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14.12.2018, 14:48

Azat Nigmatzyanov: “20-30 cubic meters of brickwork per day is a very good production”

(KZN.RU, December 14, Alsu Safina). The work on the construction of a second house in the residential complex “Molodezhny” in Kazan was intensified.180 cubic meters of brickwork was laid there in a week. The heat was launched in the residential building №4 on Chetaev Street. In the second line of the residential building in the 68 Kvartal, it will appear by the end of December. Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, inspected the progress of work at the problem sites of the deceived shareholders at the field meeting.

In the first house of the RC “Molodezhny”, tiling and plastering works are continuing, as well as electrical, ventilation, and roofing works. In total, the facility employs 58 people.

The issue of heat still remains acute, the project of the heating unit has not yet been adopted. A. Nigmatzyanov suggested supplying temporary electricity using a permanent scheme. However, it was impossible to do so. During the meeting, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee instructed contractors to refine the window issue and replace those that do not meet the standards.

At the second house of the residential complex, the “Ak Tash” works according to the schedule, and within a week the builders erected another 180 cubic meters of brickwork. The workers lay out an average of 30 cubic meters per day. “20-30 cubic meters per day is a very good production, higher than the standard”, noted A. Nigmatzyanov. He added that if the construction proceeds at such a pace, these works will be completed quickly. At the moment.

On the first block of the same house, where the work is carried out by the GC “OOO Story”, the missing concrete products are fully supplied. Aigul Gareeva, the head of the contracting organization, said that the work would be completed by December 26 and one of the two tower cranes would be removed.

The state of the fence enclosing the construction site was among other issues discussed by the participants of the meeting. Now the supporting blocks of the fence spread to the roadway, the representatives of the contractor organization have assured that they will redo the fence until next Wednesday.

The main news in the house №4 on Chetaev Street (the contractor is the OOO “Briz”) was the launch of heat into the residential part of the house. Andrey Belyakov, the director of the company, explained that the premises are currently heated from the 2nd floor to the 12th. The temperature in the house is kept at 10 degrees, which is enough for interior work. According to A. Belyakov, plastering will be completed by the end of December, and the floor screed by 10-12 of January. On New Year's holidays, workers will go back to the site on January 3.

At the same time, stained-glass systems were installed on the front wall of the building facing Chetaev Street. The work is underway on the facade insulation. In the future, the ventilation facade will be installed. “The wall does not withstand thermal resistance, so we insulate it”, said A. Nigmatzyanov. “Moreover, it would be impossible to pass the house without this”.

Nikolay Eremin, one of the shareholders of this house, asked the participants of the meeting about the situation with elevators. Andrey Belyakov said that they should arrive on schedule by the end of December, it will take a month to assemble them. Two elevators will be located in the entrances. The elevators will be as large as the project provides, said the first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

The last object visited by the meeting participants was the construction site of a residential building in the 68 Kvartal (Chistopolskaya Street, №68/1), an unfinished facility of the OOO “Mag-Story”. The company “Briz” performs the work here as well.

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Capital Construction and Reconstruction Office, Ivan Novikov, the executive director of the Fund for the Support of Shareholders, Diana Akhmetzyanova, the director of the OOO “Fon-Riviera”, Sergey Orlov, the technical director of the GC “Fon”, representatives of network organizations and city services, as well as designers also took part in the meeting.

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The meeting with shareholders of the RC “Molodezhny” on Chetaev Street and 68 Kvartal, 12/14/2018
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