kazan and awarded the prizes-certificates for visiting the city. The program of the event provides introducing of the exhibition guests with the Tatar national cuisine, culture and history of the city.

WTM London 2019 – is a world travel exhibition, which is held annually in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Tue, 05 Nov 2019 16:46:27 +0300
<![CDATA[Natalia Gataullina: “Census survey is a unique data source”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/natalya-gataullina-perepis-naseleniya-eto-unikalnyy-istochnik-dannykh/

On October 1, 2020 the National population census will start on the territory of the Russian Federation. Subsidies in the amount of 60 million rubles will be received from the Federal budget for its holding in the Republic of Tatarstan. This was announced today during the briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan by the head of Tatarstan statistics service Natalia Gataullina.

“In many aspects, the 2020 population census will be unique. The main focus will be on the use of new technologies: self-filling of electronic census forms by the residents of the Republic on a Public Services portal, the possibility to participate in the census at the multifunctional centers of state and municipal services (MFC), as well as the use of tablets instead of paper by the census takers. Thanks to innovations, the census process becomes more convenient”, - N.Gataullina noted.

Thus, from October 1 till October 25, 2020 any resident of the country who has an account in the Unified system of identification and authentication (USIA) will be able to individually respond the Internet census on the Public services portal. At the same time, the online census form can be filled for all family members. It will be possible to take part the Internet census at the multifunctional centers (MFC), using the guest computers with Internet access.

The census takers will begin the survey on October 4. They will conduct the census using tablet computers with the Russian operating platform. “Paper census survey forms can be used as a backup for the collecting information”, - the speaker added.

Besides, during the entire census period, from October 1 till October 31, stationary sites will operate, where it will also be possible to take part in the census.

Presently, the census information base is being formed – the list of addresses is being updated, the lists and boundaries of administrative-territorial units and municipalities are being specified, N.Gataullina told the journalists.

“The census survey is a unique data source of the population, household sector, marital status, education level, nationalities and others", - N.Gataullina said. On the basis of the collected data, program of the social and economic development of the country will be formed.

The previous National population census was conducted in 2010. According to its results, 1 million 143 thousand 535 people lived in Kazan at that time, of which 635 thousand 152 women and 508 thousand 383 men. In general, according to the census, 3 million 786 thousand 488 residents are registered in the Republic, among them 2 million 38 thousand 45 women and 1 million 748 thousand 443 men.

According to the Tatarstan statistics service, 2.7% of the population of the entire Russian Federation lives in the Republic. The population of Tatarstan by 2019 was 3 million 898.6 thousand people, of which 76.9% - urban population, 23.1% – rural.

Tue, 05 Nov 2019 11:54:19 +0300
<![CDATA[Kazan chak-chak museum won the grand prix of the competition “A tourist souvenir”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/kazanskiy-muzey-chak-chaka-zavoeval-gran-pri-konkursa-turisticheskiy-suvenir/

Kazan chak-chak museum won the grand prix of the all-Russian competition “A tourist souvenir”. The museum's branded souvenirs - national Tatar sweets, honey with tea, postcards, magnets and others - were recognized as the best in the nomination “Tourist souvenirs of the museum”.

Apart from that, other travel brands received their awards. Thus, the first place in the category "A souvenir of the year" was won by the magnet souvenir “A girl on the bicycle” of “Aidasouvenir” shop, and the souvenirs set of the company “Heart of Kazan” became the best in the category “set of tourist souvenir”. The second place in this category was won by the set “Tatarstan. Kazan...” of OOO “Natsionalny souvenir”.

The all-Russian competition “A tourist souvenir” is held annually since 2015 at all regions of the Russian Federation. 401 souvenirs from 45 regions of the country took part in the final of the contest “A tourist souvenir” this year, according to the Committee for tourism development of Kazan.

Sat, 02 Nov 2019 14:42:03 +0300
<![CDATA[The Ambassadors of good were presented in Kazan ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazani-predstavili-ambassadorov-dobra/

The Ambassadors of good were presented today in the capital of Tatarstan. The participants of the new project “Good Kazan” became the chairman of the youth Parliament at the state Council of Tatarstan, the director of Community of the mothers of Tatarstan Nina Shimina, the player of basketball club UNICS Valery Likhodey, entrepreneur Mikhail Kuznetsov, head of the project “Dobrovolets” Gulfiya Mutugullina.

The Ambassadors of good will help in promotion of charity, good causes and raise awareness of the residents of the Republic about the work of charity funds, centers and associations. Throughout the year, they will take part in the events of the project and promote the news making events.

The "Good Kazan" project brings together reliable charity foundations, community organizations and volunteer associations. Director of the organization Marat Ismagilov noted today at a meeting with ambassadors that this year the project consists of 58 non-profit organizations holding regular events – the donor initiatives, the project “Velodobro”, charity hockey games and trainings, traditional “Fairs of good”, “Good food truck”, the festival “Good wav”, etc.

Each of the ambassadors of good responded enthusiastically to the participation in the new project “Good Kazan” and even immediately offered options for the cooperation. “I am ready to participate in the projects of “Good Kazan” and thus motivate others. For me it is not a problem to find an opportunity together with activists at least once a month to feed people at the "Good food truck”, - shared Gulfiya Mutugullina.

It should be noted that the project “Good Kazan” is implemented with the support of the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and is one of the 12 priority areas of development of the city.

Fri, 01 Nov 2019 12:09:30 +0300
<![CDATA[Kazan entered the UNESCO Creative Cities Network ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/kazan-voshla-v-set-kreativnykh-gorodov-yunesko/

The capital of Tatarstan among 66 cities from around the world was designated in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). The network unites cities which recognize creativity as a major factor of the development -music, arts and crafts, folk art, design, cinematography, literature, media art or gastronomy.

Kazan entered the network in the field of music. Among the Russian cities in addition to the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, there is also Kargopol in the field of decorative, applied and folk art.

Kazan has applied for the 2019 UCCN membership in the creative field music in June. The UNESCO Creative Cities Network was launched in 2004. Currently, it consists of 246 cities.

The cultural life of the capital of Tatarstan is saturated with a huge number of musical events of the international level, including the Opera festival named after Fyodor Shalyapin, classical ballet festival named after Rudolf Nureyev, the festival of modern music “Europe-Asia”, the festival “White lilac” named after Sergei Rachmaninoff, the festival of modern music “Concordia” named after Sofia Gubaydullina, the open-air festival “Golden autumn”, "L'arte de larco", the festival of new Tatar culture Tat Cult Fest, as well as the festival “Delicious Kazan”, the literary festival “Aksyonov-fest”, book festivals CSC “Smena” and the international festival of Muslim cinema.

9 theaters, 34 state museums, private galleries, State concert hall and 2 philharmonic halls are open to the public in Kazan. The Kazan State Symphony orchestra and the Kazan State chamber orchestra “La Primavera” are famous far beyond Kazan. 17 municipal centers of culture and leisure, 392 clubs, as well as 50 children's art schools, Kazan State Conservatory and a music school provide the opportunity for a creative self-realization.

The creative cities work together towards a common objective: placing creativity and cultural industries at the heart of their development plans at the local level and cooperating actively at the international level, according to the UNESCO website. “All over the world, these cities, each in its way, make culture the pillar, not an accessory, of their strategy,” says UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. “This favours political and social innovation and is particularly important for the young generations”.

The member cities of the network represent all continents and regions with different income levels and population. They work together towards a common mission: to make cities safe, inclusive and sustainable according to the United Nations 2030 agenda for a sustainable development. The UNESCO creative cities make a tangible contribution to the achievement of the sustainable development goals through innovative thinking and action. A complete list of the 66 new cities that have joined the UCCN is available on the UNESCO website.

Fri, 01 Nov 2019 11:44:02 +0300
<![CDATA[Daria Tolovenkova: “Kazanka is a river about each of us”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/darya-tolovenkova-kazanka-eto-reka-pro-kazhdogo-iz-nas/

More than 150 proposals were received from Kazan citizens on “the Kazanka river development strategy”, all of them are posted on the project website. Citizens share and discuss ideas of the development of the enbankment with an area of more than 3 thousand hectares from the historical course and the Zilantov monastery to the Blue lakes. According to the project developers, there will be 12 new riverside parks.

The Kazanka river development strategy was presented on October 18 at the congress World Urban Parks. Deputy chief architect of Kazan Daria Tolovenkova said that the strategy developers’ team, on the basis of the opinions of citizens, will create common trends. Then, the architects will present a common vision of the key functional areas of the Kazanka river to the city authorities and citizens. “The main task is to combine proposals of the residents of the city and the recommendations of the experts, authorities of the city and the Republic. After it, the work on the creation of projects for each of the public spaces will begin. My colleagues and I assume that the platform for the exchange of views and proposals will work on a permanent basis, at least until the launch of new parks", - commented Daria Tolovenkova.

On the project's website at the section “Share your opinion”, citizens can propose and comment ideas of other users. On the map there is an option to read comments, choose the favorite idea and share the opinion. In addition, to point the opinion, different types of marks can be used: red – to talk about the issues of the riverside areas that can be solved by the project, blue-important issues that need to be preserved or restored, yellow-to share ideas and proposals.

“Kazanka is a river about each of us. It preserves the history of the city, many generations of its inhabitants. If we want the river to remain and stay ecologically clean, we must now determine our position and share proposals about its development", - noted the deputy chief architect of Kazan.

The Kazanka river development strategies is closely connected with the concept of a social framework based on an eco-frame implemented in the city. “We plan to consistently connect the parks into a single system, on the basis of which we will subsequently give recommendations to developers. The city should have a strategic vision of the development. This is the way it will grow harmoniously”, - assured Daria Tolovenkova.

The project was launched on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. It is implemented with the participation of the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, the Ministry of construction, architecture, housing and communal services of Tatarstan, the creative team of Kazan mayor's office, Department of strategic planning and the Orchestra studio under the supervision of aide to Tatarstan President Natalia Fishman-Bekmambetova.

Thu, 31 Oct 2019 17:05:56 +0300
<![CDATA[Citizens and guests of Kazan will participate in “Тhe main ethnographic dictation” at 13 sites]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/zhiteli-i-gosti-kazani-napishut-bolshoy-etnograficheskiy-diktant-na-13-ploshchadkakh/

On November 1, Tatarstan and its capital will join the International educational event “The main ethnographic dictation”. This year, it will be possible to take part in the event at13 sites in Kazan, as well as online. This was announced today at a press conference at the News Agency “Tatar-inform” by a Deputy Minister of culture Lenar Khakimzyanov.

Residents of Russia and foreign countries can participate in the dictation, if they speak the Russian language, regardless of the age, education, religion and citizenship. 30 test questions should be answered in a time limit of 45 minutes, 20 of them – Federal, and 10-regional. In Tatarstan, 10 questions will be devoted to the Ethnography of the Republic. As Ilshat Mukhametzaripov, senior lector of the Department of history of Tatarstan of KFU, explained, mainly the questions will concern three folk groups-Turkic, Slavic and Finno-Ugric.

“A significant intention of the dictation is to increase interest in the culture of other peoples. It is important to make a person, faced with a question, to become interested in the topic and to study it additionally later. To answer many questions, it will be necessary to think and remind the experience of communication with representatives of other ethnic groups. In general, the tasks will concern the regular topics -apparel, food, elements of housing, musical instruments, holidays”, - said Ilshat Mukhametzaripov.

The event is held in Tatarstan for the fourth time. It attracts a great interest among the citizens. In Kazan, the event will take place at 13 sites.

Timur Kadyrov - chairman of the Council of the Youth Assembly of the peoples of Tatarstan told journalists that the Republican sites will be located mainly in educational facilities, libraries and museums. They will also be located in the friendship center, cultural centers and the railway station.

The event starts on November 1 at 11.00 in all the regions of Russia and abroad. It is possible to join the dictation online at the official website or to find a site nearby. The correct answers will be released on the official website on November 10, and everyone will be able to check their knowledge. The official results will be released on December 12.

Thu, 31 Oct 2019 14:36:45 +0300
<![CDATA[The “Art Gallery. Kazan” exhibition is held at the Kazan Fair]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazanskoy-yarmarke-otkrylas-vystavka-art-galereya-kazan/

Today, the 11th exhibition “Art gallery. Kazan” opened at the exhibition center "Kazan Fair". The exhibition presents more than a thousand art works of 200 artists and craftsmen from 20 cities of Russia and Tatarstan.

The exhibition will run until November 3. The exposition will be devoted to a certain theme every day. So, on October 30, the works will be devoted to the theater, on October 31 - to literature and poetry, on November 1-to cinema, on November 2-to art design.

Also, the visitors will find a rich creative program prepared by the artists of the theaters – theater named after G.Kamal and “Ekiyat” theater, the studio of K.Khabensky children's art school and other cultural centers of Kazan.

The exhibition will host the II Republican contest of applied arts “Altyn kosh. Golden bird-2019” among students of the art schools, students and young artists.

Wed, 30 Oct 2019 09:20:20 +0300
<![CDATA[An injury care center will open at the city hospital № 18 by the end of the year ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/do-kontsa-goda-v-kazani-na-baze-gorbolnitsy-18-otkroetsya-travmpunkt/

In the end of December, a new round-the-clock injury care center will open at the Privolzhsky district of Kazan on the basis of the central city hospital № 18 (Khusain Mavlyutov str., 2). It will be able to serve 100 patients per day.

The new injury care center with an area of 470 square meters will be provided with all necessary equipment- X-ray units, CT scanners and MRT – said Gulsina Khuzieva - deputy head of the health Department of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The medical facility will serve residents of the Privolzhsky and Sovietsky districts of the city. The existing injury care center at Adel Kutuy str. 48, established in 1986, will be closed after the opening of the new medical facility. “The district is growing, new residents appear, the capacity of the emergency room no longer accommodates all patients, so it was decided to open a new, up-to-date injury care facility”, - G.Khuzieva explained.

Tue, 29 Oct 2019 17:20:13 +0300
<![CDATA[Applications for participation in the IV International forum “Good Kazan. Charity and national projects” are being accepted ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/startoval-priem-zayavok-na-uchastie-v-iv-mezhdunarodnom-forume-dobraya-kazan-blagotvoritelnost-i-nats/

Applications for participation in the IV International forum “Good Kazan. Charity and national projects” are being accepted, the forum will take place in Kazan on December 2 and 3. During the two days, representatives of authorities and charity organizations of Russia and abroad will share their experience in supporting the non-profit sector.

It is planned that this year the forum will be visited by more than 350 participants from different parts of the country. They will discuss the participation of the non-profit sector in the implementation of the national development goals of Russia up to 2024. Besides, the forum program includes an educational program and participation in the plenary session.

“The forum is a unique opportunity for organizations involved in charity to exchange experience and talk about their projects. At the end of the forum participants will be given a collection of the best social practices of Tatarstan”, - said the organizers of the forum.

More than 1000 people from more than 30 cities of Russia took part in the forum for 3 years.

The “Good Kazan” project is implemented with the support of the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and is one of the 12 priority areas of development of the city and is aimed at the formation of a culture of charity. The project brings together reliable charity foundations, social ventures and volunteer associations.

Tue, 29 Oct 2019 10:51:31 +0300
<![CDATA[Kazan will host IV international forum "Good Kazan. Charity and national projects"]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazani-proydet-iv-mezhdunarodnyy-forum-dobraya-kazan-blagotvoritelnost-i-natsionalnye-proekty/

On December 2-3, Kazan will host IV international forum “Good Kazan. Charity and national projects”. During the two days, representatives of governmental authorities and charity organizations of Russia and abroad will share their experience in supporting the non-profit sector.

More than 1000 participants from more than 30 cities of Russia took part in the forum for 3 years. This year the forum will expand its borders – representatives of charitable organizations from Spain, France and Israel will take part in the discussion and educational program.

The Good Kazan project is one of the 12 priority focus areas of the city's development and is aimed at promotion of charity. The project brings together reliable charity foundations, socially oriented companies and volunteer associations.

Mon, 28 Oct 2019 15:05:17 +0300