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24.04.2019, 12:53

The “Ak Tash” will speed up work on the first house of the RC “Molodyozhny” in the May holidays

(KZN.RU, April 24, Alsu Safina). Tatarstan is considered as one of the pilot regions, where the problem of deceived shareholders is planned to be solved with the support of the federal center. The fifth house of the residential complex “Molodyozhny” and the third house of the RC “MChS” are among the problem objects. This was reported today at the traditional meeting on the questions of deceived shareholders. Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Kazan Executive Committee, held it at the construction site of the first and second houses of the RC “Molodezhny”. Now there is joint integrated work with the Dom.RF, the results of which will be known by the end of May.

About 30 people work in the first house of the RC “Molodyozhny” on Noksinsky Spusk. Azat Nigmatzyanov told shareholders that Gazinur Akhmetov, the director of the OOO “Ak Tash”, confirmed: the construction of the house will be completed in June. The first deputy head of the Executive Committee, accompanied by representatives of the contractor, inspected the installation of the distribution unit and the individual substation. “I looked at what is happening now, and it is not much”, he said. “Denis Samarin (the director of the OOO “Ak Tash-Invest” – ed.) assured that they will not rest in the May holidays, but will speed up the construction”. “Let's hope”, said shareholders.

The work continues in the second house, though not at the pace that the shareholders would like. Usman Kalimullin, the deputy chief engineer of the “Ak Tash”, noted that 17 bricklayers worked in the house, about 123-133 cubic meters of brickwork were laid out in a week, and almost 2 floors were raised in April. “I can’t believe it,” responded shareholder Kadriya Zalyalieva. She said that she bought an apartment in a newly built house in 2011, and they began to build their house before the first one. Now she lives near the object under construction, so she daily observes how the construction is moving. “I watch every day. I don’t see any masons, about 5 men maximum. The 13th floor was built for 1.5 months, now the 14th is being built for a month”.

Azat Nigmatzyanov said that there is an approximate schedule of work on the second house. However, the “Ak Tash” and the Republican Fund for Support of Persons affected by the unfair contractors will have to discuss the sources of funding once again. In particular, the land plots proposed by the construction company do not cover their expenses for the completion of the construction. The fund for the support of shareholders adheres to a different position. “They need to be gathered in one room in order to understand everything”, summarized Azat Nigmatzyanov.

Approximately by the end of May, it will be clear whether Tatarstan will receive support from the federal center for the completion of the fifth building of the RC “Molodyozhny” and the third house of the RC “MChS”. Both facilities are at the stage of piles. Ilshat Gimaev, the deputy minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the RT, attended the meeting. He said that work with the United Institute of Housing Development in the Dom.RF is continuing. Moreover, not only these two houses, but also other problem objects can receive assistance from the federal center. “Tatarstan is considered as one of the pilot regions, and the Dom.RF is working to clarify the data. We provided them with all the information they requested on the problematic objects”, said the deputy minister of Construction. “Moreover, they sent their auditor who visited Kazan, Chelny, Zelenodolsk and Pestretsy and made photo reports. This week, the auditor is expected to submit a summary report”. This issue will be resolved by the end of May, added I. Gimaev. According to him, support is now being provided by Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT, and Aleksey Pesoshin, the prime minister of the RT. “There is a complex work. The task has been set to build these facilities as quickly as possible. Let's hope that when the republic and the federal center combine their efforts, we will succeed much faster”, he said.

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Capital Construction and Reconstruction Office, Airat Akhmetkhanov, the deputy head of the Housing Policy Directorate, Diana Akhmetzyanova, the director of the OOO “Fon-Riviera”, Sergey Orlov, the technical director of the “Fon”, and representatives of network organizations and city services also participated in the meeting.

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The meeting with shareholders of the residential complex "Molodyozhny", 04/24/2019
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24.04.2019 13:09
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