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13.03.2019, 15:51

The construction of two houses of the “Fon” can be resumed at the expense of federal funds in Kazan

(KZN.RU, March 13, Alsu Safina). In Kazan, the construction of the 5 house of the residential complex “Molodyozhny” and the 3 in the RC “MChS” can be resumed at the expense of federal funds. Both houses have been at the piling stage for several years. It is also considered to allocate a land plot in the 33rd military town for the OOO “Ak Tash-Invest” as compensation for the completion of the first and second houses of the RC “Molodezhny”. This became known during the weekly meeting on deceived shareholders. This time, it was held at the construction site of a residential complex on Noksinsky Spusk. The meeting was held by Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee. Ilshat Gimaev, the deputy minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the RT, also attended the meeting.

The work in the two houses of the RC “Molodezhny”, the problem object of the “Fon”, resumed last fall. The contractor on the first and second houses now is the OOO “Ak Tash”. The option of allocating a land plot in the 33rd military town to “Ak Tash-Invest” by the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the RT. The OOO “Ak Tash Invest” undertakes to complete the first and second houses of the RC “Molodyozhny”. This question on the initiative of the Republican Fund to support persons affected by the actions of unscrupulous developers will be raised on the investment council. The final decision will be secured by the decree of Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT.

Now the first house employs 33 people. According to the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, such a number of employees at this facility is not enough. “33 people is not enough, you should take measures”, A.Nigmatzyanov addressed Dmitry Klykov, the first deputy director for construction of the “Ak Tash”.

Among the main issues on this object are the installation of an individual heating point, an input distribution device, as well as deadlines for the house. Thus, Elena Semenova, one of the shareholders, asked when the issue of heating would be resolved. “Ak Tash” informed that the equipment for IHP will come only after three weeks. Azat Nigmatzyanov urged the contractor not to delay this issue. In order to speed up the process, he offered to mount a coil through which heat would be brought.

The first deputy head was also dissatisfied with the installation time of the input distribution device, voiced by representatives of Ak Tash. “Why by the end of March?”, he asked. “Report back within a week”. In addition, Azat Nigmatzyanov instructed to speed up the work on the installation of a water meter unit.

However, the main issue was the timing of delivery of the first house. Now 40-50% of executive documentation is submitted to the Inspectorate of State Construction Supervision of the RT. Dmitry Klykov did not name the specific terms, noting that the financial plan has not yet been approved. “You shouldn’t stall here! I need to understand when you deliver the house. Give me a specific schedule! Nothing prevents you fr om working here”, noted Azat Nigmatzyanov.

Later, he marked that the issue of deadlines for the house will be heard at subsequent meetings on a regular basis in order to speed up work at the facility. “There is an objective point related to the documents. But in this case, “Ak Tash” could be a little faster”, explained the first deputy head of the Executive Committee to the shareholders. “We are working with a second contractor at another facility which is already being prepared for delivery. At the start, there were similar conditions. Comparing the two objects, I can say that the “Ak Tash”, a powerful company, could speed up a little”.

At the same time, the work is underway on the second house of the RC “Molodyozhny”. Now, more than 30 people are involved: bricklayers, welders, and other specialists. In the fall, OOO “GC “CC Story” was involved as a contractor for the completion of the object, later “Ak Tash” joined the construction. The “CC Story” has completed its scope of work, and “Ak Tash” continues the work there. Dmitry Klykov noted that there are still five floors along with the attic. In general, work on the site are on schedule. “It is roo many people for one tower crane”, said Azat Nigmatzyanov.

The first deputy head of the Executive Committee also asked about the cost of work in the second house. According to Dmitry Klykov, there are no final calculations yet. “We need a design solution”, he said. Azat Nigmatzyanov instructed to work out issues related to making changes to the project. “Your duty is to deliver this house”, he marked.

“As for good news, the contractor has put more people on the object than it needs for one tower crane. It is bad that they did not give the calculation for the whole house. Although they voiced the amount of 250 million rubles, I did not see this calculation and would like to check it”, explained the first deputy head of the Executive Committee to the shareholders. “Today he (Dmitry Klykov – ed.) should show calculations, let's see what is included in it. There is a scheme on the expense for construction sources so that the works will go faster”. “If they (“Ak Tash” – ed.) deliver the first house, then they will be able to put more people into the second one. Therefore, I insist on the first house”, he said.

“We see that they are working, we just don’t see the roof yet”, noted the shareholders. Azat Nigmatzyanov explained that 5 floors were not completed in the part of the house, so the contractor will deal with roofing works later.

The shareholders of the fifth building of the RC “Molodyozhny” whose construction several years ago stopped at the piling stage also came to the meeting. Earlier, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee reported that work on this house could be started only after the funding was determined.

Ilshat Gimaev, the deputy minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the RT, said after a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the RF in Innopolis with the participation of Vladimir Putin, the President of the RF, that the ministry turned to the Unified Development Institute in the Housing Sphere Dom.RF. It was to consider financing the construction of two objects of defrauded shareholders from the federal budget: the fifth house of the RC “Molodyozhny” and the third house of the RC “MChS”. “These objects are coordinated with the President of the RT and the Prime Minister of the RT. The consideration is underway. The Dom.RF have already requested documents from us, we are preparing them. I think, we will receive the answer until the end of March”, said I. Gimaev. “If the scheme works out, this is a good opportunity to fix the fifth house”.

The most important issue is financing, the shareholders themselves understand it. “If federal funds are available, it will be possible to get on the rails and start moving”, confirmed Azat Nigmatzyanov. “You have all the documents on the house in order. The later the decision is made, the more expensive the construction will be”.

35 shareholders of the 5 house of the RC “Molodyozhny” wrote a letter wh ere they expressed their readiness to exchange their future apartments on Noksinsky Spusk for housing in Salavat Kupere. “We do not make the decision. We will prepare the proposal on your appeal to the Government of the Republic and the President of the RT, I promise you that by 100%”, said the deputy minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the RT.

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Capital Construction and Reconstruction Office, Ivan Novikov, the executive director of the Fund for the Support of Shareholders, representatives of network organizations and city services also attended the meeting.

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