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12.02.2018, 09:48

20.6 thousand people went to start the “Russian Ski Track” in Kazan

(KZN.RU, February 12, Alsu Safina). For the second year in a row more than 20 thousand participants, professionals and amateurs of this sport, went to the start of the “Russian Ski Track” in Kazan. However, Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, believes that this is not the limit. “The main thing is the mass character and the fact that it becomes a good tradition”, he commented on results of the “Russian Ski Track” at the Business Monday.

He noted that much is being done in the city for popularizing skiing, ski tracks appear in parks and forests. “More and more people in Kazan vote for a healthy lifestyle, get on skis with families giving the example to children”, said the Mayor. “I am sure that the number of skiers will grow, and we will create conditions for this”.

Students, employees of the city's institutions and enterprises took part in the mass race at distances of 2, 3, and 5 km. The oldest participant of the race was Peter Yaldiryakov, a 92-year veteran of the Great Patriotic War of the Sovetsky district.

Svetlana Vostrikova, the chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports, reminded that Kazan joined the “Russian Ski Track” for the 13th time. The events were held at 3 sites: in the Gorkinsko-Ometevsky Forest, in the floodplain of the Kazanka River along Gavrilov Street, and at the stadium “Lokomotiv” in Yudino.

The participants of the GTO race came to the start first. “374 schoolchildren out of 2100 pupils of 10-11 grades have chosen ski races”, noted S. Vostrikova. “This was the last test of 8 types of the GTO complex. The students will receive the insignia after summing up the results”.

In addition, more than 200 residents of Yudino went to the start, timed to the 100th anniversary of the settlement. Winners were awarded valuable prizes and memorable statuettes.

The flashmob in the form of Olympic rings in support of Russian athletes currently performing at the Olympic Games in Korea was organized at the grand opening.

According to the chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sport, the participation of city and republic leaders at this holiday became a good tradition. Irek Mukhametshin, the head of the Finance Department of the Kazan Executive Committee, became a bronze medalist in the running of the leaders.

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The Business Monday, 02/12/2018
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12.02.2018 10:10
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