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Baky Urmanche (1897-1991)

Baky Idrisovich Urmanche is an artist, a sculptor and a graphic artist, who has created hundreds of works in various genres. B. Urmanche was born on February 23, 1897 in the village of Kul-Cherken of Tetyushsky County in Kazan Province (Buinsky region of Tatarstan at present). He received initial level education in a spiritual madrasah school "Mukhammadiya" in Kazan.

The creative work of B.I. Urmanche began in the turbulent era of the revolutionary changes of the 20-ies of the last century. Right after graduation from the Moscow Arts and Technology Institute he headed the Kazan art school during the period of 1926-1929, which restoration and strengthening he spared a lot of efforts to.

In the prime of his creative abilities he created a unique magnificent portrait gallery of historical heroes, intellectual and artistic personalities. At this stage of high artistic maturity, broad publicity as well as well-won credibility and popular recognition of his creativity Baky Urmanche is evolving in a more multifaceted way covering such important areas of artistic culture, as sculpture, painting, graphics, theatrical costumes and decorations, art sciences. The works of B.I. Urmanche are permanently displayed at exhibitions, his paintings and sculptures are represented in many museums in our country, while the monuments, he has created, are adorning the streets and squares of cities and villages.
The steadfast gaze into the inner world of a person is particularly evident in the portrait he has painted. The gallery of portraits made by the painter is vivid and impressive. It emphasizes a major feature in a person, in the life of his soul, reveals the person's creativity, reconstituting the whole era within an individual image, in which his characters live.
B. Urmanche left a legacy of an entire sculptural portrait gallery of the Tatar culture personalities: medieval poet Kul-Gali, the scientists-educators S. Mardzhani, K. Nasyri, the poet Derdmenda, the writer F. Amirkhan etc.