Городская дума Исполнительный комитет Город Казань

Kazan Zoo & Botanical Gardens Presentation, 15th November 2007

Atkins is delighted to have been invited by the Government of Kazan and JSC Invest-City to participate in this exciting project to design the reconstruction of Kazan Zoo & Botanical Gardens together with a major new Retail Mall.

The Zoo & Botanical Gardens is on the verge of celebrating its 200th Anniversary, so what better time than NOW to create a new Zoo & Botanical Gardens that meets the aspirations of the 21st Century.

Atkins has employed Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to ensure that our technical design for the Zoo meets the specialist requirements of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). With the combination of Atkins and ZSL we have a very strong design team to deliver this project, which we hope will enchant the people of Kazan and the wider Tatarstan.

The ambition is to achieve 1,000,000 visitors to the Zoo & Botanical Garden per annum. We have therefore designed the Zoo & Botanical Gardens to be accessible to the public 365 days a year, with indoor heated facilities to provide as entertainment and education in comfort throughout the winter. We have also designed the Retail Mall to be a destination for visitors both during summer and winter. With 60,000m2 retail space and entertainment zones, including 9 screen cinema, food courts, and children’s entertainment, this development will offer something for everyone. The Retail Mall has been designed for maximum flexibility such that the interior can adapt and change over the years to suit the market trend.

The main entrance for the Zoo & Botanical Gardens will remain in its current position with the new Orangery building becoming the focal point. The existing trees within the Orangery will be protected as will many of the botanical species of trees around the site.

The Retail Mall will be connected with the Zoo & Botanical Gardens by way of a covered footbridge across the lake. The Prime Minister suggested that travelators be provided to assist visitors crossing the bridge, an idea that Atkins fully supports.

The Zoo has been designed to provide enclosures for the animals which meet the standards of the 21st century, whilst also providing good staff facilities and significantly enhancing the visitors’ experience.

The inspiration for the design of the Retail Mall and the Zoo begins with the “Strikaza” for the overall form of the building and includes references to the Zilant with the shining, overlapping scales of the curved metal cladding.

We very much hope that the people of Kazan and wider Tatarstan will enjoy the concept that has been prepared by Atkins, as much as Atkins has enjoyed working on the design. Atkins is looking forward with enthusiasm to developing the next stages of design to bring this exciting project to reality.