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06.07.2018, 12:51

Udmurt perepechi, Baltic sprat, and dried goose: the Gorky Park hosts a gastronomic festival

(KZN.RU, July 6, Alsu Safina). Residents and guests of Kazan could taste Tatar national dishes, sandwiches with Kaliningrad pebbles, and perepechi at the Gorky Park today. Until 10 pm, the Fifth Regional Food Festival “Gastronomic Map of Russia” Welcome Foodball Cup will be held on the site, where 11 food-trucks are located for one day only. The guests are invited to try the dishes at the 45-meter table covered with a tablecloth with the symbols of the countries which teams played matches of the World Cup in Kazan. Today the capital of Tatarstan will host the last, the sixth match: the quarterfinal game of the national teams of Brazil and Belgium.

Alexey Konyushkov, the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, Sergey Ivanov, the chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of the RT, and Daria Sannikova, the director of the Committee for the Tourism Development of Kazan, were among the first to try the meals offered by the catering enterprises of Kazan and other cities. The guests inspected the food-trucks, talked to the chefs, and tasted different dishes, for example, chak-chak, sorbet, kazy, dried goose, and others.

The usual for Kazan citizens and unusual for the guests of the city ecpechmacks, peremyach, kystyby, soup with homemade noodles and chicken or duck, manty, elesch, gubadia were presented in mobile restaurants along with modern kystyburgery, Georgian khinkali, sandwiches with various fillings, kvas, fruit drinks, or traditional tea.

It is impossible not to notice the large black stove on the site where the famous perepechi will be baked. The Udmurt dish was brought in Kazan by the Izhevsk street-project “Emelya’s stove”. The Kaliningrad Streetfood decided to please Kazan and guests of the city with sandwiches made of black bread with sprat and mousse fr om smoked mackerel and herring. “This is a symbol of our cuisine. We have the main product: sprat and smelt. Since now is not the smelt season, we brought the sprat and serve it with mousse from smoked mackerel and herring”, said Vitaly Glybin, a Kaliningrad chef. It is expected that 200 people will be able to taste sandwiches from the westernmost city of Russia. However, such a delicious snack may not last until the evening. Vitaly Glybin said that they were out of sandwiches in just 3 hours in Nizhny Novgorod.

The goal of the project “Gastronomic Map of Russia” is the promotion and development of national cuisine in the regions, noted Daria Sannikova. “The idea was that 11 cities that host the World Cup football represent their kitchen. Food-trucks go from one city to another and today they came to us”, she noted. “Our task is to show the fans and guests the most delicious national Tatar cuisine”. “We, as the most hospitable city, decided to cover a 45-meter table with a magnificent tablecloth, which is made in the symbols of the countries that played in Kazan. You can see the flags of Iran, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, and others. Thus, we wanted to show our hospitality”, she said.

At 2 pm, public catering establishments will display one of their dishes on the common table and invite the participants of the festival to taste it free of charge.

The festival-journey Welcome Foodball Cup under the federal brand “Gastronomic Map of Russia” was launched on June 14 in Sochi. For 22 days, the caravan with the names of the football capitals Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saransk, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Volgograd, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don traveled more than 9 thousand kilometers, visiting Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, and Kaliningrad. On the way to the westernmost city of Russia, domestic food court visited even Lithuania and Belarus, having traveled along the roads of these countries more than 1700 km. Kazan became the fifth city wh ere the festival was held. Now the caravan will go to Saransk, then visit Samara and St. Petersburg.

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The festival "Gastronomic map of Russia" is held in Kazan
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06.07.2018 12:11
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