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22.04.2019, 11:50
Since the beginning of April, 140 fires have been registered in the city caused by the burning of dry grass.
22.04.2019, 11:21
The program includes contests, master classes, lottery, and gifts.
22.04.2019, 10:28
In total, more than 45 thousand people took part in the subbotnik.
20.04.2019, 11:12
By the end of the day, activists will clear an area of 2.5 million square meters.
20.04.2019, 08:09
R. Minnikhanov held the meeting, which was attended by I. Metshin.
19.04.2019, 15:58
The portal KZN.RU has prepared a poster for the upcoming eventful weekend.
19.04.2019, 15:53
The President of the RT congratulated the representatives of local authorities on their professional holiday.
19.04.2019, 15:17
Tropical plants will be returned when positive air temperature will be around-the-clock.
19.04.2019, 14:42
The portal KZN.RU has learned all the secrets of the production of the main symbol of Victory Day.